Photo: Lady Gaga goes gaga again with a display without her clothes

The 26 year old singer yesterday Tweeted this extremely revealing picture of herself sitting in an armchair. Over time she has been known to be a media friendly celeb with a lot of displays similar to this very one and it leaves a lot of people with that confusion of why someone with these many talents (Singer, Songwriter etc), would go ahead to draw more attention when her talents are good enough to draw all the talents she wants.


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  2. O ye holier-than-thou hypocritical fools,must you browse her pictures?After looking at the pictures and satisfying your voyeuristic tendencies you’re now spewing Hell and brimstone as if thats not going to be the permanent abode of your rotten souls on the Day That Matters!

  3. DUIOUS! this is one of those hell sent anointed with the wroth of hell to destroy the sons of men
    please men of good will be ware

  4. Agent of darkness trying to pull more candidates to hell & gain more crown in d lake of fire. In all our doings,Judgement day is coming & all of us shall give the account of all our actions.


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