Jonathan Orders Security Agencies To Find Senator Dantong’s Killers

The president says everything possible will be done to apprehend the lawmaker’s killers.

President Goodluck Jonathan has given a marching order to security agencies in the country to fish out the killers of  Senator Gyang Dantong without delay.

Mr. Dantong, the senator  who, until his death, represented Plateau North Senatorial district, died in yet unclear circumstances on Sunday.

A version of the story said he died of gunshot wounds he sustained during an attack by Fulani herdsmen while yet another version said he collapsed and died while attending the burial of the victims of an attack on villagers on Saturday which left over 20 dead.

In a statement by his spokesperson, Reuben Abati, the president described the killing as cruel and regrettable.

Mr. Abati said Mr. Jonathan had directed all security agencies to immediately launch a thorough investigation into the incident and bring the senator’s killers to justice.

The President also condoled with the government and people of Plateau State as well as members and the leadership of the Senate on the incident.

The statement added, “The Federal Government is working hard to ensure that there is a check on impunity.

“That much was demonstrated with the recent changes made in the top echelon of our security architecture especially with the appointment of the new National Security Adviser.

“We shall continue to re- invigorate our fight against terrorism and impunity and we are already taking concrete steps.”

-Premium Times


  1. If over 50 were murdered in Plateau masacre and Mr. President says security agencies shd smoke out killers of the lawmakers, who then will fish out killers of the remaining victims? Does our law protect only the rich and those who occupy top public offices? Does it not confirm that common people in nigeria are only remembered during elections, but that too (the power of the ballot) is constantly being threatened becos elections in Nigeria are now won with padded votes, not genuine votes, supported by security agencies and the courts.

  2. I think it’s beginning to dawn on Mr President that if a Federal Senator can be killed with such impunity then who knows who will be next …May Be HIM.
    Mr President has been joking with our security issues, it might just come back and bite him in the ass.

  3. Another hogwash by the president! Always the same old story line of doing everything possible but nothin to show for it,,I think more politicians shud be killed so we will all realise the severity of the matter! Was it not in one night iin this same Plateu State that over 200 people were killed?? What has been done till date? NOTHING! Life is so cheap in this country

  4. Mr President is greatest joker Nigerians hav ever seen. So d senator is more important than others. He is not even serious cos dat’s what he says always. He is tellin Nigerians even those who help PDP rig elections that they shud be aware of whoever they rig elections for.

  5. Mr president comment sumtimes makes me see him as a leader who lack concept,are we not all equal,why will he order d security 2 find d killers of d senator alone,what of those killed on dat very day in dat same event,may God help us

  6. God i seek ur presence in this nation infact nothing to write about of badluck jonathan nd people hv said it all hw can government of nigeria dont value the life of ordinary people only them hv a good life to live anyway one thing is that all what u think u are one day u will no more remember sani abacha nd mamar gadafi, idiami.

  7. Dis is what we should expect wen we hv ɑ̣̣̝̇̇​ ram as president, what is d national assemble waiting 4 b4 dey pass impeach him, hundreds of persons are diein everyday and we keep hearing thesame story.. The worst president in d world..

  8. Mr jonathan I personally do not value your live because u do not value the lives of the citizens of this country. In Nigeria everybody is equal before the law, telling me that the senator is above the law means that you are equally above the law. Boko haram claims to be the killers and if you ask me they are very close to you.


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