JAMB to Introduce Computer Based Test (CBT) from next Year – Ojerinde

Information emerging from the registrar of the Joint Admissions Matriculation Board (JAMB), Professor Dibu Ojerinde, has revealed that, starting from nest year, prospective undergraduates will be undergoing electronic testing as against the old paper-based test. This, he explained, will help check the rising cases of examination malpractices in the country, and it will also make it possible for candidates to get their results immediately.

The registrar made this disclosure while paying a courtesy visit to Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue State. According to him, “the e-testing if finally introduced will check the cases of malpractices by JAMB candidates which has become a source of worry for all stakeholders… When introduced, the e-testing technology would also ensure that our candidates instantly receive the result of their examination at their centres at the end of the examination” the registrar said.

Other justifications put forward for the introduction of this approach to the test include the encouragement of computer literacy, adding that students could also use cell phones for the examination. However, the registrar pointed out that even though this will be introduced next year, it will not be made compulsory for all the candidates yet.

He concludes: “We did a survey and about 76 percent respondents approved e-testing so starting from next year we will commence putting it to practice but not until three years time that we will fully implement it, so whoever prefer manual next year and in two years time will be allowed.”


  1. I don’t tink it wil work out, can dey provide adequate computer for all d student writin jamb in nigeria? Instead of dem to reduce school fee n improve standard of learning they are inventin unuseful tins.

  2. Let the CBT start immediately. Nigerians too like backwardness. For Oyimbo land manual testing na thing of the past. Afterall na them wey introduce computa. Make we join them NOW.

  3. It’s really a great improvement and i like it.If they really wants to fight against examination malpractice,it should be compulsory.But how can jamb provide computers for all the candidates?when as at last year not everybody got calculator and brochure?

  4. This is just a bunch of nonsense…where will the candidates write the exams and how will they be invigilated? There are more than 1 million applicants writing JAMB every year, what kind of hall will seat them? some states don’t even have up to 20 cybercafes, so how will the candidates in the states write the online exam? If you ask them to write it in a cafe, how will they be invigilated? or will jamb provide 1 million laptops? won’t this be a monumental waste on resources, if every year jAMB has to purchase over a million laptops…Oga ojerinde is just talking trash…like they say, the devil lies in the details …he should provide hard facts about the implementation details before everybody starts shouting halleluyah

  5. not dat bcus u are giving chance to comment gv u chance to be writing nonsense. What is bad in what ojerinde did? Don’t be converge but try to diverge after al dat is what is leading in d world and we are in computer age. Did u know dat dis is d only way dat malpractice can be solve? I wil like if u compusory it for everybody but my wish is dat u should gv dem enough time as u know dat computer time is very fast compear with nomal time. Tans and be bless great 9ja youth

  6. Well it’s a mediocre because Jamb will not be able to implement their idealogy,so it is better for them to say something else than to talks about e-testing examination,even simple calculators of just 200 to 300 Naira it’s alway a problems to reach all candidates. I like it but think twice!

  7. Nyc idea buh hw possible is it? Hw competent will d server/ntwk be?hw mny days wil d exams be? Hw mny system wil be provided? Or beta stil wil d candidate bring his/hers? If provided by jamb,afta exams who owns d system? If brot by d candidate,dnt u tink tinz wil be saved? Afta all dis,wht appens 2 post-ume?

  8. Is that another strategy to embezzle money? Because they will definitely make budget for the purchase of the laptops that will be used and this money will only be squandered by a few. CBT is an empty dream as long as Nigeria is concern. It won’t work

  9. I wondered why we rush into actions, what we surposed to plan for about two or tree years, we jump into it in a twinkle of an eye. I didnt dispute the fact of introducing e-testing or what you called it, but we have to think of it so as not to brings problems. If at all it is going to be put in use, not so fast. Think and think twice. I’m going to write jamb next year, sotherefore i dont want problem for myself.

  10. Jamb,wat are u board members going to do abt ur candidates dat pass wel ad scoured d utme mark wel,bt hv no admission.hw cn u protect ur candidate right?show to us be 4 inplementing more laws.

  11. it is good but the problem is that some of candidate in Nigeria dont even known what is computer and you expecting them to write an exam with a computer;what do you expect from them.

  12. Write a comment…i tink d implementation of computer for jamb examination isn’t a remedy to eradicate exam malpratice amongst students,or favouratism in higher institution,i situation were by candidates comes out wit gud aggregate bt would nt b givin Admission due to Nepotism….jamb do nt c to dt1 nd find a way to put a stp to it..bt blabbin nd causing confussions amongst pple Rubbish!d look at it to b a way of embracing civilization!God help’em

  13. Hmmmmmm………….dis is craziness hw can they introduced rubbish in to dis country? Instead of them should seek 4 advice n do something abt d skool fee n provide job 4 citizens rather, they sit there finding remedy 2 what should be done last. Dis country leaders na wa 4 una o

  14. i don’t like this idea of e-testing of a thing, this is not a good idea for now, it suppose to be notify before taking action, why is jamb personnel not looking into those youth that struggle on their own with no body to put them through and with no knowledge of computer. What are they going to do after wasting their poor money on jamb registration, at the end of the day, they don’t know how to make use of a computer. This is unfair…ooo.


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