It’s Gubernatorial Election Day in Edo at Last: Who Would You Vote For? Party or Individual?

One recent and rather interesting development in Nigeria’s electioneering process is one whereby Nigerian voters insist that they are considering the individual being put forward by a political party, without caring so much about the party putting them forward.

Well, assuming we were all eligible to vote in Edo State today, who are we going to vote for? Are we still sticking to this new style of voting?

Recent happenings in the state have revealed a lot about the political terrain of the country – since the last general elections early last year, nothing has changed. We are still operating under basically the same principles. But then, who knows whether the electorate – that is you and I; we voters – have changed a bit? Who knows whether we have learnt a thing or two new things that we want to change about the way/reasons why we vote?

It would have been interesting to talk specifically about the contesters in this particular election. But as there are always only two (2) major players/parties, no names will be mentioned here. Let’s forget for a second that we are voting in Edo State only today. Let’s assume that it’s 2015 already. Who will you consider before voting? The party putting forward a candidate, or the candidate, or both? Or something else that that Nigerians don’t even know of yet. Please feel free to let your thoughts be known!


  1. Its right we vote.But is our vote useful to us? That’s d question we voter are in reply asking our govt. We vote,but our vote is not all d time useful.


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