Forget Jobs and Electricity for now, let us Face Security – Jonathan

(L-R) President Jonathan, Vice President Namadi Sambo, Jaja, Senator David Mark, and Aminu Tambuwal

During the PDP’s 60th National Executive Commiittee meeting which was held in Abuja on Tuesday, President Goodluck Jonathan, while briefing PDP chieftains present assured them that the Federal Government (through the PDP) is firmly in control of the affairs of the country, and that the current state of the country – especially the issue of insecurity occasioned by the activities of the Boko Haram – will soon become a thing of the past.

The president also bragged about the clout which the PDP, being the ruling party, wields in the country, and how their existence has contributed immensely to the sustenance of democracy in the country, and even the continuous survival of the Nigerian republic.

In his words, ““People who want to drown us know that without PDP, probably, the republic would have collapsed… it is the PDP that is handling the affairs of the country; that is stabilising the democracy in the country.”

Meanwhile, on the promises that they made to Nigerians during their campaign for election into office, the president has this to say: “During campaign, our emphasis was more on job creation, power but now what worries us most is security. This is because you must be alive before you will eat food… So, if you are not safe, you can’t even think of hunger because a dead person does not need food. So, security is very, very fundamental.”


  1. This fool is going to strip tease or make his child the paramount ruler of Lagos soon. Whichever is more stupid, he will do!!

    Has isreal not being @war for decades? Why are they still one of the best places in the world to visit? Why did they not pick security over food?

  2. Mr president ur nt followin d rules of d country ur makin ur rules 4 ur sef i fink u nid a pyschiatric doctor 4 ur sef ur d wrore President i hv eva sein. Nigeria is fallin n ur dea travelin to diffr country wat a trash.

  3. Is this Jonathan? Yes of course, it must be someone…. Ah! Ah!! I thought they said this man was once a lecturer? So what is he talking about? Come to think of it, what causes insecurity? Is it not lack of jobs opportunity? Electricity failure has made so many organizations (both those in the country and suppose coming to invest) that can help to culb unemployment flee to other neighbouring countries….
    God save us from this man oooo…… Wait first what was this man discipline when he was a student? He suppose to be a furniture……

  4. GEJ loves PDP more than nigeria. PDP is the brain behind Boko haram. They are using Boko haram as an excuse for delaying and bringing nigeria backward. GEI should start to campaign for the next presidential election! other prominent kings in nigeria that gave him chieftancy title before are planning to retrieve it. The shock he got from the Benin monarch was surposed to be enough lessons for him. GEJ should plan to resign because he is chewing more than he can swallow. If Boko haram see positive developement they will surrender. GEJ and PDP are teaching us how ignorant we are. The recent gubernitorial election result of Edo state was enough to let PDP know that nigerians are tired of excuses. Nigerians want action. IBB is still better than GEJ. Nigeria needs a president that is better than IBB.

  5. PDP had failed Nigeria and yet are promoting thier failure,what a madness.Mr president and co.are u telling us that u pple dnt have job,y u are working.y dnt u quiet d office and let us see how u ar going to survive with ur families.if u knw u can’t do it,u beta quiet d office.meretrious mediocratic pple.nonsese!

  6. Fellow Nigerians, we need to stop worrying about GEJ’s outbursts. Just remember the saying of the elders; “a person cannot act or speak above his mental capability”. Finito.

  7. I see dis so call GEJ and co are the worst idiot the world have ever produce coz if he is saying nigerians don’t nid job and development lyk electricity,a nation dat lacks all dis is gone coz absence of all dis has given rise to niger millitant and now boko haram. We are they navigating dis nation to?Only God will deal with all of dem one day.

  8. It baffles me alot. I av neva heard you taking a pragmatic approach to thns since ur administration. Is a pity u represent 160 milion nigerian. Ok go and cary out research on cause of violence in nig and use food eletricity as d hypotheses. May God save nig of ur philosophy

  9. “Is this Jonathan?” Yes of course he’s, the man that Nigerians votes him out of sentiment ethnicity and Bigotry Indeed he’s the ‘Messiah’ with the well fresh Air

  10. Mr President do u really know d meaning of “Sustainable Democracy”? No I dnt think so, bcoz if u do, u wil neva b blindfolded 2 cal wat Nigeria is practicng a “Sustainable Democracy” . D mst amazing pat of ur speech is dat ” PDP hz bein wielding Nigeria”, how if I may ask? PDP hz transformd Nigeria in2 “a car set in a backward motion” dats who we are 2day bcoz of you all, PDP in qoute. Its not ur fault Mr president, haz neva been ur fault but dat of d indolent and slavish masses, may God deliver dem all 4rm d opaqueness of dia hearts so dat nxt tym dey wunt choose an incapable leader. AMEEN

  11. GEJ, pls wake U said June and Still……Think of it, now from Security to Faruoq Lawan,from Faruoq to Niger Delta……Dont let these hungry lions Brainwash Initially we’re proud of U as a poor n handicap Nigerian,but u seems to be changed Man?iI Pray God Shall guide n Put u through and may overcome all d difficuties ahead in d Country .May God Bless You.

  12. My humble president,my only prayer is dat God shld direct u wel so as 4 u 2 mk Nig.a beta place 4 al,n pls felow nig let nt blame any one bt let pray 4 peace n God intervention

  13. I don’t blame GEJ, may be he said it whn he was drunk, ‘charity begins from home’. I have never seen an irresponsible nd irresponsive man lyk GEJ. Buhari was right whn he said d govt is d real Boko Haram, u can no longer fool Nigerians, if u think we have no power, our God will purnish u nd ur cohorts

  14. Oh my God! Why has Gej choosen to dissapoint us nigerians dt left all and voted for him tinking he knows d feeling of d poor? Y is goodluck now turning to be badluck. May God help u if u did not fulfil d purpose why u ar there, cos u ar not there on merit God put u there for his chidren so wake up and prove God right and also d people dt voted for u. We ar stil waitin

  15. Thank God my fellow nigerians now know dat dis our president gej, is just an imposter dat has no directions, how can dis fool say dat we should 4get job and electricity , when d cause of all dis insecurity are all related to lack of job and insecurity, i just dey wait 4 2015. I support buhari and rigging in 2015 both d dog and baboon will all b soacked in blood.

  16. We are disapointed on dis our president. infact, ordinary councilor can’t reason d way jonathan did d major cause of insecurity in nigeria is unemployement and he said we should 4get about job creation the first thing dat supose b done how would he solve insecurity without creating job 4 d youth and if dat should b d case let him sack all d ministers and leave only minister of defence we wil know dat we are tackling insecurity alone. Provide job 4 our youth 2 avoid poverty harasment

  17. mr president,i beg you in the name of God,we need electricity,even if you refuses to creat jobs,the nigerian people are hard working people they can always struggles to survive just as they have been doing for decades.what manner of games are you playing to all these blessed people of God?we got an independence long time now,and with all natural resources that we are being blessed with,we are still struggling with electricity,what a shame.inshort all the nigerian politicians should be bundled together by a young military officers,and let all of them be executed just like the way Rolins did in ghana.nobody wants to installed light because the CABAS said NO.

  18. Nigeria has no president and working government. And a country without a government must definitely be anarchous. Jonathan should resign at peace or fire in peaces. May God help Nigeria and her helpless citizenries. Amen!

  19. Nigerians should know that we dont have a president, we only have ceremonial president. l hope Nigeria situation will not be like syria goverment. May God bless hepless Nigerians.

  20. GEJ you worse i swear. wait, you nor dey read your bible at all? You dey mad ni GEJ? When God created the earth, he said what? Let there be light, right? If we nor need electricity God go talk say let there be light?? If we nor need job, God go create garden of eden for Adam and Eve make dem dey nurture everything wey dey there so they could feed on ’em? Meeeehn, this fools need serious mending i swear. Wait a bit, all of una for that government reach 10million sef? If d entire Nigerians mean una ehen, una think say una go fit see draw abi? Na Ogun, Obatala, Ayilala, Orunmila, Yemoja Of Osun Oshogbo go punish all of una. Make una wait and see if una nor go cause civil war for we nation.

  21. Why are you all so pessimistic about GEJ? You voted him in because you believed in good luck instead of intelligence, competence, courage and charisma, things for which the man scores zero? What is leadership if the man scores zeroes in these items? He was unable to handle the militants in his local government and Bayelsa state where he ruled, and you expect him to handle Boko Haram in Maiduguri? Are you aware that this man probably never traveled to or lived in Northern Nigeria until the PDP primaries in which he was roped in unprepared? We better begin to strategize for 2013 because this man is at a total loss about the state of the nation.

  22. The issue is this, even if Nigerians cries from now till the next century, the type of leadership we have in the country will ever increases. A wicked man will always remain a wicked man. A man who thinks man has no need for food, shelter and clothing. Wat other things do u think the man can provide? The reason why all these wicked and satanic political rulers in this country have being misbehaving is because the masses have not really learnt their lessons enough. Every time praying-praying, keep praying without making moves and let me see how much u can succeed. The man who thinks the people he says he’s ruling does not need food on their table, is certainly the worst enemy of the country and life in it entirety. Infact, Nigeria has no government. Believe it or not.

  23. Hopeless president.u brought insecurity into dis country.don’t face insecurity,if u can resign nd leave ur office,insecurity wil just follow u out,period


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