FaroukGate Audio: Lawyer Says it is Baba Sala Awada Keri Keri Commedy!

If for no other reason, Nigerians will be thankful to Farouk Lawan’s lawyer for reminding us of one of Nigeria’s finest comedians, from whom we have not heard lately.

Mike Ozekhome (SAN), the lawyer of the embattled honorable member of the House of Representatives have described as comedy, the audio release in which Honorable Farouk Lawan and Mr. Femi Otedola were alleged to have been holding a conversation on how to collect a balance of 2.5 million dollars.

According to the SAN, it reminds one of Baba Sala’s “Alawada Keri Keri” histrionics and comedy. It is even more obfuscating and labyrinthine… “it is nothing but a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”.
In his words, “Mr. Lawan is portrayed in the said conversation as an unyielding, talkative, bellicose and eager person who was hurriedly urging Mr. Otedola not to tell anyone that the names of his companies will be removed from the indicted list…”

The honorable’s lawyers also asked a series of questions such as: the reason why the recording is being played in bits and pieces, rather than wholly; where the visual recording of the alleged bribe is; the source of this audio tape that is being played… Meanwhile, meanwhile, the Otedola camp has promised seventeen (17) more audios and six (6) videos… Perhaps they want to give the whole development the proper outlook of a seasonal film – which the Nigerian situation is gradually becoming. And, as the lawyer of the honorable has already pointed out, this particular seasonal movie is a comic one!


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