Christmas Day Church Bomber Kabiru Sokoto Hospitalized

Kabiru Sokoto

Leadership News has learned that Kabiru Sokoto, the prime suspect in the 2011 Christmas Day bombing of St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Madalla, near Abuja, has been hospitalized and is presently receiving medical attention at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital (AUTH), Gwagwalad.

The dreaded Islamist sect Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the attack on St. Theresa’s Catholic Church. At least 37 people lost their lives in the gory attack. Kabiru Sokoto is believed to have masterminded the car bomb attack.

Soldiers reportedly brought in Kabiru Sokoto unconscious to AUTH.

“Policemen brought in two persons today, one armed robber and one Boko Haram suspect. That is the reason for heavy presence of security in the hospital,” leadership news quoted an un-named source in the hospital.

Heavy Security Presence at AUTH

At least 15 heavily armed mobile policemen secured Sokoto’s location in the hospital, while other security operatives in casual wear patrolled the hospital premises, leadership news gathered.

Kabiru reportedly had his legs chained to the bed. The entrance of the ward was locked against visitors.

None of the doctors or nurses on duty was willing to speak. The administrative block of the hospital was deserted and no staff member was seen around.

However, when LEADERSHIP SUNDAY contacted the spokesperson of the State Security Service, SSS, Ms. Marilyn Ogar, to confirm the story, she denied knowledge of the incident.

Ogar, who queried where LEADERSHIP SUNDAY got the information, said she was sure the information did not emanate from the SSS.

“I don’t know where you got that information from. I am sure that information is not from the State Security Service. Whoever is giving you that information, you should go and meet that person for confirmation. I don’t have any idea of what you are talking about, sir.” She said.

Prodded further to confirm if Kabiru Sokoto was still alive, she said, “I say I don’t have any information of what you are talking about, sir. Thank you.”

The Christmas Day attacks drew unreserved condemnation from both local and international governments, the African Union, European Union, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, United Nations and religions organisations around the world.

The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada reacted to the Madalla attack by saying; “This is an extremely deplorable crime…It’s not Islam. This is an un-Islamic action”


  1. d boy shud die he wot not living.injekt him wit piapia.Funny islamaidols,any 1kot,weda 2die or 2b procecuted,dey says dey r doing god’s work n no goin bak.abubakr shekau has given dem his urine 2drink.dat’s y dey spik jagons.

  2. kabiru sokoto must be chained with iron vey well, we dont want to hear that he ran away in the night. let the sickness kill him he has killed a lot of innocent people

  3. Nigeria is surpose to have a law guiding this killing of innocent people in the country,because if a court of law in this country is able to sentence some one to death by hanging just because of #2005,why can’t they do thesame thing to some one who destroy lives and properties? I think is high time the government do some thing about this deserstrious news we recieve every day mostly in the northern part of the country.

  4. It saddens me when our christian brothers associate the senseless killings and maimings being perpetrated by the so called Boko Haram sects with Islam. It is purely unislamic and can never be Islam. Islam values life so much that if any life is claimed unjustly the perpetrator will no doubt end up in hell fire. That is the position of Islam, even though people with little or no knowledge about Islam do associate violence with it. It simply means peace and translate to nothing other than peace.

  5. Pls & pls my fellow christians, stop associating boko haram with islam because islam command us to seek knowledge and it does not restrict it to only islamic knowledge. Boko haram is an unhumanistic sect not islamic sect.


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