3 killed, 25 Dangote Trailers Burnt in Clash over prostitute

Three people have been reported killed in Ibese, a town in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State yesterday. Eyewitness account says that argument between the Yoruba and Hausa communities in the area resulted in the clash that has led to loss of lives and destruction of properties.

We gathered that what led to the fight between the two communities was a scuffle by two men over who was the rightful lover of a lady believed to be sex worker in the town. The paper was told that the two rival lovers, one of them identified simply as kehinde, and the other, believed to be Hausa man, and a staff of the Dangote Cement company, whose identity could not be ascertained as at Press time had engaged each other in fight over who the sex worker really belongs to. Findings showed that during the misunderstanding, the Hausa man pulled out his knife with which he stabbed his rival to death.

But another source said Kehinde, 22, was killed when he was having his bath around 2:30 am by a group of friends of the Dangote staffer at the Oja-Oba community market in the area. Kehinde’s death sparked off fighting in the town which resulted in 25 trailers belonging to Dangote Cement company, Ibese, being burnt. Also a car and three motorcycles were set ablaze. Meanwhile, the Ogun state police command had beefed up security in the town and the neighbouring villages with over 200 of its men on standby, as the entire market now looked like ghost town.

The traditional ruler of the town, Oba Joel Bamgbose was said to have fled his palace. Speaking with us at the scene of the incident, the Bale of Ijoko, the community that houses the trailer park, Alhaji Sikirulahi Akinsola, confirmed that the mayhem was principally caused by the misunderstanding between the patrons of the commercial sex worker. Akinsola, said that Hausas in the area stormed the market with dangerous weapons, catching security officers off guard. He further added that shops in the market were looted after the 25 trailer were set ablaze.

Akinsola, who claimed that he was the chairman of the market Task Force, also stated that there was adequate security provision for the market prior to the attack. The state Commissioner of Police, Okoye Ikhemefuna had already visited the place since Wednesday where he was said to have held meeting with all the youths and community leaders which included the Olu of Ilaro and Paramount ruler of Yewaland, Oba Kehinde Olugbenle.



  1. In all,hausas use to be stupid.claims what they are not and always boasting with daga all the times.Infact hausas love claiming ppl’s land by force and stupidly.infact were is that hausa man that stabed kahinde he should b brot out and be killed.if not so,we shall kill as many as we will.

  2. Kahide or wat da f**k u kol ur damn self,u jst sounded lyk an “ewu”……instead of praying 4 d deceased n feeln 4 d innocent owner of d burnt trucks(worth hundreds of millions)u chose to run ur dirty trap(mouth)……Nigeria,wil 4eva remain united by his grace n pple lyk u wil/cnt eva brk it!…….Nonsense!!!

  3. Maigoro, you appear to be an even bigger idiot. Its such a shame, it is this sort of intolerance that has put this country in the ridiculous situation it is in right now. Have you people asked yourselves why this senseless loss of lives started? Over a sex worker oh. And ashewo, a karuwa. And you idiots are here killing yourselves. God help us. This country is on the brink.

  4. Dis fyt started cuz 2 idiots were looking for sex from the same woman…any oda idiot who wants to take sides should do so. Bunch of illiterate people with monkey brains…..all dey kno is. I am yoruba or I am hausa!!!!!

  5. Can u imagine d reasson y 2 communities will fight 4 God sake? A sex worker, as bad as d idea may sound, r women finished, y can’t we all pause n think b4 we react 2 issues?if d boy was killed thru a stab, or he was mobbed, its still killing n its wrong, may God open our eyee n may d soul of d diceased rest in peace!

  6. What a very baseless, useless fight. Illeteracy is a very big disease indeed. Very sorry 4 d senseless parties involvd..shshshio!

  7. God please increase the rate at which AIDs kills, so that the likes of the idiots would have died faster than could be imagined, before other fools will leave their jobs to engage in senseless fight.

  8. Wy ar people so senseles lyk dis,of al d problems at hand in nigeria so people can stil kil demselves bcause of harlot nd above al d only richman wu feels 4 d masses is nw at d receiving end.wat has dangote’s trailer got 2 do in dis case.I hate nigerians 4 one ting nd dat is transfer of aggression.May God help us.

  9. nawaoooo people are stil fallen for d devil, does it mean there ar no girls, ladies or even widows in dt vilage dt they ar kiling themselves and burning trailers or tankers which they don’t know hw much each of d tyres cost. Illiterate is really a disease, they shld wisen up

  10. Imagine o,over a public hole? Is dis wat aliko want 2 engage graduate on,Do u notice smtin in nig,dat they u 2 serve dem and again serve their children.God pass them

  11. So, of all the losses, the sex worker is still alive to cause more losses another time. Why should men act before they think when they are suppose to think before the act. Do people owe sex workers? They are just like public toilet. If I were dangote, the two communities must sweat for their stupidity.


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