10 Billion Naira Mansion: Oshiomole Breaks Silence

Adams Oshiomole, the Edo State governor has eventually broken his silence on the allegations against him that he is building a N10.8 billion mansion in his home town, Iyamho,Estako West local government area of Edo state. This development is coming just as the July 14 2012 date fo the state’s governorship election is around the corner.

While featuring at a live debate programme put together by Nigeria Election Debate Group,(NEDG), in Benin on Thursday, the governor said, contrary to the allegations that he was erecting was a mere four bed room guest house.

According to the governor, “that is not is not all that they have said, in 1991, I completed a family building in my village and it’s part of Nigeria culture that anywhere you are, you don’t forget home. I did make my asset declaration even before I became a Governor… Is it only the N10 billion estate they said I own? They also said I own a big estate here in Benin City and another big hotel in Lagos. But the truth is that I’m extending my house in Iyamho which I had built in 1991 with a four-bedroom building which I intend to use as a guest house”.

With just a week to go before the elections, Adams Oshomole has been in the news a lot n recent times; there were two alleged attempts to take his life, a claim which the police came out to wave aside as false.


  1. This is baseless, political and nonsensical allegation. Can any of the PDP member truthfully point out any developmental infrastructure on ground since the PDP-ruling years in the state? I pity for Nigerians who do not seem to understand the major problem in Nigeria. Nigeria is doomed for PDP we have to rise up to say enough is enough or else by 2020 Nigeria may not be recognized as a nation of unity and peace, and faith and progress. May God save, help and bless Nigeria and her helpless citizenries. Amen!

  2. Surprisingly Adams did not refute the allegations. He just said they said he has houses here and there but he didn’t deny them. If I am to go by this story. The allegations are true

  3. Let Oshomole owns 20billion naira mansion, as far as he is delivering service desire in Edo state then no problem. Didn’t previos PDP govt park money more than that.

  4. my friend let him ve assets worth 100m, we d edolite still him to be our gov. PDP is dead in Edo and can never rise again, no matter the alligationsssssssssss they like levied against Osho our man, Anini shud tell us wat happen to the money ment 4 d constructn of lagos rd, in fact no need to reply them bcos they (PDP) bunch of unrepentant thievesssssssssssss. Osho baba carry go, Edo ya we rue nen

  5. What are we talking about here? Let’s wake up, a deceptive spirit has come again, because of Governorship election dt is arround d corner, they want to frame faulse aligation and do all they can to deceive the heart of th simple. Let’s wake up from our sleeping bed, no room for PEOPLE DECEIVE PEOPLE any more. Edo state let’s say with one voice “door close!”


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