Sleeping Beauty: Girl sleeps in April, wakes up in June, misses her birthday

A teenaged British girl, who missed her exams and even celebrating her birthday after nodding off in April, woke up last week.

Stacey Comerford, 15, from Telford in the West Midlands region, suffers from a rare neurological disorder which means she enters a sleeping state for months at a time, The Sun reported.

She is just one of 1,000 people worldwide to be suffering from Kleine Levin Syndrome also known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.

The last – her longest at two months – meant she missed nine exams after being predicted straight As.

Stacey, who hopes to return to school part time, said she used to be taunted over the condition.

She said: “I’ve missed nine exams and my birthday. It’s easier now people know what it is. It’s easier to explain to them. Before, people didn’t believe me. That was the hardest thing.”


  1. I swear if the girl come to Nigeria, she wiil not need any drugs before she will be cured, heat alone is enough to cure her completely make I no talk about noise 4m d neighborhood

  2. it sounds fake, is it dat dey make a bed for her and when she sleeps dey just watch her? Abi she cannot wake up if dey pour cold water on her, abi she enters coma? Abeg d story is not really making sense, how person go stay for more dan 70 days without food???

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  4. Hmmn! Wonders shal neva end… Sum pple ar just vry lucky, if it were here in naija.., na boko haram go wake am up immediately incase she stil rmain alife..!


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