Pastor Chris Okotie’s Second Marriage Ends

The marriage between Chris Okotie, the glamorous pastor of the Household of God Church and Stephanie Okotie is over.
Chris Okotie made this announcement during a church service, saying that the differences between he and his wife were irreconcilable and that they had divorced.
The three time presidential candidate said “Stephanie and I are no longer married. We have separated. You can see she’s not in church today. It’s due to irreconcilable differences and you should please respect our wishes at this time because there is no going back”
This is Chris Okotie’s second divorce and Stephanie’s third. They got married on 7th August, 2008 in a glamorous wedding attended by a horde of journalists and celebrities.


  1. there is nothing like islam!because its true religion frm God,God knws that man is nutured nature,dats why he allows man to marry 4 provided he has capacity and able to do equity materially and finanacially,imagine dis man,is systematically practsing polygamy,and dey will say muslim!muslim.instead of doing what God as commanded,hes is practising fornication,pretendant pastor

  2. @ogundare yusuf. And you can marry four and be happy with all of them at the same time. How about sakay 3 when you divorce just by proclaiming it 3 times and have you been in Kano lately? There’s a lot of divorced women there all because their husbands felt like it so having four wives and having a history of divorced wives can you explain that?

  3. Hey you @Ogundare Yusuf b what the fuck is you saying that islam is the only religion from God, can you look around and see your boko haram people bombing heartlessly the lives of innocent people. Let’s face it, he’s human and not a perfect being he never would be. We all have our short comings and that doesn’t give you the right to generalise the whole christians cos he’s just one outta billions. #PEACE#

  4. This man who proclaims he is a pastor has not explained which religion he is talking about. I pray the word of God should reach his heart for him to repent and be born again. He should pray for forgiveness and ask for christ to take lead of his life. May God arrest him in his shameless ways calling himself a pastor. I. Know my God can do it and he will. Amen

  5. God is so merciful,even at d nik of time,infact we must kno what we believe and hold it firm,so dat odas wil not mock our God.pastors beware!!! Ministers of God plis beware!!!

  6. I respect Ogundare’s view and other Muslims but nevertheless ignorance of the WORD of GOD is a disease the right words should be applied while handeling issues of marriage and what what God intends of man. The Rev Okotie is a respected man of God with deep insight of the word of God and I believe he’s not a baby, him and his wife has decided to be seperated and we must respect their decision. Moreso you can’t vividly say Rev Okotie fornicated for divorcing twice.

  7. Why do pple alwys Mis quote bible ? What is judging in dis matter? All these church goers let me hear word ! If a man of God has divorced two times what will his members do ? Even d bible clearly told us dat God hates divorce ! Rember dis man was a rag muscian before he became pastor there’s more to this.he can’t just tell d world to respect his decision just like dat !so if he kills tommorrow or divorces another woman he will tell us not to talk! What advise can he give to his Members who want to divorce ? If he really knows d bible he won’t say d problem is irreversible bcos d bible says wit God all things are possible ! So what is d pastor saying and some pple may be his members are supporting him here ! What a world ! Like d Muslim guy said he is indirectly becoming a polygamist ! I said it they shld make pastor schools only for pple actually called by God not for anybdy who wants to be a pastor ! There s a difference ! If a general overseer will loose faith in a matter like dis what will his Members do ? Orr could it be dat what d man is outside is quite different from what he is inside his bedroom? Who knows !

  8. Are u sure dis man is God’s? Just think, A man who defiles himseIf b4 d God’s commandments…he, howeva denies his peace in God. Let my mouth judge no one, d judgement is 4rm God but My God shal fight Fornicatñ as He has promised.. This is a disgrace. A pastor marries 2 wives eh!…. Ah! Opin ayee de tan, aaye dori kodo.. Oran n la wó lu o!

  9. I’m very very sorry over my last comment on d pastor’s decision. But infact, its tu obvious.. I’m sorry ova dt, pls! but i wish 2 appeal 2 him dt marryg two wives or more might results him 2 …. I wish he goes 2ru d book of Deut deaply., thanks!

  10. I don’t see how a man who has 2 failed marriages becomes a fornicator, I know the womenfolk would hate the guts of Mr Okotie but there’s a reason why this was her third marriage. The ridiculous comments of that ill informed muslim bigot is quite laughable and I wouldn’t waste words on it. All said; bible history is replete with great men who were unfortunate with women, its in the best interest of this man not to get married though as he’s evidently awful at it.

  11. I hav come to know dat pple dnt find it difficult to criticise odas on issues dey are not guilty of.As far as am concern all sins are equal.u sit and jugde him!though he mit hav failed in dis area cos u are not guilty of dis pArticalar so u see it as d worst of all sins but remember u are guilty of some oda sins.and all sin are eqaul before God.also all sinners wil go to hell.take away d plank frm ur own eyes before takin away d dust frm pasto chris eyes my case u wnt to no am not maaried niether am I his members,for does who wil wnt to say she mit be a divocee or a member,wish u all d best of life.

  12. Men of God should be sensitive to the things of the spirit, wait and hear frm god before diving into marriage . They should listen to him and not thier feelings, take a clue to what has happened to great men of God like mike murdock, paula white , benny hinn . rather listen to God to direct thier path like E.A Adeboye , Bishop David Oyedepo, joel austin etc. These men are called by God but thier wifes are not called so its difficult blending them into these setting of doing God’s will . we are all humans no one is perfect the devil is oly trying to put a dent in his ministry.

  13. All of you come here and be talking thrash. You will be judged in the same measure in which you have judged. And you people cannot even spell or construct decent sentences…. Smh

  14. Okotie is just a mere human like the rest of other human beings. Marriage and divorce are also part of human life. Man and woman stay together as husband and wife when they are compatible but can also stay apart when they feel that their differences are irreconciliable. The only truth hidden by Okotie is that he knows the secret of the kingdom which is making life easy and comfortable for those that found themselves alive in the land of the living. Okotie is not the only one involved in this kind of act. The Alfas and Imams, pastors and Bishops, even our political leaders are not exempted. The truth is that no one is going to heaven or hell fire. One’s own lot is whatever that you achieved and enjoyed on earth while one is still living. Heaven and hell are just unfounded, unprovable and unverifiable theories adopted by religious leaders in order to tame their followers while doing some spiritual works for them. Why is it that whenever the spiritual leaders are sick, whether Imam, Pastor, Bishops or even Pope, they had to spend even to their last dime to make sure that they stay alive? Does it mean that they don’t want to go to heaven if they allow themselves to be killed by the sickness OR are they afraid of going to hell fire?

  15. Let’s just pray for him. We may not understand but God does. It’s a sign of END TIME. How prepared are you to meet with God. If you die today, where will you spend ETERNITY? Get saved today, tomorrow might be too late. Jesus LOVES you.

  16. This is what the Bible says ‘In the beginning God made them man and woman and The 2 shal become one.’ the bible does not permit divorce because even if d partner is unfaithful it says u shd 4giv- ‘For if u 4giv not odas their sins ur heavenly father wil not 4giv u.’ This is therefore an ungodly act. And to the muslims commenting I want u guys to knw dat prophesies are coming to pass. The bible says a tym wil com wen if people kil d christians they wil tink they are serving God n it is hapenin 2day.

  17. @Chirah Oluchukwu I noticed you took correction from @Gbemi and spelled out all your words…great improvement! but your ignorance puzzles the shit out of me! Like seriously, are you really that stupid or just plain STUPID! No Hell or Heaven REALLY?! May your stupidity not lead you to Hell!!!

    I know some people, who know some people, who flogged people like you! So be very afraid!

    NOW you y’all should mind your own business and leave the man of God alone…Heaven is a personal race, that day you will not answer for him like wise he for you!

    God looks at the intentions behind our actions…… Phew!

  18. Disgrace to christiandom. am sure he is getting ready for the third, forth , fifth and 10th wife. The biblle says forbear one another. Where is tolorance?

  19. It is quite unfortunate. May God have mercy on us all. why the act of Chris Okotie is condemnable is because of the position he is occupying. A Reverend Minister, A General oversea and A party flag bearer (Presidential Aspirant) well it may interest you to know that Paul wrote to Timothy that if a man aspires the post of a Bishop (church Pastor), he should be a man with one wife and that he who cannot contro his house hold cannot control the sheep in his care. Now those of you who are responding on impulse, on whose side are you? Pastor Okotie or God?

  20. Fact is, we tend to turn the bible up side down for our good, the Bible is explicit, a man can divorce provided he DID NOT RE-MARRY, and if he has to re-marry IT MUST BE TO THE SAME WOMAN HE DIVORCED, so where did this man (I refuse to call him a pastor, because A PASTOR will know better) read in his own bible that he can marry and divorce several women while they are still alive? He simply is serving the devil to mislead others, biko.

  21. For those that support Pastor Okotie’s action, I would invite you to read the Words of Jesus below. Remember, He said “…heaven and earth shall pass away, but my Word shall not pass away”.

    Matthew 19:4-6: “Haven’t you read the Scriptures?” Jesus replied. “They record that from the beginning ‘God made them male and female.’And he said, ‘This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.’Since they are no longer two but one, let NO ONE split apart what God has joined together.”

    Matthew 7:23-24 (NLT): “On judgment day many will say to me, ‘Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name and performed many miracles in your name.’But I will reply, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who break God’s laws.’


  22. @Kiki, Chirah’s statement reflects his value systems and is by no means ‘stupid’. In fact, it is a most engaging articulation of the politics of spirituality. If you actually looked beyond the surface, there are credible biblical foundations that discredit the idea of ‘hell’ in the sense we take it today. In fact, there have been many influential passionate Christians who found credence in supporting Chirah’s ideas. Your response would be stupid – because it is a kneejerk response to a level-headed statement that profoundly disturbs your curt little worldviews. If ‘God’ is anything like the one you worship, the one who thinks people are stupid because of their honest convictions, the one who threatens people with hell just because ‘he’ can, then I would have nothing to do with him. Gandhi was right: Christ has a problem on earth – namely, Christians.

  23. I also thought to say this: I happen to have a deeply personal relationship with Okotie’s family and knew when things started to go downhill in their marriage. So before we all start mouthing off scriptures, it might be best to exercise some humble hesitation. There is always more than what meets the eye. Stephanie is innocent, and a truly wonderful woman. Pastor Chris is also the same. Some things cannot be said.

  24. Sad as it is. Pastor chris is first and foremost a human being b4 a pastor. While its so easy 2 sit down and cast aspersions,we do not know what went down and we probably never ll. 4 those totally condemning divorce,I,jst like Jesus hate it 2. Sincerely though,sm situations warrant it. sm situations are life threatening. I pray 4 pastor chris amd steph; God keep u. No man/woman prays to b divorced… islam(ogundare);urs isn’t worth my time.


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