OPC Warns Boko Haram “Any Attack On Yorubaland Would Be A Declaration Of War”

The Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) yesterday warned Boko Haram insurgents to steer clear of Yorubaland.

Dr. Frederick Fasehun, Founder and President of the Congress (OPC), said, although Boko Haram’s current agitation justified OPC’s age-old demand for a Sovereign National Conference, his organisation would  view the exporting of violence into the South-West as a declaration of war.

He said while the OPC sympathises with those who have causes to embark on, “local struggles for social-justice should be contained within local boundaries.”

He added: “Any extension beyond such boundaries clearly connotes the pursuing of a territorial ambition; and any people provoking other people through territorial ambition should ultimately expect a war. And in warfare, everything and anything is fair.

“OPC’s message should be clear to sponsors of the ongoing violence in our country. They should not unnecessarily jeopardize their own lives, their businesses and their other interests in the places where they currently enjoy peace. Yoruba people are not unaware of their addresses and their business interests throughout the South-West. A word is enough for the wise.

“Last year, the bodies of Yoruba graduates serving their fatherland in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) were brought home to us. OPC takes this opportunity to alert governors of the South-West on the need to take immediate measures to preempt and prevent the killing of our youths participating in the NYSC. The same advice goes to Yoruba indigenes residing in the North; they must do the needful to avoid danger overtaking them in the land of their sojourning.

Source: The Nation Newspaper


  1. OPC had never got solutions at all and we know how they’ve been milking the SW governments.

    The truth is that all the subtle harassments by the latter day Christians provoked these extremist tendencies by some northerners. Pls note Islam came to Nigeria in the year 1097 via Karnem Bornu and the the jihadist came through Sokoto 750 years later. But Christianity came to Nigeria in the year 1842 via Abeokuta( note the gap). They’ve been living peacefully untill 1980’s when business pentecostal Pastors sprang up telling us the diference between Living Bible & Non Living Bible. What the Southerners tolerated is what the Sortherners are now repelling but very violently. Let us pray for understanding of our limits and persuations about religion issues. Hope we settle this problem peacefully and fast. Let us not talk about what we know nothing about. May Allah guide us . Ameen.

  2. @alade,there is no difference in puppies both d local type & d foreign… Since d boko harams are ur brothers despite d fact dat u ar Yoruba, u will never see anything wrong in ur demonic religion dat always thirsts&cries for blood. Mark today’s date very soon I mean very soon God shall waste every wasters of dis nation.

  3. If they like make them hear,If they like make them no hear.i pray make them touch igbo and yoruba at once so that them go know say quetness no be foolishness.

  4. MS, you are talking to a straight and non-stupid Muslim and not the fake Imam up there. If I were to reply you that Somebody gave his blood to his followers to drink and gave bread as his flesh to them to eat .
    Which faith is more blood & Flesh addicted?.
    I’ve not mentioned names so as not to commit blasphemy against the Prophet of God(Jesus Son Mary). But the Bible’s account according to your faith mentioned this.
    Let us all look for solutions from within and without. All hands must be on deck. We all have faults and we must solve this problem together.

  5. Let those who lack understanding of the Holy Bible remain silent and seek knowledge. Are u to fight for ur God or is ur God who is to fight for u?u wish dat god of ur and protect him , what is it that dat ur god is doing for u? Doctrine !!!, Even Sango and Amadioha can fight and defend their worship without physical combat! What kind of god is this one that is so powerless that people have to fight and kill to defend . That can not be d God that create all creatures, am sure is a man made god!

  6. When toothless dogs bark it makes the real dogs laugh… It is funny to hear Yoruba cowards barking from the hole, banking of charging the Biafrans to think they are ready to join in the defeat of the evil, only to team up with the same evil….
    It will be more than foolish for any sane Biafran to take a Yoruba folk threats serious, because when it starts, they can only turn against Biafran, like their ‘Hitler-like’ demi god Awolowo..
    To those that tell history they know nothing about.. the fellow here called @’Alade’ is he or she trying to rewrite the history of so-called ‘Nigeria’ to suddenly 1097 not 1914?

  7. @alade:sir wit due respect to you,u have little or no knowledge about the bible,wat the disciples ate is bread and wine,the flesh and blood is wat both represent spiritually,according to ur lord jesus christ,pls do more of ur research and do it very well

  8. Nice output and demonstration by the O.P.C, I see and feel their concern…

    To Christians in Nigeria, Our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us to live in peace with one another.

    To the Muslims, they say Islam is religion of peace, WHY THE VIOLENCE?…

    I have lots of Muslim friends compare to Christian friends that I have and beside am from a Muslim background even till date we still observe the Islam religion because our great-grand parents and grand parent where Muslim, good to emulate from, they live in peace with everyone, they will hardly quarrel with anyone or speak false statement from their mouth, they preach to “Living in peace and love with one another and with patient you can have anything you desire” and they never impose any religion on us as they say “IF YOU WANT TO BE MUSLIM YOU MUST BE READY TO SERVER ALLAH AND IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN YOU PRACTICE YOUR RELIGION WITH SINCERITY”

    Infact I get along with the Muslims better than the Christians and I found out that their ideology and philosophy Islam is far different from the so called BLOOD SUCKING BOKO HARAM….

    @Alade, I appreciate you comment and response, but in response to the response you made above saying:

    “If I were to reply you that Somebody gave his blood to his followers to drink and gave bread as his flesh to them to eat.
    Which faith is more blood & Flesh addicted?. ”

    I tell you that Christ is the foundation of Our faith (Christians), the illustration he gave to us in the Bible saying “TAKE EAT THIS IS MY BODY, TAKE DRINK THIS IS MY BLOOD WHICH I SHED DOWN FROM THE CROSS TO WASH YOUR SINS AWAY AND DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME (1 Corinthians 11:25 )” has always be been the symbol of LOVE FROM GOD TO MAN by giving his ONLY SON to die for us…

    Thats why we, Christians do not revenge and very, very, very slow to anger.

    Alade, I would love your response, I believe something you don’t understand and there are still some issues that needs clarity between THE ISLAM AND THE CHRISTAINS….

    Now, using this medium to invite you all to this page and lets discuss how to restore peace back to the country, world and the way forward…


  9. @alade.if u dnt av any little understandin of d Bible,christianity nd God den it is beta u kip quiet.christianity is nt blood suckin nd if u want to knw more abt d last supper den go nd read luke 22 vs 14 to19 nd stop blasphempy against JESUS lest u say herressy


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