National Stadium Surulere gutted by fire

It was sadly reported that a section of the national stadium was taken over by fire this morning according to an eye witneess.

The incident was said to have started at about 8:00am and was quenched about one and a half hours later. It was said to have emanated from offices of the popular Ojez Nite Club, a relaxation spot in the Stadium.

This Club in the National Stadium Surulere, was said to have been saved from total wreckage by firemen.

According to information gathered, the fire was as a result of electrical surge , and the nightclub which is situated at the basement of the stadium, had no choice but feel the effect of what was happening in the bigger body.

The eye witness declared that it was just the saving of the firemen who happened to have responded promptly to the distress call, and that that particular act saved a lot of valuable properties that would have been burnt into flames.

“I cannot really say what caused the fire but I suspect it will be as a result of an electric spark from inside the directors’ office. The smoke was very heavy when it started and it really impeded our attempt of saving some valuables” the source said.

The National Stadium at Surulere in Lagos was built in 1973 when Nigeria hosted the All African Games. The Stadium which is normally referred to as the Sports city has been in a state of neglect for a long time.
But recently, some renovation work has begun in some sections of the Stadium which will serve as one of the venues for the forthcoming National Sports festival to be hosted by Lagos State later in November.


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