Lil Kim turns monster after wrong plastic surgery

One of the known craziest musical Gods as she is always known. A very daring celeb when it comes to fashion and looks.

Something strange happened when she  attended the L.A. Pride 2012 festival in West Hollywood, it was her appearance that was the disaster of the day as she appeared having a look that got the media scared. Lil Kim showed off a drastically different-looking face when she took to the stage to perform during L.A. Pride. Experts say it is a case of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Kassabian also commented on the lopsided look Lil Kim’s face has taken.

“It looks as though her lower lip on the left side is not working well,” the plastic surgeon told “It looks like her lips are thinner than before. It’s possible that she had a lip reduction performed.”

Daily mail lamented by saying: “Her cheeks appeared extremely puffy, suggesting she has had cheek implants, and the result made her face appear much rounder. Curiously Kim’s lips looked considerably smaller than they have in the past,”

Back in March, the Orange County Register commented on Lil Kim’s face, noting that plastic surgery could be behind her changing looks.


  1. This is not the lil Lim I knw. What the hell is wrong with her?? She has 4 ever lost that pretty face we all use 2 c on screen. Oh no!! She use 2 b very pretty. I mean very very pretty! Well all that has changed now.

  2. @ Dee,u a hundred percent right.U see dis pple in the wicked music industry who worship ‘BAPHOMET’ alwayz go for surgery to look alike with the god they are worshiping called baphomet.This image is the image of Satan which has the sign of 666 as a their sign which they displayed with their hands showing their membership .Michael Jackson was a member
    but when he was no longer corperating with them they killed him and associated his death with rumours.Jay zzy is a member,Rihanna is a member,beyonce is their ‘DIVA’ meaning a goddnes.Alot of our world leaders 2day are all members.So,4 those of u who do nt know,should know and avoid their musics.They all members of Illiminati.Even here in Nigeria they are all over the places which Charley Boy is their head.Be wise less u worship idol.The Nigeria idol was initiated by them as a contesting competition to initiate pple unknownly!My brothers is a mystery and its truth!May our Lord grant us a spirit of wisdom,revelation and understanding in the full knowledge of all this and guide our paths.Amen!

  3. @blackmatic,u re one of dem no wonder ur nick name start wit black u nid deliverance what benbest said is true,she will end up like micheal jackson.


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