Jim Iyke To Pay N200, 000 Monthly Within 4 Years For N16.5M Debt

Case between actor Jim  Iyke and Mrs Abubakar that was thrown out of court due to lack of evidence created a form of dissatisfaction when the other parties heard the media slicing that befell the whole story. They gave their own side of the story and it read:

Our notice has been drawn to an article published on your blog and other media and we have been mandated to put the facts straight.
We would like to say categorically that the accused (Mr. Jim Iyke) confessed to all the charges that were brought against him which said charges includes criminal breach of trust, assault, criminal force, cheating, criminal misappropriation and obtaining by tricks etc.
Pursuant to his confession and guilty plea, the accused ( Mr. Jim Iyke) would have been sent to jail but for the magnanimity of the victim, Mrs Abubakar who, after listening to all the pleading from Jim’s family that he was their bread winner, decided to temper justice with mercy.
As it was not the interest of the victim to ruin his career nor cause his family unnecessary pain, the moral decision was taking to withdraw the case on the condition that he will refund all the money he fraudulently obtained.
At the instance of our client, the case was only discharged for amicable settlement (and not thrown out) and the accused was not in any way acquitted.
We expect that Mr. Jim Iyke will concentrate on finding ways of fulfilling the debt repayment agreement signed by him rather than the unnecessary show of braggadocio and deliberate misinformation, as the agreement clearly states that should he default on two consecutive installment payments, the case will be re-opened, all waivers suspended, and the law will take its cause.
He remains liable and must desist from bringing the court, the law enforcement officers and all parties involved to disrepute or the full wrath of the law will be brought upon him.
Please find attached evidence and documentation in respect of the above.
Thank you for setting the records straight.
Zuby Njoku


  1. It marvels any reasonable mind to read here that a victim of criminal acts has now turned to a prosecutor to the extent of entering a ‘nolle proseqiu’ as the AG. The police or any other antigraft agency are the only people empowered to prosecute any criminal act, not Mrs. Whatever she calls herself. The whole allegation here are all criminal and only a plea bargain in a criminal prosecution will suffice. Plea bargaining only exist here in laundering cases and not criminal assault, criminal breach of trust etc as alleged. No gainsaying the fact that this publication is libelous and should be so pursued.

  2. Kachi, your argument has some merit when considered from the point of view that criminal cases are usually prosecuted by the state and therefore belongs to the public domain rather than the individual but don’t forget that a complainant has a vital role to play in assisting the prosecution. In practice, once a complainant desires(as in this case) to withdraw a charge,it would be preposterous for the prosecution to object as the prosecution of the case may become an exercise in futility without the complainant would leads evidence to incriminate an accused, so that is the logic. Have a nice day


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