Imo state Governor caught pricing roasted corn

One of the most respected Governors in Nigeria as of today, Governor Rochas Okorocha, was caught on camera buying roasted corn from one of his state corn sellers on a popular road.

Over the years the Governor has been known to be of great impact to his state in terms of building of new infrastructures and recently it was confirmed that his foundation was planning the provision of a tertiary institution that will be free for all.

To many Nigerians this is a sign of Humility, and he has proven to be a man of the people.


  1. @ Comfort,it’s a big deal,i have the premonition that if you are made secretary to ordinary ward Councillor,you will never do the same,you will want to show the whole world that you have arrived,so make we hear word jare. My governor God is with you,you are the only humble governor in the whole 9ja. Keep it up,you are really inspiring us.

  2. Thumbs up!!! Dis man has alwyz bin sm1 i luk up 2 ryt frm d word GO! I L♥√ع his simplicity & humility. U̶̲̥̅̊ hv alwyz bin ma source f inspiratn. May U̶̲̥̅̊ live long. May U̶̲̥̅̊ continue 2 portray yr marvelous humility. May d eyez f evil neva opt a glance @ U̶̲̥̅̊ nt 2 tink f harmin U̶̲̥̅̊. May d good Lord continue 2 crown yr effort wit success. May yr enemies jst b confused admirerz f U̶̲̥̅̊ who r findin it difficlt 2 undastnd y U̶̲̥̅̊ r bin luvd by many. I A̶̲̥̅♏ a muslim,frm Niger bt i respect & envy d L♥√ع & care U̶̲̥̅̊ shower 2 ppl. Stay Blessed.

  3. Yap! Thumbs up 4 d Gov wen sabi. Although this is Politics on display, i still belive this is the BEST sort of CAMPEIGN EVER… This is a mirrow 4 oda Gov to dress themselves. Rochas Nndewoh!!

  4. Mnnnn, interesting politics my brother, but you have actually performed reasonably, though not yet comparable to Fashola. I can say the second best.
    Why not act a movie sir Mr Governor, I think people wll like to watch ur movies also.

  5. if my governor tries dat, he’ll end up beign poisoned. Mr Rochas is mt role model for long, he might nt knw bt i wish i’ll hav a chance to tell him hw elated his mannerisms make me. U’re indeed a good leader sir, God Bless u nd ur good work.

  6. I dont think that there is any thing wrong for his excellence to enjoy the raining season with a nice roated corn and by this he has proven that humanbeing are equal no matter your position becuase when you are doing the right thing there will be no fear of appearing before your people even in the market square so peoples mandate is not negotiable.

  7. Y’all are yarnin shit! Beta bullshit!!! Man of which fcukin people… All na for show u fcukin dumbasses! How da hell does pricing corn on d street make him a “man of the people”??? He’s not just “a man”,he the freakin governor nd ther he is fcukin his steez up pricing corn instead of buying evrythng. He’s a man of the people,abeg did he buy corn for the by-standers too??? Or for even his staff or assistants following him around…??? Man of the people kor! Y’all don’t knw d meanin of that… U jus wanna comment… Mtschewwww!!! Igno-fcukin-rance! I’m sure there’s a begger or beggers somwher aroun there,abeg how many corns did he give them? Y not build proper settings to buy the corn and better the life of even just that corn lady and others around,not forming “people’s man” by perfoming that publicity stunt…

  8. @chris your nothing but street boy, you has no respect for your elder and to people, which of nigerian people your calling fucking? if you reach your house call your parent fucking.

  9. @Chris, its obvious u belong to d street. and certainly not d better part of the street. Those people who are lazily waiting for sudden prosperity/success. Sorry dude, genuine success comes only with the input of HARD-WORK and dats wat dat Corn-seller and other better part of the street are doing. As for ur idle self waiting for a RAIN day, i advice u find something meaningful to do now or take d regular shortcuts u know and meet ur water-loo. Ur comment really portray d entity of a FOOL!

  10. Chris u be mumuoooooooo, bcus ur lif no dey good. so u no dey ever think petar tin for ur lif, who u tink say fit kill dat man with poisin. oga jesus dey dat man back so keep ur yeye mouth inside ur pocket,

  11. He as rerally show he is the governor of his pple a good leader shld be free among his pple cos they for u to be a leader u must be a servant also he just human lyk u and me THUMBs UP ur Excellence

  12. @ Chris, you are the most ungreatful man I ever see. If U didn’t see any good thing on what the Governor is doing, then even if God comes down to rule Imo you will not appreciate it.

  13. @Chris I want to know hw many people U hv gave 100 Naira since the beginning of this year. It is people like U dat causes problems 4 us in this country. Hw many corn can U buy 4 Ursef? talk less 4 people around U. U neva eat corn dis yr so U r jeolous dat the is having a nice bite of it. U should hiding Ursef in shame 4 d rest of Ur life. SHAME ON U. THUMBS UP 4 THE GOVERNOR OF THE PEOPLE. We help to c more of this Sir.

  14. @Chris n Comfort The two of u are married I presume. Married in witchcraft useless people. People that will see a good thing n call it rubbish are witches only. Gov. Rochas was totally elected by his pple, he has embraced his pple so much n they love him. The day a governor in my state will do half as much as Gov. Rochas I will be the happiest person. Imo state na una God do am for una. No mind bad belle demons.

  15. Comfort u be beans. Y is evrybody afta chrls? Dnt u guys kn dat he is 4rm Niger republic & cam 2 9ja & joined BOKO HARAM dey dnt hv gud pple in dia country

  16. Governor Okorocha is a complete opposit of Nigerian political leaders. His humility and his feelings 4 suffering masses is well pronounced. Let the blacksmith who does not know how to make a gong look at the tail of a Hawk.

  17. @chris, i kinda support ya but your comment was too street. @all why can’t ya’ll see this as a publicity stunt? Yeah he’s a delegent man as people say (i’m a lagosian so i don’t know) but this could just be a way to win people’s heart by buying off the street. Again, it could be real. This could be the kind of man he is. Let’s not jump into conclusion cos we all don’t know his mind or heart. I still gat points to prove this as a publicity stunt but due to my upbringing i don’t judge people. Ya’ll have a blessed day. This shouldn’t cause dis-agreement between us.

  18. Woteva u lik say but one thing is certain nd dats u must hav reason to thank God 4 givin Imo state beta Governor lik Rochas eva afta passin through d hands of greedy policticians like Ohakim etc.God thank u 4 seeing Imo tru.

  19. Gov. Owelle Rochas Okorocha, you’re the man we want to lead us, the Igbos in 2015 elections. I wish you were from Anambra. My state would have been so blessed. May God always keep you!

  20. chris is a typical example of an ungratef
    ul, malicious street illetrate….. From d way u vomit ur illetracy, i dont think u fit into dis earth, u should have emerged from jupiter or pluto….. Ur type deserves 2 be poor forever because u dont appreciate good things… I dont think u are from imo state coz if so, u should be denied the rights of citizenship….. Inshort, i take u to be an ignorant compound-complex illetrate…… FOOOOOOOOOOOL

  21. My dear Govnor Mr Okorocha, Hw i wish to c u physical & embrace u. I’m not 4rm Imo state but i envy de good work u are 4 our people. May Allah help u & do same 2 Nigerians wen u become Nigerian president.

  22. Every one is entitled to his or her own opinion. However, what ever wrong opinion you have against OWELLE Rochas, one thing is sure. he is not demonstrating to win the heart of pple politically but that is him. I started liking him when I saw him years back playing ball and dancing with the children in his philantropic schools scatered all over the federation. His love for the less priviledged is undoubted. I know that he did not enter politics to make money like others but to use the vantage position to better the lots of the less priviledged in the society. so pls if you can’t beat him, join him.

  23. Thier is nothing bad in dat.according 2 pple frm d state on what d Govnor as contributed 2 d state.humility n tolerance as shown in his way of life. Just like d Govnor of Ondo state dat always move around in d midnight 2 c work given 2 contractors throught d local govts if properly done.many occassions hav met him on my way back frm vigils inside a taxi and d whole nation proves he has done well.

  24. Our own Owelle, ride on
    Chris and Comfort, cry on
    Is that ignorance or jealousy
    At the people’s Excellency
    Which ever it be
    Owelle is here to lead
    Yes to lead by example
    With evidence so ample
    Brats, who cannot but vilify
    That which God almighty sanctify
    Comfort, be a cleaner to the Governor
    And carry yourself like “her honour”
    Chris, become the governor’s gate man
    And begin to see yourself as a great man
    Yes you both will carry your shoulders high
    As though you are God on high
    Yet, you readily criticize and defy
    Great humility exemplified
    Chris and Comfort, call it publicity stunt or whatever
    Our Owelle will remain his humble self Forever
    Our Owelle wasn’t seeking admiration from your likes
    He was not dramatizing humility, that’s just his way of life
    Chris and Comfort, God have mercy on you both
    Before you find yourselves inside a sinking boat
    As for us, we are but to rejoice
    At our Maker’s gift to us
    Imolites rise up and sing
    We have got a great leader in our midst
    A million kudos to our amiable governor
    Your people are proudly saying ride on

    NDI IMO N’ASI GI GAA N’IRU OOO !!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Everybody have written well including ignorant Comfort & Chris. We must always expect ppl like them else it wont be Naija. Every One who have been following Rochas knows his history. His growing up propelled him into philantrophy. His schools over Naija not just South East testifies to that. What we see in Imo state & the corn seller’s is truly Rochas. THE BIG QUESTION IS “WILL HE BE ALLOWED INTO ASO ROCK?” I often ask if Naija is open only to the rulership (cos they don’t lead) of the bad non patriotics?

  26. @Mercy U̶̲̥̅̊ re 2 much..U̶̲̥̅̊ rock..keep up d rhim…Owelle is Man of d pple..I will be d 1st person to vote for him come 2015 for. Naija President..Am learning..I will do d same when I become Gov..peace out

  27. 9ja really have a long way to go with all these bunch of block heads who can’t reason straight. The Gov is a good man but , must he come n stage ‘ the man of the people ‘ thing for us to see? With d CAMERA MAN at his back n another 1 at his front clearly shows that the Gov is nothing short of over blowing his love for the common man! Wake up nigeria don’t let them continue to use u heads.this is like in the movie! Chris n comfort , u can c clearly!!!!

  28. HUMILITY REDEFINED -mr rochas okorocha more power to ur elbow and pls keep up the good work which has been committed into ur hands by the people of imo once more this is a show of great HUMILITY.


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