FASHION: Color Riot Invasion

An important element of Fashion or style is the ability to combine colors in other to bring out the best in an outfit, bringing out a glamorous and classy look. However, that is not to be the case these days, as we now have the invasion of ‘color blocking’ aka ‘color riot’. It is one of the newest trends in fashion, where bold and contrasting color are paired together to create a unique look.


Though these colors might be hurting to the eyes, and in some ways it could communicate a sense of unseriousness or playfulness, but one thing is obvious color riot is here to stay. It can be rock not only with pairing bright colours, but also neutral colors like black, brown, gray could be paired with a flashy color like lemon, purple or even yellow. However a very important fact of ‘color riot’ is to accessorize, this is like adding icing to the cake, accessories to an outfit creates a dynamic, and a standout look. Celebrities are even not left out, as Kefee Nigeria’s gospel songstress  is also having a color block party that will hold on 29thJune  2012 at her Branama Restaurant in Mende Maryland Lagos and guest are expected to come in their best color riots outfit…….. So…… be bold be colorful be beautiful.




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