DANCE, the only universal language we speak.

Azonto has successfully emphasised the fact that no matter the race, colour or personality, dance will always be a universal connector.
Research has shown that dance is interwoven, the break dance originates from African dances. Bata dance from the Yoruba tribe is the source of many contemporary dances. This also applies to many other dance steps. Our dance steps, regardless of where they are from are interwoven. Dance is the one of the strongest language mankind speaks.

The Alanta, Yahooze, Jerk dance steps have all made their marks over the years. People dance these steps in churches, clubs, gatherings, or anywhere the mood occurs.
These steps may not be in vogue for a long time but they have managed to bring together people from all over the world.

Colin powell, an American statesman in 2009 did the yahooze dance step with Nigerian musician Olu Maintain. This shows that dance is the means to communicate without racism.

Dance consists of mood, variety, harmony and many other elements. However, dance does not know personality. It embraces everyone.
Recently Azonto dance was shown on BBC. This proves that dance never dies. It may go out of vogue but it will always come back. It also expresses the fact that people need the universal language which is why these steps are constantly revived.

Dance takes our minds off other unnecessary issues. If people spent their leisure time dancing, perhaps Boko Haram will not be in existence. Dance helps keep peace amongst mankind.
I look forward to learning the next dance step that will help me understand the next person without speaking.

Damilare Kuku



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