Confusion as two families lay claim to stolen baby

  • The Police insist that there must be DNA confirmation to determine the baby’s true family.

Two families in Imo State are claiming to be the parents of a baby Emmanuel who was allegedly stolen from his parents.

Mr. and Mrs Chinedu Okoro, residing at Awada-Obosi, Onitsha, Anambra State say they were not in the house when their baby was stolen. They immediately reported the case to the Awada police station and the police began the search for the baby who was 18-months–old at that time.

The resulting police investigation led to the arrest of a suspect, Ngozi Okeke.

Ngozi was alleged to have returned to Onitsha from Imo State to steal more babies.

On learning of the arrest, the family of the stolen Emmanuel approached the police with their house help from whom the little baby was stolen and identified the suspect on the spot.

However, following the alleged reluctance of the police to release the baby to them, counsel to the family of the stolen baby, Mr. Ignatius Umennabude, petitioned the Imo State Commissioner of Police, demanded that the police release the child to his parents since they have provided necessary documents concerning the child.

The case took a different dimension when Mr. and Mrs Chinedu Okoro went to the Imo State police command to claim their baby, but were denied access to him on the ground that another woman was also claiming the same baby.

According to Umennabude, there was confusion when the Deputy Police Commissioner, DCP, in charge of Criminal Investigation Department, CID, in Imo State told the family of Emmanuel that there was another lady who had lodged a complaint that she gave birth to a baby boy who she left under the care of a certain nurse who was at that time being detained by police in connection with child trafficking.

The woman also told the police that the stolen child, who had been identified by the Okoro family in Onitsha as their son, was also her son, noting that she gave birth to the baby while still in school and decided to leave him with the nurse to help her finish her education.

She was said to have told the police that when she came back from school, she could not find her baby and the nurse.

Though the suspect was said to have confirmed that the little Emmanuel belongs to the Okoro family, she, however, could not account for the whereabouts of the son of the other woman in her custody.

The baby in question is presently in the custody of the social welfare officer in the Imo State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development.




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