Why We Bought A Private Jet – P Square

Jude Okoye has stated the reason why his brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye, P Square, recently acquired a private jet : It is to travel around in style and to meet up with our busy schedules.

In a brief phone chat with R from Johannesburg, Jude said the duo had been busy shooting commercials and working hard on their next album.

“We shall be here till next month. As already tweeted, we thank our fans for being there for us.”

One of their tweets recently gave the duo out about their new acquisition. “Jetting privately….thanks to God and the fans. You all made it possible. Baba God done settle us…I no go lie. Just included on our list…that very list……shhhhhh,” Peter tweeted few hours ago.

According to information, the award winning twins recently paid an Arabian several millions of dollars to pick this private airbus.

P-Square top the list of privileged few of Nigeria’s new generation of musicians who are making money from music. With landed properties in Jos, Port Harcourt and their newly built Lagos mansion, it’s no doubt that the dynamic duo are living large.

Source: Tribune Newspaper


  1. in my own view, if they are rich they should have establish a company for our jobless youths so that the rate of employment can reduce, then l will know they are rich not to get a private jet.

  2. Am impressed but not yet santisfied.If possible since you guys thanked your fans,why not establishing a company that both you and your fans will benefit together like cement factory,or any establishment that many will be proud of.Finally,make sure your ways are right before Almighty God before oga go visite.thanks.

  3. Am impressed but not yet santisfied.If possible since you guys thanked your fans,why not establishing a company that both you and your fans will benefit together like cement factory,or any establishment that many will be proud of.Finally,make sure your ways are right before Almighty God before oga go visite.

  4. I no be bad belle oooo. B4 u ppl wil start to name me as one, dd u ppl knw d cost of air space b4 negotiating fr ds jet? Its not a childs play to own a private jet ooo, Okoye nwa nna mek una SELL AAAMMM nd use d money to establish an industry here in nija. Okoro eru hi eru wara ogodo ikuku eburu ya buru ogodo“dat an igbo addage

  5. That’s Nigeria mentality,they will only pleased themselves when they are oppurtuned.Why private jet?cost of mentaining it nd even piling it is enough to extablis a local industries that will create employment for thousands youth.if breez blow nd fowl watch open them go say na wintche from their village

  6. Am very hapy 4 u guyz,but i thnk it costd u guyz a lot of money 2 bought ths jet wch wl b enf 4 u 2 use it 2 great sumthin that wl b appreciated by everybodi,even ur sixth generation wl also benefit 4rm u.

  7. 4 me o am veri happy 4 dat,nd wot my colleages say his rit aside bcos wen u do dat a lot of people wil gain alot 4rm u guys,nd ur fans nd evribudy is goin 2 b happy nd we wil pray 4u guys more nd more nd God wil continue 2 bless u guyzzz oøo.

  8. Psqaure….I indeed rejoice with u guys on dis feat. But as a true fan and some1 who knows u guys from d root, I will constructively criticize u guys for dis public display of affluence. The life of a celebrity is a fading life, invest ur money wisely for d sake of posterity. No doubt u can afford d cost and maintenance of a jet now….but for how long??? No be motor una buy oo!!! Pls learn from d wrong decision oda stars like u have taken in d past and avoid d pitfall. How many rich world stars own a private jet? Don’t dey travel for tours and events all over d world? Those dat ever own one, how did dey end up with it? Use d gift n d blessings God has given u guys to bless and enpower ur generation here in dis country. There are millions of youths in dis country dat needs empowerment. Many of whom can’t afford 3 square meal but will still sacrifice it to promote ur music by buying ur CDs. Go 2 d town (Jos) where u guys started off and do something dat will benefit d youths there. I mean put structures on ground dat will bring returns to U guys at d same time putting food on odas table. Wishing U guys more breakthrough in ur choosen career.

  9. To b rich is gud bt in all ur riches hw many pple ‘ve u giving employment? Hw many roads ‘ve constructed in ur area? Hw many souls did u save? That u’ve property across d world is weightless in international nd national weigh balance tokless of God. Becos gray head void of wisdom in nothing. So b4 u boast of wot u have b careful. Look b4 leep.

  10. Naija guys, why cannt u establish a company 4 people u call ur fans. Ask daniel omokachi, wen he bought his jet, he later sell it as a scrap becos of d maintenance. Buyin jet is nt the most important tins 4 nw. Olowo gbo. Useles people wit low mentality, behaving dat they hav nt suffer b4. Everyday he no easy, them dey buy jet.

  11. Wt my follow frnd ar saying is tru oh, u guys should use d cash nd establish sth tremendous like company, to empower d youth, nd u guys should give ur life 2 christ if u hv nt did so cos afta dead u we nt go with dt jet neither any of ur moni plz be wise my broda. GOD BLSS U.

  12. Make una de enjoy nna sef wel wel but make una de listen to dem people advice too oh! Because if u invest for una country u don do well to reduce unemployment rate. For this your pleasure we nna de try to heighten/maximize fit make wahala ‘gidigba’ for ur very soul. Make una de do am small small, so that youthful exorbitance/exuberant and inspiration will not turn to folly and reduce you to object of abject pity.

  13. P square una try, am happy for you guys, but i think their is a saying that said two heads are better than one, why didn’t you guys seek our adivice before buying d jet, nw u r telling us ur reason for buying it. You know that the use to say that prevention is better than cure, am not wishing u guys death but u guys wud hv prevent the causes of death, many hv die through hvin their own jet, u guyz wud have use dat money for anoda thing, having an industry of urs will make u richer, and also give us employment, thank you

  14. Awa psquare ur fans are really happy 4u alot but buying dat private jet does not really worth it cos dere are alot more tins dat u guyz can do, dat are more better dan buying a private jet dat u can not maintain 4ever instead it will consuming alot of money 4rm u guyz, but aquiring an industry here in 9ja gves u guyz d previledge of earning more money nd dat also will as help us d youth in creating job opportunity 4us, but d funny tin am asking ma self is i thought dey say 2heads are better dan1, but wat am seeing here is not 2heads but 1, meaning u guyz are sharing 1brain lolz

  15. Well I don’t think you people have the right to blame those guys, they work hard to make their money so definitely you people can’t tell them how to spend it. It is the duty of Nigeria government to create job opportunity not this guys. So in one way or the other we all need to work harder to achieve our aims..

  16. Pls leave ds duo alone, let them chop d head of their life, afterall dey work for dea money niii. Tell the so called FG to create job for unemployed, unemployed too can make demself employed too like ds duo did.

  17. Psquare has made a mistake by buying the jet and also it will be shameful for them to sel it back bt in my own advice i will say they should correct the mistake and make shame a forgone alternative. If they didn’t buy this jet and think about more money,they would hav invested on something else that will help them to be richer and also help to limit the unlimited unemployment. So i will advice that they should sell it back and also try to giv their life to christ because after death judgement follows, where will they go.

  18. My own contributions be say, me wan to dey hear una songs till I reach 90years.make e be say una don buy death warrant .ok how many rich men for Nigeria Wey don buy jet.una still be small for money.abeg make una no give me heart attack.still love u guys.

  19. Some people re too effing dat..why should dey create employment for una? How many wey una fg, state gov, and ur local gov created. And also ur parents or even some of u dat posted d thrash? Allow dem to enjoy Der money as for dose wishing dem bad same to all of u. Cos wat u wish some one else will definitely come to. Dose asking dem to invest do u know any fin about Der investments. All I’m saying is dat d same God dat has blessed dem will bless me also. I’m soo happy for dem where were u all went dbanjbought two bentleys and later astonishing Martin even Duncan dat bought phantom. Fools. I know dey help a lot of people dey don’t have to make it open remember wat D Bible says about giving mat6

  20. Na Un-employment dy worry una,da rude boys are they federal goverment dat wil create job 4 jobles people like una?…abegi make una pak well,so many of u guys here ar usin BB abi una no c Nokia3310 4 maket buy?..abi u fink say d money wey u take buy d BB no fit feed 1 family 4 1 gud week here in nigeria.May god punish all of una wey dy talk abt factory and company…PSQUARE CARRY ON JARE,BUT MAKE UNA NO MISBEHAVE O.

  21. Na only them get money? They ar likes of so many nigeria artists that ar rich like-2face,9ice,dbanj, so many businessmen and women they no buy jet oooo, bcos they knw were they ar still goin. Guys that is nt the next step ooo.

  22. am also appi 4u guyz, but dat is not the nest step, and every body khows that jet is realy cost.
    According to african mentality yu guys can use that money even to solve more in unemployment problems in our contry, and we all knows that wil din’t have the good & kind leadership but rurers becos they are just ruling us as if there is nobody have the legar right to drag them to cot of law.
    But we individual we are the one we can also create employment for our self by,
    (a)Creating jobs for people.
    (b)helping others in every way.
    (d)Employed more individuals.
    (e)Sharing the intrest of business to others.
    Let help ourself .

  23. Hmmm…all dis comments in 1 way or d other brings out smth.p.square r old enough 2 knw wht 2 do,y not u all pray 4 them nd give them ur own side of advice rather than critisize. Am not saying am perfect cos no1 is.d little i have 2 say is am happy 4 d twins nd they shld do things not only 4 today but 4 a better 2morow…GOD BLESS U!

  24. i still dont believe dat dis guys bought dat jet if it turns out to be true please NDLEA AND EFCC should be do dier job on does guys , dey cant tell nigerians dat is dat dier music dat gave dem money to buy a private jet even thier American counterpart how many of dem have a private jet

  25. God has blessed you guys whether people like it or not. my prayer for you guys is forward for never back world never

  26. They buy this bcos they desire it not minding the hazard. But they supos to make investment that wil help the society and also help their financial growth

  27. its only in Nigerian people tell another man how to spend his money, pastor buy jet na wahala, p square buy jet na problem, AMOKACHI bought a jet then is he dead now? . is it from a ghost they bought the jet? Who is now qualified to buy a jet? pray for God to bless you so you can solve the unemployment problem in nija and stop advising people how to spend their monies pleeeeease!

  28. Its a beauriful tin for u guys to ve purchased ur own bird.I truly admire ur success and pray to b lyk u guys somedae.I wuld love to say jst one more tin.we can’t save everyone bt everyone can save someone.dose who are puttin all d responsibilities on d government to save d economy are only actin selfish.d people in govt today were youths of yesterdae,some of which tot abt only demselves.dis is y tins are getin worse.if our youths of 2dae dnt get d gud spirit,dey wuld b worse dan our fathers 2dae.so pls,p square,while u guys enjoy d fruits of ur labour,inculcate d right teachin into the mind of our youth.saving a soul is worth more than millions of material tins.it is tru money ans all tins,bt not all ans re tru.With dis I rest ma speech to continue d smokin of ma weed.selah.


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