Spare the Nation your thirst for blood —PDP tells Buhari

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) finds it very disturbing that General Muhammadu Buhari, former Head of State and presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) is once again inciting people to take the law into their hands; inciting Nigerians to slaughter fellow Nigerians as he did sequel to the 2011 general elections.

Gentlemen, we need to remind ourselves that on April 21, 2012, Buhari was reported in the media as predicting a bloody revolution in 2015. The  reports in the national dailies today quoting the same retired General as repeating that blood will flow in 2015 is another build-up to Buhari’s relish of funeral train.

While PDP cherishes freedom of speech, assembly and association as the custodian of Nigeria’s democracy, we at that same time know that such freedom goes with immense responsibilities. We condemn in no uncertain terms this shameful call for the spill of blood of innocent Nigerians to acquire political power.

We appreciate Buhari’s frustration and antagonism towards the PDP. He has lost three times at the polls. But is Buhari really a democrat? Why is the blood of innocent Nigerians the only thing sufficient to quench his thirst for power?

What Nigeria needs right now is ‘evolution’ in the true spirit of democracy. The utterances of General Buhari, a former military Head of State is truly, undemocratic, unpatriotic and un-statesmanly.

It is on record that Nigeria is yet to recover from the huge losses it suffered due to such reckless and provocative remarks by Buhari before the 2011 general elections which led to a spate of bloody post-election violence across six states of the federation.

The 22-man panel of enquiry led by Sheikh Ahmed Lemu confirmed that Buhari’s provocative remarks played a significant role in the bloody violence that led to the death of at least 200 people, gruesomely injuring thousands and the displacement of more than 40,000 people.

The panel categorically stated that Buhari’s pre-election utterances were misconstrued by his supporters to engage in the condemnable mayhem that greeted the aftermath of the presidential elections.  Buhari never apologized to the nation or to the families of the victims. Today, Buhari is again engaged in another the build up of massive bloodletting and destruction.

Nigerians should be worried over Buhari’s quest for power by all means as he begins chanting his old war song once again. We have no doubt that Buhari is suffering from combat   withdrawal syndrome. We therefore urge the federal government to allow him to lead the ECOWAS military contingent to Mali  or Guinea Bissau  to enable him an opportunity to exorcise the bloodletting   demons apparently   haunting him.

As a basis for his inciting the public to take the law into their hands, Buhari   has consistently  said PDP government is not interested in transparency and social justice. To him, justice is only done when his party wins. Where it doesn’t, the PDP’s machinations will be blamed. He has repeatedly cited the Igabi local government, in Kaduna state, as an example of where free and fair election was conducted, simply because CPC won.

On the issue of corruption, we challenge Buhari to prove to Nigerians that only PDP members are corrupt. Before he does that, we want to remind him that the various sector probes going on at the National Assembly, most of which were initiated by PDP legislators, is enough testimony that PDP government will not tolerate inefficiencies and waste in government operations. Maybe it is high time Buhari confessed to Nigeria the truth about the missing 28 suitcases.

As a country ruled by military governments for more than half of its 50 years as a nation, political reforms need to be evolutionary not revolutionary. Part of this evolution is the PDP government’s renewed fight for accountability and transparency in governance as the foundation of comprehensive political reforms. This commitment is not in response to pressure from international development partners, western nations or opposition parties. It is a new mindset of the PDP leadership who seek to provide maximum value to Nigerian taxpayers on all matters of state. It is a mindset that recognizes the paramount importance of the affairs of the state to be more important than political party affiliations, ethnic jingoism and religious differences.

Political reform is a journey, not a destination. Even the richest and most technologically advanced countries in the world continue to evolve and make progress in political reforms. Nigeria, the second-largest economy in the African continent is, indeed, making a decisive stride towards political, economic and legal reforms if only the likes of Buhari will allow us be.

Unfortunately, bad losers like Buhari are determined to truncate the journey in this right direction by advocating violence and civil unrest. The April 16, 2011 presidential election, which Buhari is still agonizing over, was, according to official results from the INEC, won by the PDP’s candidate, President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, with 57 percent of the vote. All International and domestic observers hailed the presidential election as credible. The Africa Union, the ECOWAS, the European Union, the European Parliament, the U.S. National Democratic Institute, the U.S. International Republican Institute and the Commonwealth Secretariat observer teams acknowledged the election as transparent and credible. For once the world agreed that Nigeria had taken a credible step towards political stability.

Buhari should stop seeing PDP as the evil genius behind his failure. He was the architect of his own misfortune, as he and his party, CPC, headed to the 2011 election unprepared, with very weak party structures in more than three-quarter of Nigerian states at a time his campaign organization was in disarray over who controls the party.

PDP is always mystified whenever Buhari talks about political transparency, because it is an open secret that when it comes to politicking, negotiations and compromises, Buhari lacks any capacity to engage. He always behaves like a dictator and is accustomed to dishing out orders. That was why many members saw his joining the ANPP, in the first place, as the genesis of its in-house crises. It was indeed a curse rather than a blessing to the party; because before he joined the party it was able to win nine gubernatorial seats. But while he was there, it lost six states.

It is unfortunate that at this time of grave security challenge while Nigerians are burying their dead and counting their losses, Gen. Buhari, who wants to rule them, is further inflaming the orgy of violence. What a blood thirsty leader in Buhari!

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) calls on well-meaning Nigerians, especially the Northern elders to call Buhari to order and ask him to spare the nation his thirst for blood.



Chief Olisa Metuh

National Publicity Secretary,

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)


-Sahara Reporters


  1. Foolish man,islamistic animal,uselex wonder we nothernas are behaving like animals.this fool(buhari)is stupid and cannever win d eletion untill he long we hav been rulin,what was d out come dat bastard is thier belittling his self.God go punish dat e’m mouth.u beta enta bush and continue cow rialing.

  2. Whatever buhari said is genuine and he is perfectly right,we are tied with your killing administration(PDP),up up up BUHARI,the mostever trusted person in nigeria.

  3. Liman, d fact dat u behave lyk animal doesn’t mean odaz do d same, big-fool. Pdp won’t continue rulin us, d poverty is 3much. If dey won’t leave d seat peacefuly, dey’ll leave it by force…pdp are d cause of all dis bombs nd inocent killins. God pas wuna

  4. heyyy,pdp is looking 4 an oppprtunity 2 put d blame of wat is happening on 2 our desired president…well GOD pass as for me pdp are d cause oof all d killings and bombings….99 days 4 d thief 1 day 4 owner…our tym must surely come

  5. My contribuction to dis disccouse is dat GEN buhari could ve nt alter dis statement at dis security condition bt d PDP govt shuld soveful nigeria problem at list 60% so dat buhari we nt ve any reason too crazcy them we are also tire of PDP poor governing jare.tanks

  6. I dont really appreciate Buhari but there issues tobe look into. The report of 22man panel of inquiry up to date is not relise if not now that we are hearing of Buhari indicted. The President once said he will releas the security report of those sponsoring the Boko Haram , till today nothing. The subsidy report again is kept back . Why is our president afraid? Is he afraid of PDP’s big boys ? Oh guilty?

  7. No mata wat eva u woul say about Buhari, he is d only one to bring Nigeria back to life. Wole Soyinka has alrady said exactly wat Buhari hav said but no word frm PDP against him, why?. U (PDP) can u estimate d total number of dead under ur admintration? U r the blood thesty leaders, fucking canibals, oloshi, barawo

  8. Can buhari swear to God dat he is not d one nd only boko haram in dis country nd see if he survives a day…he is stil boosting of of battle 4 d year 2015 to menace more innocent soulz No P…God dey

  9. How can Buhari alter such unguided words? I believe he is one of d top sponsor of bokoharam…if he is not he should come out openly and swear to d nation dat he not involve in this present insecurity broblems…

  10. buhari(boko haram)wants 2 rule nigeria just 2islamise nigeria.but let me tell u fools dat follows cloth,since buhari,not a prsdnt,but is a boko,wht of if he hapens 2b prsdnt,wich means 9ja will b sacrifcd 2dat his uslex gods(moon).d solution,is dat Goodluck,should b adviced on how 2do som things.bcx nobody is abov mstk.or had it been dat umar is alive,did u think buhari(boko)can even try 2b a boko?nonsense.d mumu 4don dey hell.finally if not God dat will gv us gud leader,buhari(boko)will iniciate nigeria.

  11. God help us,wat are our leaders turnin us into,whoever wants to shed blood will start from his family memebers,no beta party dey nija

  12. I completely agree with my Respected General Buhari. Are we living in Nigeria? Aint we dead? We’ve been killed by PDP (rigged) administrations right from Obj. Independent of his prediction I’m sure that there’ll be a bloody revolution by 2015. True. What’s the point pretending and hiding the obvious. I’m from the South-South but the truth must be said. So-called president Jonathan is a failed leader. He eats from corruption. Of course the PDP infused such stealing habit in him na. Can anything gud come from PDP? Absolutely nothing. Nigeria needs more than what happened in Libya, Ghana and Russia.

  13. Abeg, General Buhari did nt said in anyway that Blood would flow if He(or his party) did nt win da 2015 Elections, He is jst tryin 2 Tell the Gov’t 2 conduct F&F Election (which He did) nd also Tell them da fact on what is on our mind

  14. Buhari is a man I respect. I believe he has the capacity to lead. But I think this is a generation of youths. Buhari is old and should be advicing and mentoring not fighting for political power as if his life depends on it. He should stop inciting people with his there shall be blood, war comments if he truely loves Nigeria. I see him putting his ambition above the peaceful co-existence of the Nation.

  15. guys dnt b fooling our self,all nigerian LEADERS dey R only KNW’s dre own benefit n 4gt abt poor masses,SO pls lets ingor dem n kp on prayn dat is d only solution 2 our nation.

  16. We need free, fair and credible election, that’s the first step.
    Where ever, who ever, what ever and when ever such unchallenge insecurity ocur, report to security agencies therefore judgement shall appeal. But is impossible because the leaders, the senators, member of legislative council, ministers, SECURITIES, surbodinates and even the fellow citizen are all CORRUPTED!!!
    In conclusion: stop point hand upon any body any suspicious acts occur in Nigeria. We all unqualified. Thank my fellow Nigerians.

  17. We need free, fair and credible election, that’s the first step.
    Where ever, who ever, what ever and when ever such unchallenge insecurity ocur, report to security agencies therefore judgement shall appeal. But is impossible because the leaders, the senators, member of legislative council, ministers, SECURITIES, surbodinates and even the fellow citizen are all CORRUPTED!!!
    In conclusion: stop point hand upon any body for any suspicious acts occur in Nigeria. We all unqualified. Thank my fellow Nigerians.

  18. Its only ignorant pple dat will believe all dis story..PDP is d biggest hypocrite dis country has.was it Buhari dat sent MEND 2 bomb on Nig’s 50 b’day..or is it Buhari dat allowed cash 2 b trapped where corpers can’t b paid or is it Buhari dat woke 1st of Jan. 2 remove fuel subsidy n all d moni has even disappeared n we av been buying fuel 4 97 n d country is broke.its PDP dat has brought our dear nig 2 her knees so u pple shld wake up n stop listening 2 PDP.dey say they r democratic,will a democratic party tell u they will rule a country 4 d next 60yrs?

  19. The PDP and federal government are the Blood thirsty animals they are vampires. Stop killing innocent nigerians in the name of boko Haram. They are the biggest boko Haram. They responsible for the bombing and killing of innocent people in this country. Pls God save us frm these Blood thirsty animals PDP and the Federal govt (BOKO HARAM)

  20. Am so so surprise, that a presidential candidate could make this unguarded utterance, most especially after the so much shedding of the blood of Nigerians, some can ignore that and call for more blood. Well,in 2015 if any blood will be shed, its going to be their own blood!!! Nigerian who lost their love ones are praying! They will know that there is a God who always fight for the weak.

  21. Olisa If what you are saying is true why won’t you take the outmost measures to bring to an end to these brutal situation? Samilarly, the issue of Boko Haram in Nigeria is not the only topic of discussion to Nigerians. we’re full of poverty. unemployment all these are also whosening peace stability in Nigeria.

  22. PDP has no luv 4 ECOWAS member country. How on earth can you say General buhari should go and quinch his blood thirst in other people’s country.(mali and guinea bisau) Are these people not human beings? So please instead of calling some one names (blood thirst) focuss on d issues before nigeria. Who is hehind the first bomb that exploreded on 9ja 50th birthday? (Our president) the person who carried out the attack swore an affidavite that the president is behind it. This is a man whom immediately after the bomb blast before the police finish their investigation he already knew it waz boko haram even after the MEND claim resposibilty. Please spare us ur foolishness PDP and admit u ve fail nigerians.

  23. Please fellow Nigerians, lets nt mind these stupid and wicked politicians. They are nothing but wolves in sheep clothing. Hypocrites and more deadly than the deadly dreaded BOKO HARAM. Lets get on our knees and pray to our creator, to wipe away these dictators and tyrants in the name of democrats. Goodluck truly has failed Nigerians, but despite that, people like uncircumcised Buhari should not us there mouth to destroy what they cannot ammend. It is easy to spoil,but not easy to repair. Nigeria is still suffering from the aftermath of the civil war, and anyone threatening to ignite the fire of war in Nigeria again should first kill his family and dear ones and see if he can recover from the trauma twice the age of Nigeria. All these bureaucratic bottlenecks should go and pay there motuary bills, will there assets, prepare a nice tomb for themselves and then lie on there stinking beds and wait for death to come and take them. Give the youths a chance. These old politicians are nothing but living dead men. They are existing but not living.

  24. I thought that Buhari Said he will not contest election in Nigeria again? Secondly, let the Government, all Nigerians take note, ”He who kills by the knife, gun, bomb, actions, corruption etc sows a very dangerous eternal seed before the Almighty God”. The day of reckoning cometh! Is God that makes Kings. Already, God knows who lives to see 2015 elections. Wonderful article however.

  25. Of all the people contesting for President in Nigeria, Buhari is the OLDEST. Maybe he forgot something at Aso Rock when he was there (military leader). Otherwise Buhari should be grateful to God for being there before. Younger leaders are most welcomed from now on…

  26. Fellow nigerians, put our dear country in prayers that’s the only solution. Democracy has failled nigerian is finish with these thieves.

  27. pls people of nigerians suntim we need 2 give our elders idea of new life most of them now is out of new computer age were in to,when obj said election is do or die nobody said suggestion is advise buhari not crucify cos he is talkin out anger when he seens wot is goin on in the country big disappointment by pdp.

  28. To me,I think the Gov’t(PDP)too is culpable,why not get him asserted&charge him to Court for statements unbecoming of a figure like him?But their(PDP)culpability is responsible.Solutions are very much available but they(PDP)always engage in beating over the bush,take decisive action once&for all

  29. i nor blame the he goat buhari, wey blood naim favorite drink, na how he see president GJ naim make am dey talk any how, y he nor do wetin he sabi against OBY or trow borm as he dey trow na tru he boko RAM. any way PDP nor be better pple too. but buhari too nor go fit rule this country except say dem don share de country den he fit go rule for north. bcos i sure say na that way de country dey go so. buhari bring ur children out make dem come fight if u say u be true true man wey need blood.

  30. Luk people we should be intrested in wats realistic,PDP is d party dat will do dis country any gud,they are all bunch of selfish,greedy n self centered n lets live is wat am intrested in……….

  31. PDP indeed, very stupid useless party full of cultist and gays. They are looking for support from people, so they are looking for anyone to blame for the current situation in the country. Is it out of PDP’s irresponsible leadership that we are faced with today. Bullshit, PDP look for a better excuse please. Omugo, Orishereshe, Agbero,

  32. Well, we all have right to say whatever we wish to say, why that stupid man called Buhari forcing himself to rul this country again, the nothernas have rul this country over 50 yrs, wht did they offered us as Nation, did not gave us good road, no electricity no education no good water, no good infrastructure, Nothernas did not plan this country very well because they are the once British hand this country over, whatever happening in this country today they are the cause. Buhari is the number one BH, he said that he will make this present Government ungovernable if the election did not favour him and is doing it. He has nothing to offer us, he is a failure and he will continue to be a failure period.


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