Nigeria to use satellites to monitor suspected terrorists

The Federal Government has revealed that it will soon start using satellites to monitor the movement of suspected terrorists and their locations in the country.

Nigerian satalites NG- Sat 2 and NG-Sat X are high resolution satellites capable of giving high quality images from space.

The Director General of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Dr Seidu O. Mohammed on Thursday said that security agencies in the country will begin training sessions in the next few weeks.

“We will also use communications satellites and global positioning systems to monitor every neighbourhood.

“We believe that is possible here and we are making effort to do that.

“The training is for military and para-military, we will bring them here and train them on how to use our data, because every satellite launch has its own parameters and you need to understand them, before you operate them.”  Dr. Mohammed said.


  1. It is a big congratulatory massege to the nation to have such satellite at a time mostly needed not only BH if properly utilised it can also help in tracking social crimes in the country. But then as good as the idea is, making it public is not ideal because it seem as if the government is giving tips to the criminals on new step forward. God help Nageria

  2. Dr S.O mohammed is one of the competent personnel in Nigeria who has made remarkable development in this country. but federal government need to sacrifice a lot, in this case. monitoring and tracking of terrorism required search and rescue satellite of high resolution .

  3. Are we sure that it is not these terros that provides these.Because if so,it won’t work.What of kidnapers,goverment theves,boko sponsors,road disturbance,hersmen etc.How is thier own going 2b monitord.

  4. This is novel. Be that as it may, things like this should not be for the consumption of the public. Besides, NASRDA will only be making herself vulnerable. This is good news though. God will help Nigeria.

  5. welcome development for Nigerians,first to make this dream possible the federal gov needs to have globa data based, get’s her citizen’s registered with finger print,and any individual’s utilities or bank account has to be merged to that same data base, also federal gov needs to provide her citizens a mobile short code of which anyone one can send or report issues to the security agencies and media companies, with the number that sent any report to any agency then then can use the gprs to track the location where incident occurred or how to rescue anyone in danger, without all this mentioned here it mean they won’t achieve any thing good


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