Boko Haram Gets N40million Donation From Algeria-PREMIUM TIMES

A security report before the presidency indicates that the extremist sect recently received a huge financial donation from a group in the North African country

The extremist Boko Haram sect, which has since 2009 launched sustained attacks on security installations, places of worship, educational institutions and media outfits, recently got cash support of N40 million from an Algerian terrorist group, an intelligence report recently submitted to the presidency has said.

The report, a product of a joint police and military investigations and raids, carried out in Kano and Sokoto in December 2011 indicates that the Algerian sect gave out the funds as its first installment in a planned long term partnership with Boko Haram.

According to the report, seen by PREMIUM TIMES, the Boko Haram sect and the unnamed Algerian terrorist group have met a number of times in their bid to hammer out modalities for a long term partnership.

The document quoted some arrested members of the sect as having made the confession.

The partnership would see the richer, more influential, and more organized Algerian terror gang mentor members of the Boko Haram through trainings in activities that will help it fortify its financial base locally.

The Algerian sect is also expected to train the Boko Haram insurgents in hostage taking and weapon handling.

The report provides an insight into how the dreaded Nigerian sect has been funding its activities. The sect members have been fingered for a string of bank robberies, and there is also deep suspicion that they receive discreet support from local politicians.

But it has never been this established that the group receives donations from overseas.

Al Qaeda links

The extremist Boko Haram has of recent been associated with links to international terror gangs like the Al Qaeda.

The first official document linking the group to Al Qaeda is a United States’ cable dated June 29, 2009, leaked by Wikileaks. The cable, written before the Boko Haram sect began its terror campaigns in August that year, documented the sect’s link to a well-trained veteran Chadian extremist, Abu-Mahjin.

The cable described Abu-Mahjin as having “limited ties to al-Qa’ida associates,” and was, on behalf of the Boko Haram sect, seeking more funds to facilitate a massive terrorist attack. The extremist sect began its terror attack on the Nigerian state two months after the cable was written.

Boko Haram’s successes in attacking defenceless religious congregations, bank robberies, and vandalization of police armouries validated its growing link with established terrorist groups outside the country.

Previous security intelligence on the sect suggests that its recent transformation, successes, and organization is partly because of the help it received from al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), a branch of the international terrorist network based in the Saharan states of Mali, Niger and Algeria.

In January this year, The UK Guardian interviewed the sect’s spokesperson, Abu Qaqa, who reportedly said his group’s leaders met with high ranking members of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia during a pilgrimage in August 2011.

The meeting, Mr. Qaqa told the paper, was to finalise the group’s financial and logistics arrangements with Al-Qaeda.

“Al-Qaeda are our elder brothers,” he told the Guardian. “We enjoy financial and technical support from them. Anything we want from them we ask them.”

A UN report released shortly after the Libyan crisis also said weapons from Libya may have been smuggled to Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Both the government and its security agencies had, in the past, claimed the group gets foreign funding and support from other terror gangs like Al Ahabab in Somalia.

Kidnap Training

The intelligence report, which is now lying in a shelf at the president’s office, also detailed how members of the Boko Haram sect recently got trainings in kidnapping from the same Algerian terrorist sect.

The report listed names of nine members of the terror sect who had successfully received trainings in kidnappings, in addition to bomb making skills.

As its part of the deal, Boko Haram is expected to kidnap white skinned foreigners – especially expatriates – in Abuja and exchange them for more money and arms and ammunitions with the Algerian sect. “Or demand ransom as the case may be,” the report said.

As at the time of the investigation, December 2011, the sect had finalised its kidnap strategy and was scouting for houses to keep their kidnap victims and suitable cars to transport them across the desert.

“They are targeting expatriates from (Julius) Berger, and Dantata and sawoe as well as other places they could find any,” the report said.

The report claims that a cell of the sect led by one Abu Mohammad carried out the kidnap of “white men” – a Brit and an Italian.

Both men were later killed in February this year during an attempt to rescue them by a combined squad of british and Nigerian security agents.

The Boko Haram terrorist sect, however, denied involvement in the kidnapping in one of its teleconference shortly after the incident.

Transformed sect

Boko Haram set out seeking to impose a stricter form of Sharia or Islamic law in northern Nigeria and end corruption.

Violence by the group, which had only religious interest in the past, is traceable to the five days of clashes in July 2009 between the group and members of the security forces in Borno, Yobe, Bauchi, and Kano states that left more than 800 people dead, including at least 30 police officers.

The police summarily executed the captured Boko Haram leader, Mohammed Yusuf, along with several dozen of his followers in front of the police headquarters in Maiduguri. Dozens of its members were also arrested.

Boko Haram frequently said its attacks on the government, especially the police, are in revenge for these killings and an attempt to set free members incarcerated by the police.

Political collaboration

Recently, the ideology behind Boko Haram attacks got more confusing with increasing attacks on schools, media houses and almost any soft target with wide media reach.

The National Security Adviser, Andrew Owoye Azazi, in a recent public appearance, said the group was a creation of the disgruntled members of the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

He said members of the party, angered by the emergence of President Goodluck Jonathan, created the group to destabilize the government. He also admitted the sect had members trained by more sophisticated international counterparts.

Source: Premium Times


  1. It’s only God that will help us in this country. His excellence Sir, Jonathan, continue with your good plans in this our fatherland. Karma must visit everyone

  2. And yet knowing all this the FG still won’t at least seal off PERMANENTLY
    the Sahel borders to the states of Bornu and Niger. Talk about the blind leading the blind!!!!!!!!!

  3. In my own suggestion,the boko haram it’s set up by nigerian government.In order to destroy northern part of the country.

  4. In my own opinion, that boko haramist. it’s a planning that has set’s up by the nigerian government in case to creat a battle between the people of the northern country. and then to destroy them,to kill themselves and make their businesses and bankings not increase only to decrease us.

  5. In responce to mr. Afolabi peter. Are you not ashamed urself. You not the only none northerner who wrote a comment bt only ur’s is uneducated. You clearly portray your endenic tribalism. Let me ask you a question: by mere looking at your name i waz abled to figure out ur tribe. Pls, wht’ll offer to your yoruba land and people if this country is divided?. I quite knew that Aboki as you said has alot to offer to his land and people. My frnd you better go and acquire knowledge. Because i could smell an odour of ignorance in you.

  6. @ peter these so called ABOKIS as u infer, are more important to the survival of Nigerias economy than ur people. You know Y? The entire strength of the Nigerian is being fed by these set of people u consider as parasites or unimportant to the growth of the country. Look @ the number of food items that are being exportetd from the North to the south every day, imagine only the south to feed itself jst for one month and think of the consequences. So no one is un important in any society.

  7. aboki rabiu, Gods people dont walk by their sight but by the spirit, you rembember that unfertiled land was given to Abraham but was blessed more than his brother who choosed d savanna area, some countries in d world are doing well without natural resouces.

  8. @ mustafa dnt d northerners hav common sense, let me ask u dis if i drop a burnin kol of fire in ur palms wil u drop it or put it in ur pocket . Even if d govt set up dis group 2 destroy d north most of dis guys are 4rm d north if at all we hav plp 4rm other region y did dey accept it, is it nt foolisnes in d highest orda it’s so bad

  9. @ aminu my dear dnt even say it louder than dis okay. If it comes 2 dat aspect dey re alternatives i’ll rather not take ur gold nd hav my peace dan accptin it only 4 me not 2 enjoy it abeg just park wel all we ned nw is solution abeg

  10. Enough of all this. lets ask our self how do we leave in peace and unity in this country that we share. Are we Nigerians ready to embrace peace? If the boko haram is created by Nigeria to destroy the northerners let then the northerners say no to it and stop the senseless killing of innocent citizens!. Say no to evil. Nobody has the right to take the life of a helpless citizens in other to communicate with the Federal Government. It makes no sense…We re the one suffering while they watch this meyam on their TV believing it will never get to them. The leaders re racking there games we are the one suffering.

  11. @ Ibrahim M. Aminu, with due respect I want to say dat d notherners labour in vain I know they are good farmers but a parent who work hard to feed his children but refuse to send them to school wiil suffer till he die, u build ur house 2day tommorow u destroy it are u still a landlord?

  12. @ Ibrahim M. Aminu, with due respect I want to say dat d notherners labour in vain I know they are good farmers but a parent who work hard to feed his children but refuse 2 send dem 2 school wiil suffer till he die, u build ur house 2day 2morow u destroy it are u still a landlord?

  13. We’re decieved by our ruling class. As the western philosopher of Germany karl max once talked about dominant ideology. I really saluted the useful knowledge and foresight of mr. Ugochuku solomon. He really talks sense. I also i want emphasize on wht mr. Peter Akinbola said: of course i believed that country’s economy varies. But i want you to note that upon the most richest countries in the world no any single oil producing country that enlisted. Not even the giant Saudi Arabia, Iran even the 9ja itself. It’s the country like Japan, China and United State of America. Therefore, i have no doubt that one must survive no matter wht. I luv 9ja

  14. Yeah, it’s true the north feeds the country, and that if Nigeria divides, the south will suffer, but it is also true that that suffering will make them learn and that that suffering won’t last forever. I also do believe that the south will be so willing to endure the short term starvation than the seemingly never ending killings in the north which is, bit by bit, extending to the south and all of those kidnappings that is a shame to every citizen of this country. In my own opinion, it is much better to call for a national conference and peacefully split up, before it happens all by itself, forcefully, by 2015 or even before. Of course, I do believe that each region is still going to have it’s problems after splitting, but I also believe that those problems should be much easier to solve when the tribes in each region becomes less divers. I also do believe that ‘our major problem in Nigeria is a failure of government’ (I quote Chinua Achebe) and since every tribe wants to rule, they will all have a better chance when there are less tribes and whichever of the resulting regions that fails to learn from past mirtakes and move for it, let them suffer for it.
    I know that some of you might want to challenge me that the United States is made up of even more divers tribes, well that’s true, but it is also true that they have a common religion, unlike here, and even at that, how many years of unrest did it cost them? I’m sure you will agree that the US is much more older than Nigeria, even Ghana is older than Nigeria, besides, have you ever checked Nigeria on the list of countries by Human Development Index, our position there makes me cry, we rank the lowest HDI’s, even in Africa (you may check it on wikipedia). So there are many more things for us to concentrate on as a country than on security, given our age. So if Boko Haram won’t allow us to concentrate – even though we have selfish leaders – let’s split peacefully while we can.
    Another thing that I believe is that Boko Haram is more political than we thought. I believe that some selfish and powerful northerners are using BH to their selfish ends, apart from the fact that we all know it to be true, Prof. Wole Soyinka affirmed it with proof in his interview by(on) Sahara Reporters – you may want to check that up. I also believe that the FG knows who these people are, but they seems to be handicapped – political reasons I guess – well, that is absolutely unacceptable me because, my philosophy does not contain that anybody should be above the law.

  15. I am not chellenging you mike. If really wht you said is true, so let it be. We’re alwz praying for the best. May GOD help us.

  16. Its all a hyper. Even at dis crucial time, d govt tru its agents, is still economical with d truth. We’ll talk with them whn de are ready. Dnt waste ur time cos talkn is only academic 4 nw

  17. This is the fifth times i am asking this question, Wat effort have the so called controversial Northern leaders made to identify or talk to their blood suckers brothers Boko stop killing Innocent children and women. If they claim they don’t know wat they are doing concerning this problem, why haven’t i heard or seen peacefull street protest across the North agaiinst Boko H. We all saw the effort bein made in the Niger delta by our leaders, today peace has returned to that region, so wat effort have the northerners made or are they hidding sometin?

  18. Come o, so Algeria funds militancy in Nigeria and you people start typing crap about Youroba this, Igbo that, Houser another? What about Algeria?

  19. The issue of boko haram is political my brothers let’s stop challenging ourselves. It is organised by those politicians who have fail to accept defeat and feel they are the right candidates for this country. Please refer back to vanguard news paper this morning and hear what some of them had to say and i quote (and there will be more bloodshed come 2015 if there’s no free and fair election). Solemnly i tell you, nemesis will soon catch-up with them because of the innocent bloodsheds.

  20. Fellow nigerians… Lets b wise, and visualise tins d way der are, d truth is d northern leaders are just wanting to use dis boko haram of a thing a paint bad colours in president Gooluck administration, bt Shame on 2 dem, even in 2015 Goodluck wil stil b der or some1 frm d east (igbo). Enof is enof no way 4 the northeners again, no mata what der do. Der shld go 2 hell, idiots!!

  21. All my fellow am lookin 2 d profile of boko haram since inception,there solem aim is 2 take over d power in dis country.they wnt 2 turn 9ja 2 religion system of govt.which can not be done.GOD we need ur intervention in dis country.

  22. Pricewill u r Very Stupid nonsence idiot dan kutmar uba shege tsinanne wawa,jahili illitrate vodoo,mephistipholean,devil idiot r we d one’s to b insult? D northerners? U can insult sme ov our nodanas bt owl ……….do we insult urz?

  23. you guys should stop fooling your old age. We have a problem at hand. All we need is the way forward. To every problem,there is a solution. In case you don’t know our diversity makes us so unique.God blessed this country this much because he wanted the best for us. Our foolish,stupid,greedy ,self-centered and wicked leaders/politicians are the ones doing this. They take advantage of the peoples ignorance and poverty and approach them from the religious perspective. The same poverty and ignorance that is now endemic in our country as a result of their greed. Nigerians want peace irrespective of our religion.I am a christian southerner residing in Kano. I tell you the truth my brothers, the northerners are as pained as the southerners. Lets talk about the way forward not fight ourselves, cos if we continue to fight ourselves then we are not different from the so called “boko haram”.

  24. Mr President u know try at all, u have this intelligent report and these people are still in Nigeria, what do you and your advisers take us for or you have lost control of the country or what. Infact you are a confuse President

  25. @icon007, out of all the comments that hav been posted so far. urs is unique and onpoint. why can’t we all wake up from our slumber, should we continue to allow these people to divide us on d basis religion and ethnicity, so that they can hav their way with our treasuries. wake up nigerians and unite to fight this madness. icon007 you really spoke my mind. good comment bro.

  26. Infact since I’ve been going through the net, and I can say that this forum seems to be more mild and sensible at discussing the real problem and posible solutions without insulting each other. I have hoped that such a group should have ruled our country. We all have faults in us but this constant violence at any possible time or reason is too much. almost all the able bodied southerners have run away to Europe and America, Asia and any other country of the world and the remaining has turned to be traders only to be killed at any possible riot or reason. Africans both christians andf muslims have sufferd from the hands of Europe, America and Arabs. I am not questioning any religion but with the continus never ending war among us we allow criminals get free simply because they belong to one tribe or religion or the other. Formerly, the south were famous with palm oil, cocoa and even rice nad yam but today everybody because of lack of help and lack of untity no one invests in the south in anything that will entize the people to stop emigration to other countries. Even the barning of commodities is not that we have it but to destroy a certain region from surviving inside our country thereby enriching other neighbouring countries because these banned articles were still imported to other coutries and transpoted illegal accros the boundries by paying big bribes thereby making any banned article to be inobtainable by a common man. The only people who gains from this quarrels are people like China, India and Lebanon who are raedy to shower us with any fake articles. Nothing is functioning. If we should devide, people will know at least the only sourcee of the problem we have and not the artificially created problems like Boko Haram or that one that caused the civil war. Who needs all these rubish. If the north should want Sharia, or kill all the Christians in their place, then the south may look up to other country to import food untill they are able to produce theirs eventually. They were doing it before this irony of a country was created by the Britons and they will learn to do it again. I for one beleive that religion is something of one’s soul and his God and not to carry guns and be forcing the masses to worship the way they are not convinced Or killing the people who have not been in the governmental decision making since 1967 ( in this case normal traders, thier wives and children and we call ourselves brothers). Again in Nigeria children and women are losing their only bread winners of their family and to me there is not any excuse to justify such a rootless killing. I beleive that before we all turn to be Somalia, we have to end this false brotherhood in which no one trusts any other person. How can a Nigerian open fire on a fellow Nigerian in the name of What? This is surposed to be our home, our only place of peacefull living. Go outside and see how Nigerians are being treated as sick people simply because we set fire on our land in the name something many of us do not even understand very well. A muslim child is not different from any other Christian child but we feed them with hatred and they grow up to fight each other instead of living a normal life in a country which God gave to us as a trial: It would have been one of the greatest coutry of Africa if not the world…But our plans are the plans of Europe and Arab: we make our bed rooms a battle field for the world imperialists only that it is only us who are dying in this war. Thank you all

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  28. Look guys, Boko Haram is an extremist sect in islam and are not representing the north in any way buh for their own religious and politcal gains…..buh some of our northern leaders who believe that Naija rulership is there birthright are working with them to impose Sharia on the country. Its a religious sanction to them. They’ve already listed Naija as an Islamic state; wats an islamic state without sharia? Why do you think they want bloodshed if a southerner rules by 2015? It will be a threath to their cause and they have ruled naija for 35.5 yrs out of 52 while the south har ruled for just about 10yrs. This is polital and religious. We need prayers people!!


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