Baby born with Qur’an gets N1m, scholarship

Baby born with Koran

The baby born with the Qur’an, Abdulwahab Irawo, has been handed a N1m cash gift for his up-keep and a scholarship to the university level.

The president of Islam-ic Mission for Africa and founder of Crescent Univer-sity, Abeokuta, Prince Bola Ajibola, handed out the gift to the boy last week when he paid a visit to the baby. This disclosure was made by a Professor of Islamic Studies and director of a non-governmental organi-zation, Muslim Rights Con-cern (MURIC), Dr. Is-haq Akintola, in a piece titled “Qur’an Baby and Doubting Thomases (Part 2)” and pub-lished in his blog. The piece which was post-ed on Tuesday chronicles the different “signs previously revealed by Allah to affirm the authenticity of Islam as His one and only religion”.Said Akintola, in the ar-ticle: “Something positive happened to the baby born with the Qur’an few days ago. Prince Bola Ajibola, president of the Islamic Mis-sion for Africa and founder, Crescent University, Abeo-kuta, visited the baby’s fam-ily and donated a whopping sum of 1 million naira for the baby’s upkeep. “Not only that, he also awarded a scholarship to the boy up to university level.

This is the most progressive thing that has happened since the boy was born.”Praising eh donor, Akin-tola praised Ajibola for the display of love for Islam.

His words:  “As usual, His Excellency Judge Aji-bola has demonstrated his characteristic foresight, unequalled mien for phi-lanthropy and unrivalled love for Islam. This man re-ally knows where Muslims should put their money.”

Abdulwahab was deliv-ered on Monday, May 7 at a white garment church in Mushin area of Lagos State, with a mini copy of the Holy Quran found in his hand.The birth of the baby ended  the rift between his mother, Kikelomo,  a Cos-metologist by profession and his father, Alhaji Abdu-lahi Irawo, who she claimed abandoned her throughout the 11-month pregnancy, fol-lowing her refusal to abort it.

The couple had sat down officially as husband and wife at the grand Islamic naming held in Mushin, Lagos.Kikelomo, who formerly lived with her mother at No 1, Shonde Street in Ijeshat-edo, reportedly moved with the baby to Akogun Villa, his husband’s mansion on Aderibigbe Street, Masha Kilo in Surulere area of La-gos State.

Source: National Mirror


  1. Bravo and congrats.This woman plans realy worked.The husband go don dey want e’m wife well well now.Good wayo with good tinking.The woman try.take a piece of (Q),put at d boy’s hand and gifts starts (money) flowing in.But had it been that it is not for this plan,poverty go continue to be iran and irak for her life.hmmm,…

  2. The name on d baby’s pic says “Taiwo Fajolu” but the story says d baby’s name is “Irawo Abdulwahab.” u sure say no be kpakpangolo dis people dey take us do?If not why d inconsistency?

  3. @ blessing, u r more of a foolsih animal. Hu givs u d right to b abusin pple. Yah, i jst did. Everione has d rait to his opinion. Stupid idiot. Mumu, moron, imbecile….

  4. The Ǧ☺☺d̶̲̥̅̊ tin about religion is Dat ones U̶̲̥̅̊ ar born into .A̶̲̥̅ particular ‘believe’ U̶̲̥̅̊ wll ß̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ claiming supremacy over oda ‘believes. Am urgin us all 2 try nd study d oda religion b4 writin D̶̲̥̅̊ oda off.

  5. who are you people deceiving?This is really a sign of end time.I doubt what i see,God will surely prove to the world that He is God and His glory can not be shared.keep ur eye on that child and family and see how God will expose them.

  6. Well it left 2 all u disbelievers cos many things have happen natural showing oness of almighty god(allah) nd d only acceptable religion which is islam, is it about d tree dat jst germinate laillaha illa allahu at ikeja army catoment or a child dat started preaching about oness of god nd islam at d age of 10 in tanzania or a hen dat was shoutn e ma ki irun at ilorin many miracle like dat in which it normally occur 4rm christain side, well if u cal dis plan why cant u pple evn plan such ones if dats how it do happen. I thank my god 4 making me a muslim. Allah u r great.

  7. first of all, you people should learn to spell starting with the editor and writer of this space.. second, ‘i’ll say this in pidgin; if u be pastor, imam or baba lawo, keep am to urself. dats why church, mosque and shrine they there for una personal needs. go there and display your madness, be a super extremist in there no one will give a fuck. leave the internet out of it, its the only place where people like me who just want to chill and live a normal life can be, away from all these religious bull-crap.. P.S, IF YOU ARE GONNA REPLY TO THIS IN A NEGATIVE LIGHT, YOU BETTER SHUT THE FUCK UP AND KEEP YOU SHIT TO YOURSELF BEFORE I EMBARRASS YOU.

  8. In the book genesis 1:3-And God said let there be light,and there was light. Who said it? God…If i may ask what did halla greated?Muslims are deceiving themselves of worshiping man with magic power called allah.Jesus said no man shall see God accept through me,through who?Jesus not allah…Think well before you reply

  9. Why all these u christians! If u call this a forgery what explanatiom do u want after we brought to u series of signs. Do u limit what Allah can do? Look at urself were u not created from a drop of sperm, he gave u eye,brain to think is it ur fathers or mothers work. It will be painful and a pity that if u cease to yield to signs 4rm ur creator. What a pity! U will suffer abasement in this life and the hereafter.

  10. Wisdomie, it shows that you are nothing but illetrate! Who does not even know his religion. Who told you that Almighty Allah is human? Did Jesus christ tell you that? Or it is out of your animalistic rationale. You better go to your pastors cardinals to know who Allah is. They know since, Qur’an tells us that among them there are some that are JUST. Jesus peace be upon him is ours and we extrimely value him and other past prophets and messengers of Allah. Thus, without believing in Jesus a muslim is no longer a muslim. Thats why muslims name their boys ISAH to immortalise him. Blessings of Allah on those that follow the ultimate THRUTH…!

  11. Well, God said you should not judge a fellow mortal. Am scared of all these lousy comments and blasphemy we commit on behalf of God and His Prophets. The intolerance and level of ignorance often displayed by Nigerians through the platform of the new media is dangerously high for effetive communications. If truely the baby came with Quoran, so be it. Time will tell, We all remember case of bodyless head man whose true nature was unravelled by Frank Olize. Pls, let us display some level of tolerance. God save us.

  12. I personally believe we shouldn’t doubt what God can ϑō , afterall, i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ many crusades and revivals organized by churches,uncountable miracles had taken place without much ado, S̤̥̈̊o̲̣̥ why limiting the wonders of God †☺ christianity alone? After the bible says “I made M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ rain fall on both the righteous and unrighteous”. Christian should stop casting aspersions on other religion rather promote peaceful co existence among people.

  13. My peaple’s no matter how the sine from God may be’ the disbeliever will never agree{believed} see what hapoone to FIR’HAUNA during the time of prophet Mussa A.S.W.A and prophet SALIU through CAMEL e.t.c they did’t believe.IDINA SHIRATAL MUSTAKEEM.SALAM SALAM. Try to appreciat always being rember to say’s ALLHAMDULILLAH.

  14. we are not in position to fight for Allah. whether the story is true or not, lets leave judgement for Allah.

    i wonder why some people refused leaving their homefront unattended to and making irrelevant and ‘show off’ like donations in public. This man donating N1m and scholarship to the baby to the university level has not paid his workers salaries in the citadel of learning in the last 2 or 3 months. People who have friends and families working for him to confirm that.

    Yoruba says ‘ile ni ati n ko eso r’ode’. lets him take care of his staffs rather than making irrelevant donations in public places.

    may Allah forgive us all (amin)

  15. No eye has ever see Allah, He has neither a child nor parent. He is the creator of everything that exists. Allah is an Arabic word which means Almighty God. Jesus is prophet Isah who was born by mary as his mother. Jesus died before so call religion was named christianity, he never in his lifetime say worship me I am your god. He only preached the gospel which islam preaches. We muslims believed in jesus, Abraham, Adam, moses, all the prophets down to the last muhammed (SAW) as messagers who were sent by Allah. None of them claimed the equality of God, but servants. If jesus said nobody can get the kingdom of God except through me, this means the message he preached not him as person. Muslims do not perform miracles but islam as a true religion does.

  16. Very soon another child with Quran in his mouth ll born, better stil they should born one whose head is all quran A̶̲̥̅♏ not border, one thing is Sure Jesus is the way. Taste and §€€ that the Lord is Good

  17. @ mutana. If u dnt av anytin 2 coment why nt keep quiet and read other pple’s coment? Why castigating other rlgn? Is xtnty so call 2 u? Go 2ru d whole coment did anybody insult islam? Pls be wise.

  18. It is sad when i read negative opinion from people of different religion. The fact is that no one came with his or her religion, we all met it, it as been existing before we were born, why all the exchange of unholy written on this platform. Pls, let us all b reasonable, because God is not an author of confusion. Let all read Galatian 4: 20 to 31. I do hope it will shed more light.

  19. Dis goes out 2d dunce nd retarded christains, plz do me a favour nd comfirm diz questns ” Is d baby born in d church or mosque? are dia any eye witness(s) or is d pastor blind?” B4 u start spittin trash….nd plz get bck 2me as soon as possible.

  20. why all dis if miracle happens or not,that should not b a point to insulting each other religoun pls lets embrass peace and stop d insult judgement should for GOD ALMIGHTY alone.His d creator he decide what he want and wishes

  21. Hhhhmm. Let me start by telling u little about my myself. Am a little child born into a christian family,of course am still a practising christian, but i attended ansar-u-deen primary school, so i know little about islam & much about xtianity. One thing i want us to know is dat both xtians & muslims are serving God. D first pillar of islam says ‘it should be known to all dat God is one’ while d first commandment in d bible says ‘ thou shall not hav any other God except me’ can u see d similarity? ￴￴u can see from d earlia coments dat Islam accept Jesus christ as a prophet & also see anabi Mohamed (SAW) as d last prophet. U remember dat Jesus christ said in d gospel of st John chapter 10 verse 16, dat ” i hav other sheeps dat are not of dis fold,i must bring them also….and there shall be one fold & one shepherd” who knows wether d true muslims are d one Jesus christ was refaring to as other sheeps? We are not to judge over dis matter maybe d muslims are d one to reign in eternity or xtians, because￴￴ Jesus christ said ‘not all dat call on my name shal inherit d kingdom of God’ u cant fight for Jesus or Muhamed,because they hav come to deliver what God has sent them. Jesus christ has finished d battle & so He said on d cross dat ‘it is finished’ research shows dat most of d men of God, either muslim or xtain are mere hypocrites. What about u, are u not? D highest commandment in d bible is ‘Love’ how then do u show love? Is it by abusing one & other on social media claiming religious supremacy? What a pity? The book of REVLATION ￴￴says ‘behold i come quickly & my reward is ever b4 me to give to each according to their deeds’ u can see there dat we are mostly going to be judged according to our deeds & not by our religion. Peace be unto u all (Shallom)

  22. Y should u all be bragging on dis issue? Its nt ryt 4 anyone 2 against any religion cos Christ neva did dt……I’m a xtian i ve many Muslim bros n sis even frnds, we mix 2gether cos i knw its only God who as d ryt 2 judge…
    My dear fellow people, even if u a xtian, a Muslim, traditional worshiper….jxt face d one u knw its ryt in ur view…
    My prayer is dt God will all open our eyes 2 d truth(AMEN)

  23. A point of correction, every individual has a right to the faith of his choice which is mostly the faith he is born into and he stand to be respected in that regard, because Quran mentioned that “to you is your religion and to me remain my religion”. But one thing is certain muslims and christians do not worship one and the same God almighty as alot of people mistaken. Christians worship Jesus christ as their lord and savior, and he is thesame almighty God to them that came to earth in the form of Jesus, but muslims worship God almighty who to them crated Jesus. Therefore to muslims Jesus and God are 2 different beings and Jesus is a mortal, while to christians they are one and thesame. Please be educated alot and read, cause knowledge is wealth and the hereafter is a reality, when you die that is the end of religious choice, it is now either hell or paradise. Alhamdulillah.

  24. Allahu ahalam(means Allah Know every thing).I did nt choose to be a muslim BUT am LUCKING to be a MUSLIM.I thank God 4 making me a Muslim.Alhamdulilah

  25. To wise and good tinkin people,dz is anoda sign of God(Allah) 2 prove His worthy of praise and d affirmation of islam as d true religion.
    But to some fools dat have commented dat it’s a forgery incidence when Allah made it happened at a place dat is well known to everybody in mushin as a church,it is a sign 4 u to know d truth in order to set u free in dz life and on judgement day.I may b tinkin u’re on d ryt way but remember dat Allah says in Glorious qur’an ‘call Me and I will answer’,He does not limit d callin 2 muslims only but to every creature.praying is to call God for sometin 2 do but worshiping is d commitment 2 God on d ryt path which is d same way 2ruout d world.
    A word is enough for a wise

  26. To wise and good tinkin people,dz is anoda sign of God(Allah) 2 prove His worthy of praise and d affirmation of islam as d true religion.
    But to some fools dat have commented dat it’s a forgery incidence when Allah made it happened at a place dat is well known to everybody in mushin as a church,it is a sign 4 u to know d truth in order to set u free in dz life and on judgement day.U may b tinkin u’re on d ryt way but remember dat Allah says in Glorious qur’an ‘call Me and I will answer’,He does not limit d callin 2 muslims only but to every creature.praying is to call God for sometin 2 do but worshiping is d commitment 2 God on d ryt path which is d same way 2ruout d world.
    A word is enough for a wise

  27. @Rasheedat, u’re a munifiqat! U’re abusing smone who embraced the sign of Almighty Allah and tried to propagate Islam by giving out #1million,let me ask u is #1million enough to pay salaries of all the staff? You are very stupid. Allah will soon unleash His Wrath on all the enemies of the only true religion-ISLAM acceptable by the Almighty God! In-sha-Allah. Alhamdulilahi for being a muslim-a true believer!

  28. Infact,it has shown dat ppl jxt open mouth and talk or just comment without justification on net,dont u av sense. Once an argument is deductive,it bcom valid,several evidences have been shown 2 u xtians yet they’re fabricated 2 u,and u’re unable 2 produce one geniue of such,xcept fake miracles on TV Screen,Bonke came tour virtually all d states yet d blinds,leproxies,lames etc. are increasing,u converted all shops and houses into evangelical missions,yet,d problems proclaiming in every churches are increasing,poverties are not reduce,what are we talking about? We muslims are just appreciating d signs of God if it was true,yes! If it was,bcoz it happened 2 xtian woman in d xtian temple,it was not a muslimah and not in d mosque,if it was fabricated,it is ur credit,we were not there! U voice out and we took it up bcoz it affected our religion.WISDOMIE! Instead of attacking personalty of Islam,seek right way of entering paradise instead of religion preaching worldly prosperity alone. LATEEF DEINDE RASHEEDAT,neva allow hatred of somebody derails 4rm d path of Islam,remember whomeva disbelieve Ayat of Qur’an has bcom a Kafir so,bcarefu.XTIANS FIND D TRUTH AND TRUTH SHALL KNOWS U.Alhamdulillah ladh alaqo’l muslim wa lam yejia’l kafir(Praise be 2 Allaah who made me a MUSLIM and not disbeliever).

  29. For those of you going to Pastor Chris church that he will tell you to masturbate, drink alcohol, make love to you daughters, u are on your on oooo, me I don comot for Christianity bye bye ooo, whether na Miracle Temple abi House of Angels I no wan know. Before all this yeye Pastors mislead us…….. I don run oooooo edaro, mote gbagbe Yesu ooo

  30. That baby is evil, coz he is sent from d Devil to deceived people, Its written in d Bible that in the last days incredible things will happen, if u don’t stand ur ground u will fall, d Devil wants to use this to deceived Christians. These are signs of d end time

  31. I don’t no why some people insult in the name of protecting Allah if he is really a god he can defend his self without consulting any of you. How faithfully are you to him????

  32. I don’t no why some people insult in the name of protecting Allah if he is really a god he can defend him self without consulting any of you. How faithfully are you to him????

  33. Dis miracle apnd in the church,so I disturb ursef,nd if u re bodad mak una xtian sef do una own u peepz re jus sayin nonsense @Durelo u b bastard 4 callin d child a devil

  34. Allah is great. This is a warnin n sign to mankind. Christians were is ur own sign since u ar denyin dis. We muslims belive in Jesus as a prophet n messanger of God nt his son. Even Jesus himsef said if I dnt go d comforter will nt come. Here He mins Muhammed S.A.W. Xtians b wise. Is 25 dec realy d birth of Jesus? If yes hw tel u, is it Jesus or who?

  35. unasiru so were is mohammed so i can go and meet him to be comforted? d comforter can’t b a mortal being pls think very deep and don’t b deceived


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