Why we bombed ThisDay newspaper —Boko Haram

The dreaded islamic sect Boko Haram has on Thursday claimed responsibility for the deadly bomb attacks on the Abuja and Kaduna offices of ThisDay Newspapers that claimed at least 6 lives, leaving many others injured.

The sect said it ThisDay Newspapers over alleged misrepresentation of Boko Haram’s positions and perceived bias.

In an interview with a sect member claiming to be Boko Haram’s spokes person, Abul Qaqa, the group said the attacks were meant to send a strong message to the media that it had become fed up with alleged misrepresentations of its positions by journalists.

“We have repeatedly cautioned reporters and media houses to be professional and objective in their reports. This is a war between us and the Government of Nigeria; unfortunately the media have not been objective and fair in their report of the ongoing war, they chose to take side,” Abul Qaqa said.

“It is not only THISDAY that has been engaged in negative media campaign, fictional stories and constantly promoting fake stories by the JTF to give an impression that they are making headway against us yet there is no time the media investigated further as an objective and responsible bystander in this war.

“But the sins of THISDAY are more,” he said.

“They once insulted the Prophet Mohammed in 2001 and we have not forgotten. They recently said our Imam executed me which is false. Here I am speaking to you, I am alive and healthy.” Qaqa added

Qaqa noted that the Nigerian media would not be a problem to the sect “if they will do their job professionally without taking sides.”

Suspected members of the Boko Haram sect bombed ThisDay’s Abuja office as well as a complex housing ThisDay, Sun and Moment newspapers in Kaduna.
The interview with premiumtimesng.com apparently confirmed suspicions that ThisDay was specifically targeted in the Kaduna attack.

More attacks on the Media to come.

Abul Qaqa further warned of more attacks on the media.

“We have just started this new campaign against the media and we will not stop here, we will hit the media hard since they have refused to listen to our plea for them to be fair in their reportage,” he said.

Abul Qaqa also said his group  would give further information on biases by the media.

“In the coming days we will give details and instances where the media have not been fair to us and why we are going to attack them as well.”


  1. He who sleeps with a dog, must wake up with fleas. In a country where we have weak leadership and corrupt leaders, this is what we will get. Divide this country and let every ethnic group be on it’s own and our leaders are been selfish about it. Probably, any president who divides the country might think he wuld have no country to rule again. Nonsense. Imagine the impunity!

  2. Boko haram members and all the antagonist of Nigeria will never go unpunished,this is not an ordinary boko haram,some forces are behind it. They only want a cheap publicity but God will expose and disgrace them one day. Nigeria is in the hand of God and still remains the giant of Africa no matter the oppostion. Long live Nigeria!

  3. is it not clear enough that mr president is not ready to tackle the menace of boko haram? for boko haram to say they are at war with the government is a slight in the face of the president and the shameless president is not seeing it as one. i pity nigeria in the nearest future.

  4. wat is happenin, dey said is a war btw govt nd dem, who is dis govt we’re talkin of u plp shud stop dis rubbish nd stop fightin 4 allah he knws who is his enemy u’re not in position 2 do dat u plp shud stop disturbin d peace of dis nation b4 God almighty decend His wrath on u plp be warned

  5. I don’t knw why we Nigerians are so ignorant, why won’t boko haram strive? What is the punishment for terrorism in this country? What happened to those named by members of the group that have been arrested, the vp that was named by sokoto, what happened to him oh I forgot imunity claus in you constitution, please give me a break, We are like the ostrich ,make terrorism a capital offence and see what will happen

  6. I believe everybody is entitled to their opinions, including d press. Now if de misinterpreted any form of message d BOKO sect is trying to send out, there r better ways of warning Dem legally & otherwise… Not by taking lives!!! Let GOD/ALLAH judge us…

  7. BH, you guys are just looking for excuses to commit havoc. A man whose duty is to see others cry will do all he can to achieve that. Our memory is still very fresh, some bad losers who lost in the April 2011 presidential elction promised war against the government of the day. That is the war you are ignorantly fighting. He is lying down in peace, while young men and women sacrifice their lives. What kind of a leader is that? Remember, the wicked shall not go unpunished, he that spilt blood should be ready, he is next to go. Ask yourself this question: how long do you want to keep doing this? After killing everybody, who then will you lead? Shame on all sponsors of terrorism, shame on your shameless lives, shame on you thieves

  8. Oh lord of host just as in ur word, dat wen d enemy shall arise like a flood ur spirit will lift up a standard against dem, be it un2 us according 2 ur word

  9. This is incredible! Since all this while the hausa’s have been leading us we have not been hearing about bokom haram now that igbo man is leading we now now hear of bokom haram,we all know that this is a threat 2 igbo.but i know that,that God that made it possible 4 us 2 win this election will visit the bokom haram and its sponsors.

  10. They av said d true. D FIGHT IS BTW DEM AND GOVT. but why are u lying in d cause of RELIGION. PLS why cant u proceed to d Aso rock, and leav d masse. But remb dat anybody dat kill by sword shall die by sword. God pls Help us

  11. Hi Chioma.You need not show any accusing finger to any ethnic group as all regions are affected.At the same time Goodluck Jonathan is not an Igbo.Likewise the major targets of d attacks is d north.Our major problem of tackling this terrorism act is that Nigeria lack the modern technological know how of tackling crime.The country is also not making any effort in achieving that at the shortest possible time as we have young and talented minds in d field of ICT who are presently redundant.But to our own dismay, they end up introducing dogs into d system which are a mere form of delicacy to some parts of the country.How annoying!.

  12. Today the say is Govt they are fighting, another time it is Jihad or it is police. Do we really know what the Boko haram group wants to achieve? I am not sure what to believe but I know no man kills another man and gets away with it. I urge everyone who knows how to pray to pray fervently for this Nation

  13. Chioma please think before you speak or write,we are all dealing with this boko haram menace and here you are blabbing about hausa and igbo,u should be ashamed of yourself, people like you destroy our fragile unity and harmony in this country and just so u know the president is not Igbo for Godsake.this boko haram are wrecking havok in the north morethan any where and where i come from(btw am a daughter of a hausa man and woman) and they never teach me that killing someone coz you are not from thesame tribe or religion is ok,it is wrong and am sure if i do it,my hausa folks will report me to the police and hand me over to the police right away,it doesnt matter if they are killing in the north,south or east,it is still against God and wrong, there are bad people in every religion,tribe,ethnic soceity and region. what matters is how the government tackle them and we as a people help our government tackle them,we should be praying and finding solutions not accusing each other. And finally boko haram should know every soul is sacred and you have no right whatsoever to take a man’s life. May Allah subahanahu wa ta’ala destroy boko haram and avenge every soul that you killed or harmed in anyway. Amin

  14. y boko haram is doing all dis, killing enocent soul. and nigeria military sodier is looking at dem, pls, mr. president dis is geting too much, on my own sujcetion, nigeria shld re-enforce order militry sodias to capture all dis boko harm

  15. No one shld accuse anyone because the sect does not even direction, I have been trying to even acertain their objectives but I still can’t figure it out and one order thing that baffles me the most is how they are getting their finance how come they still haven’t gone broke , with all the expensive explosives.

  16. This bokom haram people did they think at all,do u know that u will die someday if u die where u will ur soul be?remember after death comes judgmemt.repent while u still have the time 2morow may be 2 late

  17. There’s always an elastic limit and that of boko haram will come someday cos d people will one day get fed up. How do they get their finance? People must be behind them. Someday they’ll be known by all of us.

  18. Why do d heathen rage n d pipu imagine vain tins against d lord n His anointed? We ar tired of cmplains n sugestns,al we nid ar d Phinehases n Gideons of our time dt wl pul down d alters of violence n evil religion in ds country. D clock z tikin, Gideonites awake 2ds chalenge n lets win ds battle. B a Gideonite 2day.


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