UI students protest continues as “Occupy UI” enters second day

The protest staged yesterday by students the University of Ibadan, to register their grievances and dissatisfaction over the epileptic power and water supply in the institution has entered its second day.

The students started the protest after 10 a.m. as they marched out of the campus to the major roads of the city.

The protesters led by the newly inducted Students’ Union Executives displayed placards against their  Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Isaac Adewole.   Some of the placards read: “Where is our right? University of Ibadan is the first but the worst”.  We are tired of darkness and drought ”no light, no water, no life, we are fed up”.

Before hitting the roads, they blocked all the major roads on campus and forced car owners to park at any available places and trek to their destination.

The students, who started their protest yesterday trooped out in their thousands and demonstrated round the town, asking the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency in the power sector.

They blocked all the major roads in the city and disrupted vehicular movement and commercial activities.

All the plea of Mrs. Akinfenwa to be off the roads and go and table their grieviances to the state commissioner of police fell on deaf ears.

They replied to Akinfenwa’s plea’s: “we are too big to go to CP. He has to come down to us and hear us”.

Non journalists taking the picture of the demonstration were harased and their phones taken and destroyed.

Speaking, the students union president, Ekhafor Raymond Edosa, said that they will not be off the roads until the Federal Government intervenes and solve the electricity problem on campus.

He said, “UI has tried all it can but we need the assistance of government. They need to build transmission station in UI”.

However, the school management said that its official position will be known before the end of the day.

As at the time of filing this report, the students were on their way to the governor’s office to tender their plight and send their demands to President Goodluck Jonathan through Governor Abiola Ajimobi.



  1. Throughout my studentship at UI 1975-78 we never protested on such things as water, food, light, transport shortages, etc. In short I hardly saw my first year room mate/2nd yr medical student at Mellanby hall because he was 16hrs/day in common/cold room under A/C swotting for his pre clinical exams. What we regularly protest about was ‘ALI MUST GO ‘ remember the notorious same Ahmadu Ali of current PPPRA fuel subsidy fraud.He was then medical pathologist turned educ minister under coconut head OBJ. Students should better go big against bank a/c holding of govt civil servants, politicians, brief case business people, under aged/unemployable children below 16yrs with millions of cash in fixed deposits and assets with no FIRS tax code.Greed and fraud is what is making infrastructural development impossible in Nigeria..


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