U.S. condemns Easter bomb attacks; ready to assist in investigations

Victoria Nuland, Spokesperson for the United States Department of State

The United States Government has in a statement from the U.S department of state in Abuja strongly condemned the Easter bomb attacks in kaduna and Jos.

The US Government through the spokesperson for the state department, Ms. Victoria Nuland, also expressed its readiness to offer assistance to Nigeria to bring the perpetrators of the Easter bomb attacks to justice.

A car bombing near a church in Kaduna on Easter Sunday killed about 36 people, while another blast later in the city of Jos caused a number of injuries.

“To my knowledge, we have not been asked for any direct support for this investigation but obviously would be prepared to consider a request like that if it came to us.

“This violence has no place in a democracy; we support the Nigerian authorities in their efforts to bring the perpetrators of these violent acts to justice and we stress the importance nonetheless of respecting the human rights and protecting civilians in any security operation.” Victoria Nuland said in the statement.


  1. US & UK have already said something like this will happen during easter, which made them to ask their people not to travel to the north, now it has occurred. But, the major issue here is: either they are fully aware of what will happen and they asked their people to go far away but to them the lives of Nigerians are noting or they are the true attackers and now after the loosing the lives of Nigerians, and they are now looking for another avenue to kill more Nigerians.

  2. I reasoned along side with you. The US should know that the major problem in Nigeria is INJUSTICE only followed by corruption. Why are they keeping quiet when Nigerians have no where to run to, to seek for justice. People’s rights are being denied everyday and the Americans have nothing to say.I am a Christian and it pains me so much that we are the casualties in this combat but this is the dividend of what our leaders who are Christian have given us. US, note that the only way one can demand for his right here in Nigeria is to fight by any means rather than go to court, otherwise the court will lack jurisdiction to grant you your right.

  3. The U.S has what is called intelligence, Nigeria had none, how can Nigeria overcome “small” threat of terrorism from Bokko Haram, what if it is “medium” threat like Alshabab of Somalia or “big” threat like Taliban & Alkaida? Pls. Nigeria invite the experts from the developed world like the U.S CIA, UK’s M16, Israelies Mossad, & Russias KGB.


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