Explosions and gunfire rocks Gombe State University

Students of Gombe State university reported last night that a series of explosions hit the tertiary institution, affecting the Senate building.

“I was lying inside my room in the hostel when I heard a loud bang of a heavy explosion. I thought it was our hostel that was hit so I quickly grabbed my phone and rushed out. Then I saw the vice chancellor’s office on fire,” a student said.

The explosions were followed by incessant gunfire that lasted for more than 30 minutes.

“The explosions happened around 8 p.m. And immediately students started running out of the classes where they were studying, and those in hostels followed suit,” a source told sahara reporters.

“The gun battle has now ceased, but nobody can really whether there were any casualties. Still, the source said the ferocity of the explosions as well as the heavy gun fight led him to believe there must be casualty.

The source added that many students, lecturers and staff of the university were now trapped outside the campus, and were unlikely to return until the nature of the explosions is ascertained.

“There is heavy tension even among those of us living near the university,” said the source, adding that he and many of his neighbors “will be sleeping with one eye open until we get the details of what happened.

The explosions and gunfire in Gombe state university came on a day that Boko Haram militants bombed buildings housing newspaper offices in Kaduna and Abuja, apparently targeting ThisDay newspaper.

As at press time, there has been no official confirmation of the incident from the police.



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