Bomb Blasts: Nigeria Is At War —Senator Sani Salleh

General Muhammed Sani Salleh (rtd), a Senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District, yesterday visited the scene of the Kaduna bomb blast that claimed at about 36 lives.

He stated that the terrorism Nigeria is currently experiencing can better be regarded as a war situation.

The Senator spoke to Leadership News yesterday when he visited the scene of the bomb blast.

According to Sen. Salleh,

Senator Sani Salleh

“I am here to see things for myself and commiserate with those that lost their lives. This is my constituency quite all right but this is als      o Nigeria because Kaduna is a small Nigeria. It is the cosmopolitan state, therefore I don’t see it as something that affected just my community but Nigeria as a whole and this is something that has been on for some time which federal might is not being used to address.

“So at a time like this, we call to the federal government to try to improve their capacity of the security agencies to respond more appropriately to this kind of situation. At a time like this, we have to reassess our response to security situation as we go along. I am aware that before Easter there was a massive security leakage because it was expected that something like this is likely to happen and certain measures were put in place; yet it happened.

“Now, the security agencies have to go back and do a post mortem and get to find out why it happened so that we can now improve on our response and capability.

“In my opinion, this is a war situation and, in a war situation, you use all the instrument of your national power to fight it. The military is the last instrument of national power usually used but, as it is now, this insurgency as we are experiencing in the country has threatened the sovereignty of our country, livelihood of our country; it threatened the economic well-being of our country and that is a vital interest.

-Leadership news


  1. Can’t believe you less Senator. This is war and the funniest part is that these bombers might be foreigners. We should face this issue squarely rAther than expecting it to fade out.

  2. We pray dat d Almighty God will fish out those responsible in dis dastardly act. D president should make kaduna state, state of emergency. God will help us as Nigerians & there shall be no war in Jesus name Amen.

  3. I had to attribute this ugly event to bad governace, artificially created literacy level, and immoralities among us nNIgerian; what we sow is that what we are ripping! This is just the beginning!

  4. If dialogue and compromise can work in Mali it should work here. Feelers across the country has shown that this regime is unpopular. GEJ and Sambo lack leadership quality. They should bow out before the country colapse. We need a leadership that even the boko harams would respect

  5. I dont blame you wale. Its a pity dat all this is happening, but our northern leaders have a clue to all these mess. Buhari and co. God punish everyone that has a hand in dis

  6. @ dude or whatever u are mistaken am a full northerner borno to be precise but you people under-estimate the power of the U.S,all this and many more are there work,and the ordinary man can undastand cox u are brain wash,and they need insanity empowerd persons like you to worsten the situation

  7. GEJJ,s greatest undoing is the choice of Sambo as VP. Fine he didn’t want strong northerner at the acting stage but he could’ve gone a big shot northerner who could give his region a sense of belonging. I insist on compromise. Power must chnge hands


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