Army threatens to invade Kaduna community over persistent killings

The Nigerian Army has warned the Rigasa community in Kaduna that if the persistent killing of innocent civilians and security personnel in the area does not come to an end, the whole community would be sacked.

There have been recent reports of unidentified gunmen killing Police officers and civilians in the Rigasa area of the Kaduna metropolis.

Lt. Colonel Ismail Dapo, the Sector Commander, Rigasa Rapid Strike Force while addressing members of the Rigasa community at a peace meeting expressed the Army’s disappointment with the recent happenings in the community, after he had rated the place before his boss as peaceful.

The Lieutenant Colonel recalled how Rigasa people promised to make the place a peaceful settlement, regretting that the reverse was the case and urged the people to expose the criminals among them or face equal maltreatment with the criminals.

“For the terrorists to be killing policemen, killing innocent citizens, something has to be done now because, to be forewarned is to be forearmed so that any action we take now, all of you are living witnesses, you will bear us witness that Army has warned. Please, am assuring you of your security, am going to give you my phone number, call me at any time. What I want you to know is that if you say no, there is nothing they can do in Rigasa, it means some of you are supporting them. As it is now, if you go to town and say you are from Rigasa, people will look at you twice, am I lying?” Lt. Colonel Oloyede said.

While the meeting was ongoing at the premises of the ASF base, Daily Sun news learnt that some members of the community sighted a Golf Car loaded with guns and quickly alerted the men of the force who were said to have tried to apprehend the criminals but to no avail at about 6:00p.m.

“The work of the committee is to work hand in hand with the police. How can we then harm or kill police in Rigasa, they are our brothers’ keepers.” the Secretary, Rigasa Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC), Lance Corporal Muntaka Abdullahi (rtd) stated.

Members of the Rigasa community while commenting on the recent happenings in the area unanimously blamed the unfortunate incidents outsiders who they claim commit such offence in their environment to give them bad name.


  1. this statement shows that the Nigerian Army are bias,how can a whole community like Rigasa can be sacked????our enviroment is a peacefull enviroment ,we are not terrorist,we are educated. Nigerian Army it is only Rigasa that has security challenges????how many states and local government in Nigeria kill Militry and Police have they been sacked????why it is only Rigasa community?????we in Rigasa call the attension of the Executive Governor of Kaduna State Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa to out and talk to the Army to withdrew this statement with immidiate effect because it may cause fair and tension within our community.Long Live Federal Republic Of Nigeria!Long Live Kaduna State!Long Live Rigasa Community!

  2. May volture devour ur flesh nurideen yusuf, or whatever you called urself. I don’t blame you, bunch of animals, how would you see sense in col.’s statement when all your lives yonder seem no different from that of chicken, bunch of ingrates. Nemesis will surely catch up with all of you terrorist. Suppose there is anyone in your family who can put down his/her name currectly, i would ve ask you to enquire from them what it looks like to be wasted as police officer after many years of service with out devident. I urge federal government, to make haste while they still can, and when the roll of terror unleashing on innocent Nigerians in the north shall be called, may it includes not only rigasa but both born, bauchi and adamawa in wrath. That they may feel the sting, That they may enjoy little of what others have been sufering. Woe to them all that called themselves hausas! Anti humanity!

  3. Nurudeen or what do u call that fine name you’ve battered. If you are part of those devils(shetan) ravishing the north, as you have unleashed terror on innocent citizens of this great nation so also will your generation shall terror be unlease on them.


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