By the time we’ve eaten all our crocodiles finish…

…even the two kids weren’t afraid to hold the croc as their mum sliced its neck. “Na only 4 Niger Delta dis kind thing fit happen oh. “Gbam!”
The picture here had been widely circulated across Nigerian social networks for some days now; and it obviously describes one of the dangers confronting Nigeria’s ecological biodiversity.
It is no doubt that man’s appetite for food and clothing can never be satiated as long as the words ‘culture’ and ‘trend’ (respectively) continue to exist in the dictionary of the world system; but by the time we’ve finished consuming all our crocodile species, we’ll probably be happy with a destabilized ecosystem.
Hundreds of amazing crocodile communities bejewel the Niger Delta creeks, constantly exposed to predation from the locals. No one say’s crocodile meat is bad or poisonous, neither has anyone said man shouldn’t eat from the abundance of God’s creation. The only worry is the constantly burgeoning rate of consumption that far surpasses the rate of replacement. This is why a tactless and careless government is of no use to the rich but unexploited ecotourism potentials of our dear country Nigeria.
Nevertheless, this is yet another endangered tourism potential in Nigeria; and who shall help us salvage what is left of these endowments: a foreigner clothed in the garments of Mary Slessor or the poor Niger Delta pikin who’s belly is his one and only ‘development project’?
By: Folarin Kolawole,


  1. has d dangers posed by d crocs 2 d locals ever considered?, maybe, just maybe reducing their size is d best. N y will d gov. Not build a sort of protection 4 dem if their continual existence is dt paramount? .

  2. o please……… If the poverty level wasn’t so high i’m sure they wouldn’t feel the need to risk their lives for food. All I’m getting from this article is ‘bla bla bla…….we’re jobless…….bla bla bla’. So is the writer suggesting that the govt ban the killing of the crocs?

  3. Arrant nonsence 4rm d writer! mayb u gonna compare dat wt d robbery of billions in d stock market by a mere woman. CHINA is rit wen he said in 1 of his album”poor man wey tief maggi den go show his face 4 g.fightr”


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