US Consul, At The Guardian, Suggests Ways Out Of Militancy

us_consulFOR the Federal Government to successfully tackle the Boko Haram’s menace, it must embrace a holistic approach other than security by taking into consideration socio-economic issues that can give rise to extreme sentiments and actions leading to militancy.

The United States (U.S.) Consul General Mr. Joseph Stafford, who canvassed this position during a visit to Rutam House, the corporate headquarters of The Guardian in Lagos, also urged that issues of corruption, underdevelopment and poverty must be included in any strategy aimed at dealing with violence in the north.

Stafford however said Boko Haram and militancy not withstanding, everyone that requests a visa in Nigeria or any other country would be given once the embassy has run a background check and the person meets key requirements.

“Whatever country they are from, they are going to receive full consideration in accordance with the U.S. visa law and regulations. Their application will be given full consideration at the visa interview and they will be given a full hearing as to the purpose of their travel to the U.S. and so, there’s no discrimination,” he said.

The envoy also the disclosed that the U.S. has accepted to work with the Nigerian government in strengthening the capacity of the security and military institutions in order to tackle the Boko Haram menace.

“There is information sharing and training going on. We are already cooperating on bombs and we have experts from FBI. An intelligence training course being given by U.S. military officials began earlier this week for Nigerian military personnel and civilians. The course is for a month,” he said.


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