Tuface breaks silence about marriage proposal to Annie Macaulay

Tuface has broken his silence concerning his Valentine’s day proposal to Annie Macaulay.

The Nigerian music star talked about his upcoming wedding and his relationship with other ‘Baby mamas’

Excerpts of an interview by Nigerian Entertainment Today with Tuface reads:

Of your three ‘baby mamas’, why Annie?

That’s where my heart led me to.

Why Valentine’s Day?

That’s when it happened.  It just so happened to be the time I felt the need to make that move.

Considering that you have known her for such a long time and what has happened with you with the women and the children, when did you decide to make the move?

It was part of my New Year resolution to follow my heart this year.

How did the thought come into your mind?

Like any other thought about something important. You start feeling the need to do something or go somewhere different from deep within. Then you just make your move one time. No shaking.

When do you plan to tie the knot?

We will let you know soon enough.

Why did it take you so long to finally make this decision?

I needed to get there, you know, reach the point wey e be say, gbagam!  My mind, heart and everything dey ready. The timing for marriage should not be determined by any outside influence my guy. If you are not ready for it don’t commit to it because some people think you should.

Were you nervous before you popped the question?

Yes I was but I was sure of what I was doing.

What if she had turned down the offer?

Wow! I would have asked again.

Can you really be a one-woman man?

Na the journey I don start so now, abi?

What will change now that you are about to get married?

Everything that needs to change.

What is your relationship with the other mothers of your children?

Same at it has been all the while. Cordial mostly. I’ve still got respect for them because we have kids together.

Do you know their reaction to this decision?

I know it may be difficult if any one happens to still be attached emotionally but I can only hope they understand that that’s where my heart is.

Other women have been associated with you in the past five years. Pero, as a matter of fact, is expecting a third child for you soon. One would have expected that the woman with three children would be your option. Not that you owe it anyone, but can you explain the reason for your choice?

Wow! And someone else would say it should have been the mother of my eldest child. Another person will even argue that it should be the lady that has been with me for the longest time. These are matters of the heart. They can’t always be analysed like that. Sometimes you no fit analyse am at all sef.

Being that you had three women to choose from, at least seemingly, what it is about Annie that decided it for you?

My mind, my body, my soul, my heart chose her.

Now that you have decided to settle down with your ‘True love’, your ‘African Queen’, how will this affect your song writing?

It will add more inspiration.

Your next album drops very soon. Any chances of an ‘African queen II’ to celebrate your fiancée?

Yes o!

Who will perform at your wedding?

Certainly not me. A couple of my colleagues definitely.


  1. if he didnt say anyting 2 dem about marriage,non of those women wil disturb his marriage,cos i know dat sum women just want 2 be noticed dats y they get pregnant 4 popstars,musician & d rest.so i congratulate 2baba

  2. I thought i was not going to like you again with the idea of u not getting married. Thank God your heart is with anne. I love you both so much. I wish you the best.

  3. the problem here is that tuface thinks he’s doing the right thing.
    when you are not ready to marry a lady, why do u impregnate her?
    can he tell me that he made the same mistake over and over again? for even a lady to give birth to 3 good children for you?
    and as if that was not enough, other ladies children were mistake also?

    actually, i don’t pity him, it’s the ‘new angel’ i pity.
    she should remember that other baby mamas too were once angels as she is.
    when tuface is done with her, we will all be here.

    God bless

  4. 2baba, smetym i wondar r u rili a human bein or an animal or bcus u dnt ave proper edu. Hw cn a man lyk u talkin abt heart fels wen u ave make luv 2 mani ladis as wel sme of dem ave kids nd a kid 4 u, as long as ur situation is concern no mata of hrt fels jst make a choice among dem baberian. May b 2baba dey fulfil family curse by avin unlimited kids 4rm gals u r nt oficialy mari 2 dem. Wat r u celebratin wen u ave kids 4 dat mata

  5. U said na d decision wey u tek so! Sha b convinz dat wat so eva u sow u wil reap,u go folo get daughter n i go folo put 1 belly n return am bak for u.do gud to odas as u expct from odas too.l dnt fear dead,lv reply to my number,08137785204:

  6. Na wa o, so na d right choice b dis? Wat abt dose lady dat has children 4 u- dey are wrong choice abi? Me i dnt blame 2face bcz i believe dose ladies open dere yeye legs bcz of money and bcz he is a celebrity. Bt ntwithstanding is it bcz he his a star means he is nt wit his senses, pls rmba (2face) u have a sister too. Bt if am dose ladies, d wedding will nt hold…. As in wen d pastor says and i quote.’who is nt in support of dis wedding’ 2 God wu made made ‘we’ will jst enter with our babies.,… NONSENSE

  7. @bisola u av sponken wisely b4 u scartard evrytin wit ur incompatible statement! If he has dnied dos kids @ instant wat wil dey do? He didn’t dnied his respocbility! If u say make pastor no join dem, wat if he kon do am secritly nko? Tink twice b4 u talk! Iyansbaba say so….

  8. can ds annie girl t.kia of ur oda kids.2baba have u had words wt ds oda ladies 2 convince u dt dy will put their eyes away 4rm ur marriage.wt measure ve u takn 2 calm their nerves abt ur proposed marriage blc u must ve promised dm marriage 4 some 2 gv birth 2 more dn 1 kid 4 u.hw do u intend 2 control ur family & what do u want d lady dt gav u 3 kids 2 do.did u eva think of d social imp of ur acts,who ll marry her?there s no matter of d heart here 2face “u promised her mar’age 4 her 2 gv n so many times n stil kp d babies so dn’t fail her blc u ve ruined her life at such.

  9. Am hapi for u annie, this should be a warning to other girls trying to tie men down by giving birth, you never can tell where a mans heart is allow him decide. who cares about who have three kids Chika, did he force her? if nobody marries is her business. Let Annie be! she has tried by waiting for him for years with wisdom though for not bearing free children like Pedro MUMU.

  10. @Bisiola and Kingsley so what should he do marry the whole mumu girls that had babies 4 him? come on don’t be stupid you gays, tubaba has money the other kids don’t have problem tubaba is nice and does not play with his kids so leave him and Annie alone or go and hug transformer Bisiola and Kingsley.

  11. @florence: na wa o e bi lyk say na ur sista b Annie? 2 God who made me i dnt tink u are a lady becoz d way u open and close ur mouth means it’s either ‘money or nothing else’. Let me ask u a question! Have u eva been disappointed by a guy? If no i pray u won’t b, if yes pls put urself in dose ladies ‘shoes’. Think abt it @kingsley, iyansbaba, bbbbb- is dis how guys behave? Is dis ur nature or u jst feel lyk misbehaving. Yorubas says and i quote’ won ma fi iyan sile, wa wa ma da oka lamu nita’ meaning ‘u leave pounded yam 4 house u con de disturb amala 4 outside’. D proverb is dedicated to 2face and aburo annie-florence

  12. May God hv mercy on u so called nija celebrities so Annie u
    No see single men with no kids to marry abi?what is in this 2face sef that drive u guys so crazy hmmm una no get sense,marry today divorce tomorrow,marriage indeed.2face Just dey play with women cuz they allowed u to use them as u want,I no blame u sha.Soon Annie will be like Other left overs.Enjoy .

  13. You have just make a wise decision but pray for more wisdom and gracn to over come, coz as for the other mothers they are on there the way for a mission and if care is not taking, there wrought may be on you, be careful and mindful 2face, the wrought of a woman is Deadly talk more of mothers of your baby blood and flesh. May God show you the way out. Amen.

  14. U guys should let 2face and annie be. Those girls that had kids 4him should be blamed. Come to tink of it a guy dat is not yet maried to u will impragnant u, ok u deliverd and he is nt yet talking abaut marriage 2u and yet u still go on and have anoda kids 4him up to 3tyms tht girl doesnt hv sence. Meanwil she is conforteble with 2baba kids. We all knw dat she is 2babas 2nd wife. So i congratulate u my man(2baba)u hv made a wise dicishion to settle down finaly. No shakin notin do u my man.

  15. @jude u talk wel jare. Y shud dey go on havin babies 4 him wen he isnt gettin married 2 dem. And as 4 annie she once said she’s moved on wit her lyf,y did she acepts hs proposal, she even went on tweeting dat “d luv of lyf jst propose 2 her”; “her God has done it 4 her”. Women ar very cunny. Notwitstandin’ wishin dem a blissful marriage.
    Mi jst dey fil 4 d childrn witout father

  16. Tuface is just a heartless person!a man pregnants a woman not just once,not even twice.do u think the woman is a fool?promises must have bin made or do u think goin tru labour is easy whereby a woman does dat over and over again just bcus of money?asides that self,if we see the truth let’s say it!u girls condemin these ladies,if u are in there shoes and u are oportuned to be askd out by tu face,talk tru u no go gree?nobody is sayin tuface shuldnt play,but not as far as impregnatn more than 5 times.

  17. 2baba i dey feel u die…. Abeg play wit girls cause thats what they are meant for….. Annie is just happy b/c she will be d first to officially get married to 2face…. U better grab things sharply cause other women re on the way…thats my word of advice to annie….

  18. Abeg allow the guy ooo, I am not really is fan, but the moment 9ja girls notice u are cool & good to go, they dont mind having u a baby.
    A babe tried that with me, interesting, I asked her to give birth to the child, but i am not going to marry her & days latter she told me she was joking, IMAGINE O’le.
    2Face, 3Nose, 4Eyes, whatever, happy married life abeg.


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