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Laplace Technologies Limited established in Nigeria in 2007 is the leading telecommunication engineering service company in Nigeria. Operating out of Lagos Nigeria, we also have regional presence in Ibadan, Kano, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt and Accra in Ghana. We are the biggest supplier of technology services to Huawei Technologies, ranging from Radio Planning and Optimization, Telecoms Equipment engineering for radio access networks, transport-microwave & fibre, Energy and Power Infrastructures, and Operations & Maintenance of existing network. Laplace is reputed as the only Huawei Tier 1 Strategic Partner for West African Operations. See details in

We are currently resuming our first batch of Telecoms engineering Training on the 13th of February 2012.
Course Description 
This course, Radio Frequency System Engineering provides complete guiding principles of planning, design and optimization of GSM radio systems. It features a comprehensive study from network conception to commissioning and optimization of a radio system. It explores possible designs and optimization strategies as well as performance problems and solution approaches.
Course Objective
After completing this course, candidates would be able to understand:
  • The mobile technology evolutions and roadmap.
  • The GSM network components and architecture, and articulate their interactions.
  • The Engineering tools and procedures for RF engineering and planning.
  • RF propagation and RF modulation techniques.
  • The utilization of a broad spectrum of RF antenna types and applications.
  • RF System link budget profiles.
  • Radio Frequency Planning and Interference Management.
  • RF network parameters functions and design
  • RF Optimization principles and procedures.
  • Identify the entire equipment component in the network architecture for all technologies and their functions.
  • Explore some energy solutions implemented in the industry.
  • Select key network performance measurements and examine the optimization of KPI.
Course Module
  • Module 1: Introduction to Telecommunications: Telecommunications in today’s society; Evolution of Mobile Communication; Information Theory: Multiple Access; Modulation & OSI model.
  • Module 2: Second Generation Mobile Networks: GSM network Architecture and functions; Radio Channel Management; Radio Cell and Wave Propagation.
  • Module 3: Radio Network Planning Process: Site Planning: Site simulation and modeling; Site Survey and Validation; Coverage and capacity planning; Parameter Planning.
  • Module 4: Interference Theory, Frequency Planning: Theory of Interference; Frequency Spectrum Allocation; Frequency Planning & Re-use pattern; Frequency Hopping.
  • Module 5: Network System Information, Parameters and Planning: Network Identity Parameters; System Control Parameters; Cell Data Parameters; Network Functions Parameters.
  • Module 6: Introduction to Telecommunications Equipment Engineering – BSS Systems: BTS/Node B, BSC/RNC
  • Module 7: Introduction to Telecommunications Equipment Engineering – Transport Networks: Microwave-PDH, SDH, ATM, and Fibre
  • Module 8: Introduction to Telecommunications Equipment Engineering – Energy Systems & Solution-Inverters, Hybrid, Solar etc
  • Module 9: Radio Network optimization, Quality of Service: RNO process flow; KPI Definitions: Interference, Call Drop, Call Set up, Handover, Congestion; RNO methods: Drive test and Call Quality test; RNO case studies.
The cost for participating individuals in this course is N100, 000.00
Cost covers Tuition, Training Manuals/CDs, Lunch, Certificates, and Logistics cost during the two (2) weeks intensive field training.
Who Should Attend
  • Fresh OND/HND/B.Sc graduates looking forward to a career in telecommunications.
  • Operations and Support Specialists in the ICT industry
  • Candidates with less technical disciplines seeking a career in the ICT industry
Please check through our website  for more information or you can contact us via e-mail; [email protected] or call 08083082726.


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