Iran ready to help fight terrorism in Nigeria

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Iranian President

The Government of Iran has pledged its support to help Nigeria in fighting terrorism in the country.

An Iranian embassy official, Mr Manouchelfr Sadeghi Barzhahi while speaking during the 33rd National Day anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the weekend in Abuja said that there is the need for Nigeria and Iran to work on bilateral issues in the areas of cooperation and creating regional co-operation in economy.

Mr. Barzhahi also spoke on the oil sector saying that;

“Iran has very good experience of over 100 years of oil industries that can be transformed to Nigeria.”

Barzahahi called for concerted efforts by all friends of Nigeria to fight terrorism.

Chief Whip of the House of Representative Mukthar Mohammed said Nigeria is facing security challenges.

“It is the duty of the global community to stand against it; we are calling on all friends of Nigerians to stand by us at this period.” Mukthar stated.

It would be interesting to note that a United State Department report stated that “Iran remains the most active state sponsor of terrorism in the world”

Iran strongly rejected the report.


  1. All the terrorist in and from Nigeria, from observation, are Muslims. In the light of this I don’t think it is wise to accept assistance from fellow Muslim nation. Remember that anything about terrorism has to do with professionalism and expertise in the field of militarization. Of course, they have ex-military officials amongst them, but where did they do their military training? In a short note, I am not the president of Nigeria and I don’t know his political and diplomatic stands with Iran, but I advise him against accepting aid from any Muslim nation for the time being. Thanks.

  2. I’m nt surprise dat som ppl stil liv in d stoneage where dey’r bein dictated 2. If u think muslims ‘r d terrorist & cn count on d u.s 4 support, u’r WRONG. If i may ask som simple ?s. Who started d 2nd WWar 2? MUSLIMS.
    Who invades innocent countries killin civilians, women & childrn claimin dat dey knw wat dey’r targetin? MUSLIMS.
    Who sent d atomic bomb 2 Hiroshima in japan? MUSLIMS.
    Who foold d world wit sept’ 11 wch mor dan 11000 jews dat work in d world trade centre didnt go 2 work? MUSLIMS.
    Wit many UNANSWERED ?s about d collapse of d World Trade Cntre. MUSLIMS.
    We cn get d RIGHT answer if we make our research & read btw d lines wel…. WE KNW WHO D REAL TERRORIST ‘R WHO ONLY CARE ABT D WEALTH U HAV ‘OIL’.

  3. Iran is not a good nation to accept help 4rm, due 2 its world beef with the U.S and Israel! I advice we shud hav notin 2 do wth dem as they pose threat to the world wth their ‘destructive’ nuclear weapons which its conflict positioned.

  4. Very very wrong nd unwelcome, hw cn terorist fight terorist,bible kingdom does nt fight against it self.b.h is linkd 2 al quada.iran shud go 2 nd rmove d peg in their eyez b4 helpin anoda manz own.

  5. It is highly welcome.thiefs are always at catching thiefs.e.g.nigerian police force are all thiefs so they are good at catching we need terrorist to catch terrorist PLEASE!

  6. which iran is helping nigeria in fighting terrorism? Is it the iran we know on earth or the one in heaven? Devil promising to fight his people for being loyal to him? GEJ! GEJ!! GEJ!!! how many times have i called you? Be very very care! Whoever is sending them to you shall not succeed!

  7. fellow nigerians, could we remember wen some containers fully loaded wt sophiscated weapons were seized at lagos sea port, b4 election? Which country were those containers traced to? IRAN, enemies wt friendly approach. Nigerians aren’t fools neither do we 4gt easily.

  8. According to authentic and verifiable sources, the US is the only nation in the world today which has nuclear weapon. Also, it is the only nation ever to have committed acts of butchery against humanity with the nuclear weapon in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Iran does not have a single nuclear weapon. For facts and figures, log onto the website of “ANSWER Coalition” and see the lies of US exposed.
    Without being biased, the real terrorist nations are the US and Israel while the real terrorist organization is NATO. ANSWER Coalition is a US-based rights group. Please check its website:

  9. Infact, d christians were problems of dis, hw could u guys being saying dat iranian they were terorist.perhas flash back or going 2 d history of muslim generaly n chriestians in d word who re d terorist! May God 4 give u guys…

  10. Plz, dis is very very unwelcomed… Iran as a country have nothing to offer to a country like Nigeria.. So it will be wise of us to reject any offer from them..!!thanks

  11. I cant believe nigerians would even have time to listen to iran’s envoy. Iran’s president Ahmadinejad is the no. 1 terrorist on planet earth. Left to me, the iranian embassy in nigeria should be closed down and GEJ should start fighting the iranian government if at all we want eradicate boko haram in nigeria.

  12. This is nt d right time to make friends with ppl like Iran. They are disliked internationally for there stubbornness. With a pile of sanctions all over there head there they have become lonely and are now looking 4 friends:-)


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