Breaking News: Explosions Rock Gombe

Explosions and gunfire have been heard in the northern Nigerian city of Gombe, witnesses say.

Reports said the blasts happened around the time of evening prayers, quickly followed by gunfire.

Witnesses said people were fleeing an area of the city near a prison and police station. It is not clear if there are casualties.

Earlier on Friday, gunmen killed five people at a mosque in Kano, the main city in northern Nigeria, police said.

A police spokesman said the attackers arrived on motorcycles and opened fire at worshippers.

Nigeria is experiencing a surge in ethnic and sectarian violence.

Gombe has previously been targeted by the Islamist sect Boko Haram. In January, an attack on a church in the city left six worshippers dead.

There were few details of the latest attack. Gombe state police commissioner Orubebe Ghandi Ebikeme described the situation as “very bad” but gave no further comment.

Boko Haram, whose name means “Western education is forbidden” in the local Hausa language, is fighting to create an Islamic state and wants to impose Sharia law across Nigeria.

The group has been responsible of a series of deadly attacks and assassinations across northern Nigeria in the past 17 months.

Source: BBC News


  1. If these Boko Haram are really targeting the proclaimed Islamic state, will they ever attack a mosque? Think of the fact that some other groups might have been using the name of the alleged Islamic sect for REVENGE or ACHIEVEMENT OF POLITICAL STUFFS. I don’t think there is no other political reasons in this issue of Bombings and Gun attakcs

  2. Why would a sensible minded individual say d Boko Haram are Muslims fightin for d Islamization of d North or Nigeria when it s glaring dat majority of their casualties/victims are Muslims(especially d Last kano several explosion)… And yet u come up to say “d islamists sect”… And not until we agreed that these BOKO people are criminals, killers and political thugs used by some undercover agents(politicians) to achieve their selfish interests… Then, we get tinz right

  3. It should be clear to ALL rational people in Nigeria and worldwide that BOKOH HARAM is far from being a religious body/pursuing purely religious activitity. If they believe so much in islamic, christian or any other religious sect that is against modernisation/western/eastern/northern/southern education why use GSM, MOTORBIKE,FERTILSER,AK-47,AIRPLANE, GOVT GUEST HOUSES, HOTELS, SUVs, u-TUBE, PETROL/DIESEL or any product of modern civilisation.They should be using camel, donkey, bow/arrow, stone age houses/equipments. These groups must be political criminals who want to seize power by all means and force. The Nigerian SSS should just cage the following people and groups and all will be well for Nigerian:
    ATIKU/hench men, IBB/hench men, BUHARI/CPC, BAKARE/Latter rain churches, TINUBU/ACN, IBORI, all politicains older than 65yrs, all civil servants older than 60yrs, all military/policemen older than 60yrs, ALL unemployed/uneducated youths 14-35yrs should be encouraged to go back to crop/tree/fish/animal farming in villages, simple water well/bore hole construction, simple hard core road construction, small scale industries, etc.

  4. Boko haram r not islamic set they are our leaders trying to stop western education so that they will continue to cheat on us. If we are not educated we will not know about what is going on in the country, as such anything they said we will just accept which is to there benefit. To takle this situation we have to start with our leaders first.

  5. We ol shld knw dat dis BOKO HARAM of a tin r nt only muslim nor christian cos a muslim or christian wil nt attack his or her place of worship….we ol suppse 2 knw dat dis BOKO HARAM r set up n supnsor by our political leader 2 stop d issue of western educatn in d north so dat pple in d east n west wil b ruln dis country…if nt y would dey go 2 south or east 2 set up dia bombs?..b wise n tnk bout it

  6. Boko haram are Muslims. Show me a terrorist that doesn’t speak Arabic and I will agree with you. In all religion in the world only Muslims religion is hunting human beings in stead of Satan who is their arch enemy. Most of them got the (SPIRIT OF ANGER). All they do is to rebel against their government, disagree with their leaders, terrorize Christians, kill themselves and also trouble the world. All the Muslims countries are unstable except Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman. killing their leaders blaming USA that’s stupidy.


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