BREAKING NEWS: 3 killed as Suicide car bomber strikes church in Jos

At least 3 people have lost their lives and 10 others injured in an early Sunday morning attack when a suicide bomber rammed an bomb laden car into a church in the city of Jos.

Members of the church said that the explosive packed car forced its way through the gate of the church during an early morning service.

“We were in the church during the time of worship and a suicide bomber forced himself into through the gate, into the church and the bomb exploded,” John Haruna, the reverend of the Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN), told AFP.

“It was suicide bomber, he drove his car into the church, approaching the pulpit and it exploded. Three members of the church died and 10 are injured,” A church member said.

The church member added that pieces of human flesh littered the church premises.

The bombed Church shares boundaries with the Central Bank of Nigeria in Jos.

It is a popular church where the governor of the state worships on Sunday prompting suspicion that the suicide car bomber may have targeted state officials.

No one or group has yet claimed responsibility for the suicide attack, but fingers are pointing at the dreaded Islamist sect Boko Haram.

Boko Haram carried out a string of bomb attacks in Jos on Christmas Eve 2010 that killed at least 80 people



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