Borno State Governor Asks For More NYSC Corpers To Be Deployed To Borno

The Governor of  Borno State, Kassim Shettima has appealed to the Youth minister to deploy more NYSC corpers to Borno State and has assured that arrangements were in place to guarantee their security from the Boko Haram insurgence throughout the duration of their service.
Making the appeal when he paid a courtesy visit to the Minister of Youth Development, Alhaji Bolaji Abduallahi, in Abuja yesterday, the governor argued that no corps member was killed throughout the duration of the Muslim sect’s occupation of the state.“I feel highly honoured to pay this courtesy call on the Honourable Minister of Youths Development. I came specifically for three reasons, especially regarding the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) scheme, which fell under the honourable minister.

“Yes, we are passing through some security challenges, especially in the North-east part of the country. I’m talking about the Boko Haram insurgence. However, I want to assure the honourable minister and the management staff of the ministry that the war is over. “It took ethnic dimension but I want to announce that we have survived the criminal occupation of Borno State by this insurgence after seven years, seven months and seven days. I believe this time around that the war is over. We are on the part of peace and progress,” he assured.

Continuing, Governor Shettima further noted: “It is on record that no corps member in Borno was killed throughout the duration of the occupation.“I’m also aware that parents were understandably apprehensive about posting their sons and daughters to serve in Borno and other parts of the North-east, but I want to assure the honourable minister that we are clearly on top of the situation. We have made all necessary arrangements to protect the lives of both visitors and indigenes of the state.” Reacting, the minister promised to do everything within the ministry’s powers to reappraise the scheme, commending the governor for the efforts he had put to arrest the situation.

“You are the first governor from the North of Nigeria. I know the security challenge you are facing, I want to commend the efforts, and the Federal government and your State were making to arrest the Boko Haram insurgence. We are glad that the situation is getting better by the day. You know that government is very dynamic, we will continue to explore the situation and options. I can assure you his Excellency that we would continue to reappraise our position in line with the current security challenges.

“The NYSC is specifically created to promote national integration. 38 years after, the scheme has remained the vehicle for the promotion of national integration. I served in Sokoto and that was my first time of visiting that State.
“One of the things that the vendors of violence would want to achieve is to create a situation where we can no longer see ourselves as one country. It would be a victory to them to see a situation where we can no longer post corps members freely to some parts of the country. I can assure you that we would do everything we could to ensure that they did not succeed. We are going to sit down and review the whole scheme,” he noted.

Source: Sun Newspapers


  1. Wicked man…they are blood thirsty again,he is requesting so dat they can kill more abi?they av always being on top of the situation;boko haram is still killing,kidnappers r doing their own,armed robbers too.Abeg o..

  2. Mr. Governor should please get busy wt other state matters. The issue of Corp members should be left alone for now. No govt can guarantee the ssfety of anyone. Period.

  3. I think the governor here has got nothing engaging his time and thought processes.I think he is merely ranting.with no intension to abuse him,I suggest he should rather hide his face in shame.

  4. Until total security can be guaranteed in volatile areas like Bornu and the rest,such zones must remain blacklisted. Haven’t we had enough corps members bloodshed? It’s quite a wonder that no amendment to the NYSC Act was made after the 2011 elections massacre of the falsified ‘Heroic 10’ corps members! We can’t have any more deaths,it will only tear this Nation further apart.

  5. Thunder strike dat ur mouth mr gov.cult people wu needs d blood youth corper to win der electns,minister pls dnt mind hm o,dnt even trust any of d it bcos we did nt avenge d death of our felow comrades wu are supose to be govs,ministers,presidnts,managers,pastors,bishops etc.nw u wnt to kill more wil northern corpers are here enjoyn oil money.dry north!!!

  6. idiot, u wont go and train ur people to serve u, u want to waste other parents suffering by asking minister of youth to post corpers to ur state so dat ur fellow bld sucking demons wil kill them. Keep ur children in borno let them serve ur state. God wil judge all of u.

  7. I think this man either has a brain tumor or is suffering from amnesia! He should clean up the mess in his state, instead of looking for young innocent lives to waste.

  8. Is this Borneo state GOV crazy/ out of his senses? Does he want more NYSCorpers to killed or recruited to join his BOKO HARAM GANG? Even the wise Hausa/Fulani Empire/Emirs have avoided the North East Nigeria while spreading their JIHAD because of Kanuri/Bornu/Borneo madness – so says the history books.Abachi was their son – and a real killing machine indeed. I prefer my 19yr old boy to do his NYSC in SOKOTO, SYRIA, LEBANON, AFAGHNISTAN,MEXICO rather than NORTH EAST NIGERIA, BAYELSA. LAGOS, OR ABUJA. Bewarned NYSC DIRECTORS – DO not send any young educated Nigerian to be killed in BOKO HARAM NORTHERN NIGERIA, ABUJA or be KIDNAPPED in SOUTH EAST/SOUTH SOUTH NIGERIA OR HARASSED by the AGBEROS of SOUTH WEST NIGERIA. In short suspend the NYSC for 3 yrs till sanity returns in Nigeria after 2015 when IBB, ATIKU, ODILLI,IBORI, DAVID MARK, ORJI UZOR KALU, TINUBU, NZERIBE, DANJUMA, USENI, must have passed away or retired.

  9. By now d nysc officials Should know now wat to if dey don’t want d blood of innocent soul to be on dere neck . Don’t be fool by dere comment or speech ,u are also parent wat if dose children are urs what will u do ? When pple are leaven d northern part and he is demand for more let him go back and keep his house ckean for God sake .

  10. You can b serious Mr Gov, pls i adivce u 2 go for check up again, den come out n say smting reasonable. Is lik u guys need to refill ur bld pot, has it dry up?
    Pls minister of youth, we beg u in d name of GOD nt to listen to dis man, i kn him to well, his’s sick in d brain b4 he make dis comment.. Enough is enough, we dn want 2 lose our lifes or share tears any longer. Tanks!:-*

  11. Infact am convinced that the governor of Borno state derived joy in the death of our corps members, hw many of his children has served nigeria? If NYSC want another fresh war let them post any graduate to Borno state. Shetima is a fool and ashame of himself, could u imagine Kabiro Sokoto was first arrested in his lodge, a governor without conscence. Let him send any of his children to serve in borno state.

  12. Fa. Faa. Faaa. Foul. Is this sleeping gov not tire of seeing blood. If he needs more hands why not employ indigens of the state. I don’t think i can ever have anything to do wit such a state. I’m not ready to commit sucide


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