Police Foil Fresh Attempt To Bomb Kano, Recover Over 100 Bombs

Nigerian police foiled fresh attacks in the city of Kano Monday, discovering eight bomb-laden cars and over 100 unexploded devices around sites attacked last week.

“So far we have discovered over 100 home-made bombs in the operation we have launched in bomb recovery in different parts of the city,” said a senior police official on condition of anonymity.

He said “lots of the unexploded bombs were recovered around the police headquarters” which was one of the targets struck in the deadly Friday attacks.

Earlier Monday police said they found eight explosive-laden cars abandoned by road sides across the city, including one near a police station and another in a market in a densely-populated area of the city.

“We are still facing serious security threats,” he said.

Meanwhile about 200 Muslim clerics and political leaders offered peace prayers in Kano, an ancient holy Muslim city of about 4.5 million people.

“I will pray to God that we should never re-live the catastrophe that resulted in the deaths and maiming in our city,” Kano State governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso said.

Source: Vanguard Newspapers


  1. Well done i will say to the Nigeria Police so far,with this success i believe if the Army and the Police could form a team,the success will be rapid. I have a thought that the emirs,muslim clerics and leaders know about this jihadist covering as Boko Haram,your days are numbered by the power of God. God help and Bless Nigeria

  2. Wonder shall never end.POLICE keke story again. If BOKO HARAM who hate education can make so much bombs at home in just one muslim Kano city why is northern nigeria so backward, poor and restless? I like to suggest that IBB, ATIKU,,BUAHRI,BAKARE, DANJUMA, USENI, MUSA, and all the private universities OWNERS in the north put these Boko haram people as professors to make more useful things in their various universities – such as wireless communication gadgets, rockets for launching satelites instead of blowing up innocent,poor christians and fellow muslims. What a funny police STORY!,

  3. I dont think all this bombing was done by the so call BOKO ARAM. IF it’s was,then how can an arrested boko aram member got escaped 4rm the police custudy? sumbody who was handcuffed and chained. The point is ppl in governmen who have access 2 ammunatns like military and security officers are d ones responsible 4 all d bombing and using the name BOKO ARAM 2 decieve ppl. There is no BOKO anywere. investigations shld carry on on those top ranked officers. They are those behind everytg.

  4. If our police men are highly sorphisticated they should b able 2 trace those bombs to their respective origin. It is high time we needed to install security cameras to some strategic parts of the country because apart from sucide bombers most of this planting is done in the evening time and movement should be ristricted in the evening.God is my own security.


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