Fuel Subsidy Protester Shot Dead In Ilorin

A protester was allegedly shot dead by the Nigerian police during the protest against the removal of fuel subsidy which held in Ilorin today.

The police were accused of shooting dead the protester by some of the protesters, but authorities strongly denied they were to blame for the killing in Kwara state.

Nigeria removed subsidies on fuel on January 1st, this has led to a drastic increas of the price of petrol from 65 Naira per litre to 141 Naira per litre.


  1. God bless and rest in peace now.
    God is watching and knows who shot this man and you will answer to him. Is it not enough to make life miserable for people? Now you kill them for speaking too?
    God said the meek will inherit the earth, thank you God for that, all the suffering these people have endured will be turned into extreme blessings for them in heaven. God please help expose all the wrong doers in the government and bring a peaceful and good change for Nigeria and stop the evil people from harming anyone else there. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

  2. Fuel subsidy in nigeria simply a betrayal of confidence by the Goodluck’s administration. The policy is a good one but the implementation…very poor and this shows that the Nigerian government no interest in the masses. Thus making making nigerians definition of democracy “as the government of the few, by the few and for the few”… Can Goodluck makes things right? With poor carbinet of capitalist breed. I doubt it! Because a president who promised to put footwears on the legs of those who don’t have shoes, is turning to the one who is taking the poor masses legs off( What a pity) and the masses have lost confidence in government they called their own. Subsidy when there is no functioning public service in most of the states…all thanks to the working of the poor advisers…


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