Female bomber arrested in Abuja

What could have been another Boko Haram tragic incident this year, was averted over the weekend, by staff of a private security firm, Encouragers Security company Limited, thwarted attempt by a female suicide bomber, suspected member of the deadly Islamic sect, Boko Haram from gaining entrance into the complex of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) with explosives.

The incident which happened on Friday, last week, during working hours , send fears into the spine of thousands of workers who were aware of the development making them to hurriedly close from work before the usual 4 pm official closing hours

Daily Champion learnt from reliable sources that the slim fair -in complexion lady in her 20s who hails from Alkaleri Local Government Area of Bauchi State, where the FCT minister also hails from was arrested by the security men at the gate with two explosives items.

The FCTA complex which the sect had attempted bombing houses the offices of the FCT Minister, Senator Bala Mohammed; Minister of State FCT Oloye Olajumoke Akinjide and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina as well as thousands of other workers.

According to the source, the fairly looking leady had arrived at the area 11 around noon from Dei-Dei a suburb of the FCT where she passed a night upon arrival in the FCT.

She was said be a first time visitor to Abuja and could not locate the FCTA therefore, had to a hire a taxis that brought her to the target.

When she arrived, she found the security arrangement hard to penetrate and she quickly contacted her co travelers in the ill fated project but she was told to wait then, she decided to be loitering waiting for the next instruction from her sponsors.

Sources further gathered that the plot by hers sponsors was to keep her till their expected arrival from Kano after the 2 pm Jumat prayers would have been over and then, instruct her to fellow the crowd that usually prays outside the premises inside unchecked, to pave way for them to effectively detonate the bomb.

According to the source when the next instruction from her sponsors delayed in coming, the visibly worried attempted in entering the complex through the gate meant for only motorist then she was asked by the private guard where she was going.

She could not satisfy the guard about her mission with her poorly spoken English which made the security man to suspect her motive.

She was said to have managed to inform the security man that she was waiting for her brother, at this point the guard ask her to identify herself and she said she was coming from Kano this made security guy curious as the bomber was quickly arrested.

Our source told us that the leady confessed that when the JUMAT ended she actually became unhappy and afraid that she was going to kill so many Muslims who came out from the FCTA premises to pray.

Our correspondent further learnt that when the FCT Minister heard about the incident he ordered that the lady be brought to his official residence where he was at the moment and upon confession of the planned attack the female bomber was handed -over to the Police Special Anti- robbery Squared (SARS).

While she was being detained at the SARS office in Guzape, District, her sponsors gut wind of it and made attempt to bomb the SARS office in order to prevent her from revealing important information.

All attempt by our correspondent to speak with the FCDA Divisional of Police Officer as well as the Special Assistant to the FCT Minister on security proved abortive as several calls put across to the DPO phone were not answered.

In the same vain Prince Shield Nwazuruahu SA security to the minister was said to be in a crucial meeting by his staff when Daily Champion visited his office.

Meanwhile, Daily Champion gathered that an emergency security meeting which was held yesterday took a decision that no staff should stay within the office complex beyond 6 pm.

The circular entitled: Improving Security around the FCTA Secretariat dated 30th January 2012, decided among others issues that no private car should be allowed to park within in the premises.

It was also agreed in the meeting that members of staff who expect any visitor must send the name of such visitor to the security personnel for clearance.

The circular which was sent to all the secretariats and departmental heads as was well as aides of the minister also warned staff against bringing non- staff members in their vehicles.

Source: http://www.champion.com.ng/displaycontent.asp?pid=15420


  1. Sounds fishy. Most of these media agencies are used for fake propaganda. Where is her picture? Where is a video? This is a major thing, why isn’t it anywhere on other news agencies?

  2. Another scandal this time again,if the Nigerian security operatives like,they should take bribe because corruption is their identity. The woman is question is a fool for allowing herself to be used by those uneducated idiots who call themselves boko haram

  3. Lawal, before u make such a comment let me ask you, can you seat down, imagine, fabricate and cooked such a story. What you would have done is to go yourself to FCDA secretariat and find out the truth yourself, else you become more a full than the writter. You want to see a picture or name before you believe in the activities of Boko haram? How many pictures of the idiots (boko haram) did you have? Idowu

  4. Note that BOKOM HARAM members are everywhere – our potential Nobel prize winning President has said so based on solid intelligence. And I believe him. In your family, among youths, students, judiciary, legislators, politicians, police, military, para military. The foot soldiers are mainly young men and women, age 15-35yrs old ,may not been able to pass WAEC / JAMB, may not have original identification card, and may not be able to recite Nigerian national anthem and may not know the names of their current COUNCILLORS, LGA CHAIRMAN, SENATOR, GOVERNOR, and even the President of Nigeria. They are evasive to questions on interrogation. Most importantly they will claim to be muslims or christian pentecostal followers. Watch out for them everywhere . ,

  5. i can’t immagine females for sucide bobing. This wold is coming to an end. Wt joy do people drive in distrction. Bokoharan. Can’t una stop for God sake and for man kind. Ur reasons is not commencirable. Government nd securities should not take it likly with any being amonge this so called people bokoharam…….

  6. Some of our comments show how uninformed we are in security reporting. The mention of where this suspected bomber is taken had even brought in added security challenges not to ask of details names or investigation while it is still going on. The idea here is for us to be more security conscious and report any observation appropriatly. The police as well as other security outfits should also stand up to their duty. We, the good people of Nigeria, must win this was. Thanks and God bless.

  7. Wait a minute! Did i hear you well? Fired for saving the country from another horrible experience or for what? Even if there is a breach of contract, any such move now will be very suspicious. Someone, somewhere is pressing the buttons. Who are these boko haram? Let me belive it’s a joke, Moses.


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