Court orders Airtel to change name to Econet.

Federal High Court in Abuja has ordered Airtel Nigeria to reverse its name to Econet Wireless Limited, following a case filed against it by Econet.

Justice Shuaib of the Federal High Court, Abuja, handed down the judgment in the matter between Econet Wireless Limited vs Bharti Airtel in suit No FHC/KD/ 39/2008 (Formerly FHC/ L/172/ 2004), had on January 24, 2012, where Econet claimed to still possess five per cent equity shares in Airtel Nigeria.

The court affirmed that Econet is a shareholder of Airtel and holds five per cent of issued shares of the company and ordered Airtel to reinstate the shareholding of Econet.

“The Corporate Affairs Commission has been ordered to cancel any certificate previously issued for the change of the name of the company and restore the name of the company to Econet Wireless Nigeria Limited,” a statement issued on behalf of Econet said.

Airtel said that it has filed an appeal against the judgment.

“the company abides by and has full confidence in the law of the land and believes the Appeal Court will determine the appeal on its merits.” Airtel said in a statement.


  1. Is 5 per cent equity share a nuff to have their name as the brand? Wen it was Vmobile and Zain we didnt hear anything,nw dat Airtel is doing great they are filing suit.. . .
    Lets wait and see what happens

  2. That would be nice atleast let them change the mode of operation by which airtel since it’s emergence has been secretly exploiting their subscriber with their so called short code. I dislike airtel.

  3. If they like,let them change it to corruptnet,it doesn’t concern me,after all airtel was neva a gud network,even if they change,what do you stand to lose or gain?

  4. Before the appeal comes proper, this network subscriber would have changed name again due to sell. Imagine, from ECONET Wireless to Vodacom then to Vmobile, to Zain and Airtel (all within 6 years of operation or is it extortion? Wetin una see for Naija. 5% equity share is just not enough for Econet Wireless Ltd to take-hold the Business-name of an establishment. You will loose from both the Appeal and Supreme Courts of Naija – Amen somebody….AMEN

  5. 5% means nothing. What has the name got to do with effectiveness of its services…… Besides airtel is moving its main sever from Nigeria to Kenya…… And they are laying off workers… So why sue…… Hmm bitchy nigerians.


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