Boko Haram Threatens War If Al Mustapha Is Hanged

Boko Haram has threatened  to unsettle the Nigerian government if the sentence of death on Al Mustapha is carried out. Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, the former Chief Security Officer to the late Head of State General Sani Abacha and Lateef Shofolahan was yesterday convicted by a Lagos High Court sitting at Igbosere over the murder of of Kudirat Abiola, the wife of the acclaimed winner of the June 12, 1993 Presidential election, Chief Moshood Abiola.
A new twist has been added to it by Boko Haram. It had previously threatened to attack Sokoto State,  if members of the radical Islamic sect detained by security agencies in the state are not released immediately.
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  1. Let the bokoharam sect start the war, but i hope they have all the requirred war tools ready. In as much as i for one dont support the killing al mustafa by hanging, but to rot and die in prison via life jail, and if some people deem it fit to react biaslly negatively then we’re waitgng for em to start.

  2. damn it! If the crazy and unGodly sect, boko haram should have altered this,it implies that al-mustapha is among them,he is a member,y can’t the stupid sect threaten for shofolahans’ death sentence as wel,al i know is that God is giving them more time to repent of this evil and dastardly act because they will al die a mysterious death…they aint human,the blood of satan feuds them,they aint in their right senses,its obvious.,they say the police apprehended their men,when otherwise they’ve killed thousands of innocent lives whilst their men are all animalic,insance,violent and bellegrant in nature! The lord wil deal with u guys if u dnt repent! How can a stupid bokoharam member say …”i wil kil anyone God tels me to kil…” its absurd and ridiculous,change for the better!

  3. @ haruna i am surprised at the level of your ignorance and Stupidity….since when did your $o called bokoharam become part of the legal administation of this country..that we now have to listen to them before makin a legal decision…if u dnt hav any reasonable thing to say why dnt you shut your mouth….

  4. Now i can see what they are up to. That means the convict had been romancing with them while in police custody. I’ll not be suprise if al-Mustapha celebrate his freedom with bouncing baby after 2 months of his release (if any). I’m ashame of d kind of leaders we have in Nigeria. Pls Nigerians dont allow anybody 2 kill u bcos we have no leaders. God help us

  5. since the govt cannot be sincere and just what do you expect? If people are sincere enough they will know that it’s unfair, after serving morethan 12 yrs in jail without judgement is enough but at last the curruptible court sentenced him to death. Where is the justice? Al-mustapha only god can judge you and we’ll continue to pray for your freedom because i believe that only god can judge us and only he can…

  6. since the govt cannot be sincere and just what do you expect? If people are sincere enough they will know that it’s unfair, after serving morethan 12 yrs in jail without judgement is enough but at last the curruptible court sentenced him to death. Where is the justice? Al-mustapha only god can judge you and we’ll continue to pray for your freedom because i believe that only god can judge us and only he can…they said that law is the last hope for a common man. Now where is the hope? All the people that are speaking ill words about him did not what it is lyk to walk in his shoes please be reasonable… Only god can judge us…

  7. i hope dis boko fools are rily ready for war cos we are born ready..dey cant jst start threatning any1 as if dey are made of steel…although i dnt think any1 should be given a death sentence in dis 21st century bt it doesnt mean a faceless group should start threatning to start a war. i will advice dem nt to bring their madness to d south..cos dey wil be suprised by aw much we are willing to defend our territory by all and i repeat all means

  8. Its easy to quickly put religious and tribal sentiments in the picture, but the fact remains, a woman was killed, 5yrs or 100 yrs ago doesn’t matter, this country has a law, and except you feel you are above that law, we all have to abide by it. All humans are equal in the eyes of Allah, and he (hamza) is not more equal than others (especially Kudiratu whom he supposedly killed). If found guilty, he shld face the music, without any reservations. And about the BH and their Allies, its time for Govt. to wake up to their responsibilities. Nobody/tribe is above the law(there are two pple convicted, how come the other tribe is not threatening genocide). Why can’t some northerners be impartial and honest, if it was your sister he killed would you demand justice?

  9. It is obvious that there is a political motivation behind this verdict passed by a fool called justice mojisola dada. If at all hamza Almustapha was responsible for the assasination of Alhaja kudirat abiola, wife of the acclaimed winner of june 12 presidntial ellctn 1993 mr. Abiola. then why didn’t they pronounce him a death penalty all that while. Why must they retain him behind bars for more than 10years, when they said justice delayed is a justice denied, The fact is that Almustapha contains too much. They dnt wan’t there secrets being reveald 2 the General public. But if every one agrees that the judgement was inline with legal proceedings, then fine. We must adhere to the doctrine of the rule of law. There is equality before the law and no one is above it. And for those attributing BH. With islam. I implore them to stop. They are only insurgents under the umbrella of islam bt not practicing norms of Islam..

  10. Everybody shut up about God. What has God got to do with this really. We have a failed state, a confused government who knows nothing about security and a mad thug group running riot. The government have even decided to negotiate with mass murderers cos its short of ideas and has no clue how to stop them. Once you open up the channel of negotiation you are basically throwing the relationship of crime n consequence out the window cos you are week. That also says you have equal bargaining powers. While it might avert tension in the very short run it will surely come to bite you big time. Implementing sharia laws in some northern states have only got us here today.
    Say the government decide to cave in to boko demands how about some states demanding Catholic laws? Where does that leave the Muslims who are equally Nigerians??? What if others demand African or local belief to be implemented state/nation wide where does that leave the Muslims and Christians. Nigeria is a multi faith nation and the only way to have sharia is to break up. That is why politics must be separated from religion. While most of us are basically deluded to decide Nigeria is a Christian/Muslim nation millions of Nigerians are neither. Does that make them any less Nigerian??? If the government cave in to boko haram and start negotiating then the bank robbers should form an association/club so they could negotiate and go out of business with billions. So should the people without electricity start causing mayhem and negotiate, that goes for roads, schools, jobs. Oh and others should form a corruption club and have demands to only play fair after their demands are met etc. Where does it stop????
    A court decision must be respected by all and any accused or sentenced can use the justice system to redeem themselves if they so wish but for a terrorist thug to start telling the country what it will accept and not accept and then force that option on more than 150 million people is unacceptable and it just point to a very feeble, out of touch and handicapped government and that government must be relieved of its duty. How many members of boko haram are there compared to the rest of the Nation’s population to trigger a decision by the government to negotiate with them rather than bring them to justice. Failed government that is what that is. SHAME

  11. @ justicebash you are a big fool sometin greater even how can u say bcos d man has been in prison (special prison at that) he shouldn’t be sentenced. He killed and deserves to have died since because he is not more equal than that woman. She had children to take care and her life to live. So justicebash my prayer for you is for God to wipe away 2 of ur dearest people( that’s if u have any)and let their killers have restricted movement for 12yrs and live on thereafter as for BH to Haruna(top post) u obviously have a sad life go kill yourself since u and your BH bothers live in sadness and bitterness stop looking for people to go along wit u. Ask ur boss why his son or brother is not part of the suicide boomers.

  12. damn it! If the crazy and unGodly
    sect, boko haram should have
    altered this,it implies that al-
    mustapha is among them,he is a
    member,y can’t the stupid sect
    threaten for shofolahans’ death
    sentence as wel,al i know is that
    God is giving them more time to
    repent of this evil and dastardly act
    because they will al die a
    mysterious death…they aint
    human,the blood of satan feuds
    them,they aint in their right
    senses,its obvious.,they say the
    police apprehended their
    men,when otherwise they’ve killed
    thousands of innocent lives whilst
    their men are all
    animalic,insance,violent and
    bellegrant in nature! The lord wil
    deal with u guys if u dnt repent!
    How can a stupid bokoharam
    member say …”i wil kil anyone God
    tels me to kil…” its absurd and
    ridiculous,change for the better

  13. You people are a set of Nuisances (Boko haram), upon all your claims what have you achieved, you bargas think that threating us will make us forgot that will have law in these country, dont worry it is time for heaven to face you people squarely and you must surely fail. FG forget about BH and face another thing please. BH Nuisance!

  14. Nigerians are d strangest Pple on earth, I can’t believe some pple r actually clamouring for d release of Al-mustapha, have we forgotten so soon his crimes, he was found guilty of murder and shd be punished, his being detained for 12yrs ( which I hear was of his own making ) shd nt make us lose sight of his crimes. Until we stop giving in to sentiments,( both tribal n religious) we can never move forward as a nation. As for boko haram n their threats, I personally am nt surprised bcos wen u treat terrorists with kids gloves they then begin to gather more impetus. God can only save us when we decide to save ourselves, its totally irresponsible to xpect God to solve all ur problems while u sit crosslegged with arms folded sipping juice.

  15. To say there are political motivations in the sentencing is obviously not a tenable issue. Except we decide to jettison the Judicial processes, rule of law and Government in this country, there will always be inkling of motivation. Political motivation led to the alleged murder of Alhaja kudirat, and its probable that political motivation kept the case going for so long (howbeit unnecessary). The timing should also not be the focal point in spite of the need for obvious improvements in our judicial processes. The real issue should be, is he(Major Hamza) guilty or not? If he has evidence to prove his innocence, then by all means, set the Major free, but if his hands are soiled in her blood then it will be barbaric to sustain injustice because of POLITICAL MOTIVATION and who’s feathers would be ruffled, because like every issue in life, there are Two sides to the coin. We cannot also say the sentencing is targeted at silencing the fellow because he has a secret archive of some sort or he presents a threat to the present administration, that claim, without concomitant substantiation will be both fallacious and grossly equivocal. This administration had nothing to do with his arrest or charges which occured long before Sambo knew he would be Governor of Kaduna state, nor the x-governor of bayelsa knew he would be charged with misappropriation and Laundering. However, if the major does have secrets to share, the people would expect him to start sharing them now. The crime is against the people, their rights to make public/political comments and walk freely in their country without anybody filling their internals with bullets because he feels insulted. (Even people that comment against God don’t get shot). Whoever is guilty should face the consequences,Let’s be objective and considerate of others and judge the case based on merit and merit alone, that’s what led Al’Mustapha here …and is obviously showing in many of our comments. His only recourse is the Law and from what his lawyers are saying, they seem to be making sense and showing possible rifts and gaping holes in the judgement…We will just have to keep our fingers crossed

  16. you fools, and unwise sects, may the almighty God judge every one of u called B.K, and all its members with the goverment sector,u are just spoilin our names as muslims, may u all die shamefully,4 destroyin innocent lifes, u want to come to sokoto ba? Go ahead, but that is the day u all will be sent to hell fire, monkeys like u, wait let me ask u, are u people litrates atall? I dnt thinks cus if u are u will have some touch within u, fools, goats, animals

  17. The issue before us today is not jungle justice but the rule of law. When a man commits a crime, he must be tried by the judiciary if found guilty he must face the law. It is our civic right to respect the rule of law. Don’t forget the golden rule of’ Sowing and Reaping’ what goes around must definitely come back around. As for the so-called sect, may God have mercy on them. No nation negotiates with terrorist. They are barbarians. Who is Boko Haram? If they are not cowards they should come out and identify themselves instead of killing innocent souls. Repent or face the wrath of the law. Nigeria and Nigerians cannot be threathened. A word is enough for the wise!!!!

  18. Well I feel the long hands of the law has finally caught up with an evil man who worked and enriched himself with the loots from an evil regime..the Abacha’s rigime was one of the worst rigimes in the political history of Nigeria..I think the court has done the right time..the idiot should be hanged! Boko haram can go to hell! Justice must take it course!

  19. They so called boko haram sect should all beware cos they know they are fighting for nothing and its all for nothing. They have been giving a long rope to change but they disobeyed. Irrespective of all atrocities they have committed, even the igbo indigine they have killed they still boast of their evil deed. But i will like to assure them one thing they should know that the wicked but not go unpunished. And no one who wishes to spoil the world that must not be brought to ruin. So said the igbo youth. Igbos are angry and mustapha must be hunged and let the war begin.

  20. BOKO HARAM evrythin u knw is bomb u just dnt knw wot 2 say y seek 4 d release of a condemnd criminal Al Mustapha? Cinz u cam in with ur useless nd worthles troop in2 diz gr8 coun3 we av knwn no rest u hrtless bitch go bk 2 d pit of hell u came 4rm

  21. people say’s a delay in just is a justice denied.the quation is ths, why almustapha is arrested of over 12yrs with out any result?so,ths clearly shows an injustice so at ths point BOKO HARAM just go ahead,coz who so ever think he is foolish some body can deal wit him.but pls boko haram stop attacking our law inforcement agent.

  22. (Jst me)its a free wrld. u dnt hav 2 insult any1 cos his coment doesnt suits u.Anyway u can insult me cos ‘i dnt care’ (peace)u dnt sound as ur name.Athough dey deserve it bt ur coment dsnt go wit ur name atall. (Ibrahim bashir) ur coment is marvelous excpt 4 d insult. I wish odas wil see sence in wat u wrote. & THOSE REFERIN 2 BH AS ISLAMIST GRP SHULD STOP COS ISLAM IS PEACE & DOESNT ENCOURAGE D KILIN OF INOCENT.

  23. Now nigeria can clearly see who boko haram is.northerns u thnk u can make gudluck’s regim bad abi.hmmmmm owwk we’l see pikin wey say him mama no go sleep him no go sleep.if al mustapha is nt killed 4 wat he did datz northrns wul knw thir ar more dangerous and terrbl group in nigeri.we jus wait and SEE….

  24. Genesis 15vs16b says ‘I will not drive out the amorites/boko haram until they become so wicked that they must be punished.’
    God is not asleep while boko haram menace is going on,christians and innocent people dying.. He’s just waitin 4 their cup to be filled to d brim.. So dont be suprised about this war threat,it might be the brim.. Relax.. And let God take vengeance

  25. Lol sum ppl are funny,northnrs ar sayin bokoharam shud kill them..who ar thy gonna kill i knw y u northernrs behve lyk animals its d goat milk dat u ar first given whn u ar a baby.

  26. Can u see why boko haram ar arogants, two pple ar sentence to death bt u ar threteanin 4 war one, is de other woman nt a human being or is it nt thesame crime that they comit. Pls if u dont knw wat u ar doin just do away wit dis evil plan because u can only claim innocent life bt not 2 achieve ur goals in dis type of country. Boko haram jst hav a tink what wil be ur reward here & there after.

  27. @dr usman, i salute ur sanity, soundness n assertiveness. @voice of north/fresh air, (1st post) i dnt knw of the north u re referring to anyway , may be u re frm niger or chad republic. obviously u re part of d pple soiling Islam, i ve many muslim friends closer than a broda . Nigerians re d most religious pple in d world, ova extrimism of religious beliefs without the consideration of ‘ nigeria’ has been d BIG problem of Nigeria. Kudirat ws a muslim frm d west, supposedly killed by Al mustafa frm d north, both Nigerians, court verdict not imported but frm a competent court of law of Nigeria. ‘kill d Truth n after three days it will resurrect’. if u sow to the wind u ll of certainty reap the wild wind. Let justice take it course, heaven wont fall. As a matter of fact the judgment is TIMELY, it goes to tell u dat those in d corridors of power today ll tomorrow be at the mercy of posterity. for those harboring boko haram (north) understand that ‘ he who beats an evil drum must be ready to dance evil dance which of cause is destruction’. voice of north/fresh air or wateva be aware.
    BOKO HARAM u re the biggest COWARDS dat ve ever lived, i knw certain pple re using u to settle their archaic mindset of governance, if indeed ur aspirations tally wit ur name ‘boKo haram’, den u shld be using bow n arrow, live in hurts, y do yu use western technology, u re making d issue lk as if its a religious problem, it is not.

  28. well done boko haram, go and figth with U.S. first, before you face nigeria, you fool. sadam was hanged, osama was killed. what if HAMZA is an iboman,yorubaman, or an ogoniman what do you think? if you know that war is easy come out of your hiding, no moslem brother will support you because they are not cowards like you they preach peace. go to libya.more grease to your elbow.

  29. Boko a word is enough 4 d wise, he who kil with d sword shal die by the sword Mustafa wil face the degree of the offence he comited.d wicked wil not go unpurnished he must die by hanging.and let the Boko fight back but if God be 4 Nig boko wil fail.

  30. I see Haruna is one of those fanatics whose conscience are upside down,and full of violence. Al Mustapha has taken many lives and has to have his taken.Let’s leave political and religious bias and think as humans with conscience. Boko Haram is full of people who are suffering from rejection and so are trying all they can to get some attention at all cost. Maybe they need the help of a psychologist and more parental love. Nigeria cannot be divided because no man but God united us in our diversities.

  31. hahahaha..!! I don see somtin those musclims do makes me laugh who are telin dat one ‘story’ their is an adheage dat said empty drums makes d Ioudest noise I tink men are not known by d amount of noise they make if d law founds Al- guilty then he facez it nobody is abov d law. I tink it’s better d way haram said it so we can bring dis whole crapp to an end but dis tym must be a victor nd a vanguishe.

  32. “Fowl were shit on her eggs, na im sabi” Northerners can continue 2 harbour BH 4 all I care but I’ve this message 4 them: when the war eventually starts, it can’t affect Abuja and Jos, it wont come to any state in the south at all. The result of the war will be that all northern elements will be chased from the south to the abject poverty-stricken north n southerners will come back home to the land of more opportunities. lets see who’ll buy ur tomatoes n bean etc.

  33. when Fools talk, U discover from d sound of their voice & reasoning.But when wisemen talks U notices it from d reasons in d Logics. BH ar FOOLS. Those supporting them ar More FOOLISH dan they knw. Ur days ar numbered & soon Ur time will be up. Go ahead & mk real ur threat,but rememba ”wn a Dog is abt to die, it loses it’s sense of smell”

  34. to ol dox dat r not in support ov almustafas freedom r notin buh bunch ov crapxs, fools, illetrates dat judge only from the principles of dere dirty decayed ignorance… To d world, dix ix as free as air dat almustafa dizav freedom, buh to d fools dat gox against, wel i dont blame y’ol, must ov u illetrates r 4rm d south dat whr in recent yrx notin buh bunch ov baboons n gorillax, iv not 4d colonial masterx dat pitie y’ol n giv yol clothes, yol wudav complete yo metamorphosis to chimpanzees n orangutans… Whr ix d sayin ov JUSTICE DELAYED IX JUSTICE DENIED, just to mention few, wel i dont blame yol fools cox u r ol dull dullants n ignorant dat knws notin buh hungry 4 oil.. STUPID MILITANTS

  35. iv onlie we dont knw dat dix boko haram r not militants, then yol fools shud av d gods to tel us shit, tel me how many xtians whr cot wit bombs headin to chaches n police station in d name ov boko haram.. Tel me mr south? Haw many? U cee! U’v ran out ov number… We ol knw dix sect ix a southern plan ov distablizin d north.. Wot do u want 4rm us south? Wot? U knw n i knw dix killins aint religious, its agains evri religion… So y must u make us accept sumtin we av no idea ov? Y? Then iv dax d case u aint JUST 2us..

  36. seriously d only part of nigeria d supposed boko haram’s war will affect iz jst d north so it’s so funi c’n boko haram’s killn dere fellow muslimz who harbour dem…. Lol

  37. and to dat hungry donkey dat identify himself as APOSTLE OV ANIMALISTIC POLITICS wot exactly r u? JUDGE? Ar u trespasin d rule ov law? Do u knw wot exactly u’v jst did? U av no idea bcox u r d BIGGEST FOOL eva..

  38. Me i dont blame at is the Goodluck Jonathan i blame for giving them the chance to make such fuses and laws for Nigerians,,he hasnt finished managing Nigeria ,and he wanted to manage AU,,am happy he loosed the election flat,,stupid Jonathan,stupid boko haram and stupid men in Nigerian govt house,birds of the same feathers all flocking together

  39. am sorry for bokoharam, cos der death is at hand, i feel d best is for this country to be divided, life is a choice, how on earth will stupid bokoharam force me to become an islamic, dats bullshit, dis country shld be divided period, so dey can hv der islamic religion, dey shld live christains alone, dis is too much, i pray d wrath of God come upon dem Amen,.

  40. imagine innocent blood shed by the day, poor people killed for wat der r ignorant of, expensive cars and houses burnt, people in church killed like chicken, corpers serving the nation, being burnt, how is it a crime to worship whom ur heart desires, I SAY IT AGAIN, NIGERIA SHOULD BE DIVIDED, so we can REST, bokoharam started it,saying easterners should go home, fine, dey shld go home and nigeria shld be divided, den peace will reign.

  41. I wonda if some of u from d north r from d zoo. It irritates me to ponder if realy u (that r against d judgmt of d court) r human beings. Wt do u know about d court? Lets assume i’m mr President, MUSTAPHA would hv bn puclicly executed. U BHs kill our brodas n stil hv d gods 2 talk nonsense. D nxt is divison. U fools n infidle.

  42. if not for a circumstance in Nigeria where justice has been turned to a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder, i see the bokoharam act as something that should have been eliminated completely a long ago

  43. IGBO HARAM… Very funny name to tag urself, infact it is an indication of your lack of patriotism to this country to tag urself with that name & thats why u are talking about war… The idea illuminated into ur minds by ur WARRAT or watever u call him.
    1 more thing is that u can never stand up to him. Becos most of you lack honesty and with too much greed idiot.
    Unless u raise him from his grave, u cannot do anything oloriburuku. omo igbo, jaguda

  44. I think that the hands of the whole Nigeria elites and political aspirants are in this Boko Haram business because if you tell me that KBoko Haram even the whole Nothern Nigerians both Christians and Muslims are into this threatening Boko Haram, they are not greater than the Ibos Yoruba and hunderds of Nigerian Ethnic groups. If so then all the southern politicians should really tell us what tricks are they all playing including Jonathan himself, Obasanjo, and many others pretending tzo be something in Nigeria. What are they planning, and using Boko Haram as a shade. Or maybe it’s a pretext to elmininate most of the population of some uncomfortable southerners. I think this is a game in which all Nigerians should explain what tricks are they really playing. If we assume it’s true then does it mean that a bunch of organised group will be stronger than milions of the country’s population. If so, then that means that we have no government really and all we have are bunch of comedians, pretending to rule. If Boko Haram is not part of the government then strange that they are not saying anything about the curruption which is stil going on as usual. The truth will come to light when the term of Office is over when he has no more power to punish anybody. Example when Babangida, Obasanjo, and Abacha was in power. Who dare even call their names even in dreams. But as Nigerians are; when the lion is asleep, the goats are playing arround him. I bet that if any of these peole wants really to come to power, they will do it as usual and all of will shut up aagain. Eg Obasanjo would have bombed the whole north over night together with Boko Haram and their victims, then they will know that he is not smiling at all. Just imagine some one is a president, and Buhari is boasting what he can do and not do. Who born monkey if the president today is Obasanjo or Babangida. These people might be bad but they also do not tolerate side talks when the power is their’s. This shows that minority is not capable of ruling Nigeria. And Ibo man would have gone into colaboration and make peace reign by force or fight., and so also Yorubas or Hausas but this minorities will dance like Ashawo arround problems in fear that they do not know what the real power givers will say if they mess without permission. It makes me mad for anybody to threaten the stability of a great nation like Nigeria and everybodykeeps quiet. If I am there I would rather die together with these fucking Boko Haram and make sure that after my death nobody will ever theraten any government of Nigeria whether good or bad. Infact this is an abomination. Politicians know much if not colaborating in this mess,even the president.


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