15 Traders Shot And Burnt In Zamfara

At least 15 village traders were shot dead in northern Nigeria’s Zamfara state as they returned from a market on Thursday night.

The local police commissioner told AFP that armed robbers waylaid the traders, who were travelling in an open truck, and opened fire. They burnt some of the bodies in the truck.

The agency reports that villagers said 100 people came out of the bush and stopped the truck.

The attackers’ motive may be robbery.

The incident reportedly occurred close to the town of Birnin Magaji, several hundred kilometres west of Kano, where nearly 200 people were killed in a wave of gun and bomb attacks last week.

The BBC’s Haruna Shehu Tangaza in the neighbouring state of Sokoto says the trouble may be linked to several incidents in the village of Lingyado in Zamfara state.

Earlier last year, vigilantes from Lingyado evicted a group of people from the village who they suspected of being behind a series of cattle and other robberies.

Those flushed out regrouped and attacked the village with heavy weaponry – including rocket-propelled grenades – a few months later, killing 26 villagers.

Some believe the attack on Thursday night has the hallmarks of the group as the traders from Birnin Magaji village were ambushed and set alight, our reporter says.

Source: BBC News


  1. This is a clear case of anarchy NIGERIA. The easiest solution is to get every resident of every ward, LGA, STATE, NIGERIA registered especially able bodied men and women 10 – 60yrs as temporary (15days), provisional (15-90days), semi permanent (90days – 5yrs) and permanent over 5yrs. Any one who refuses to identify himself and properly register should be deported, detained/prosecuted and denied human right especially those who reside in the bush to attack innocent citizens in the night.

  2. Dis attitude by northerner is disgusting, murdering u fellow neighbours bcause of nothing, its high time jungle justice reign back, its ovious d govt asleep, Nigerians wud nt wait until dis savages wipe us all out.


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