Rights Group Asks Jonathan To Act Over Blasts

JonathanA NON-GOVERMENTAL and faith based organization in Lagos, the Centre for Righteous Living (CRIL), yesterday called on President  Goodluck Jonathan to urgently halt the activities of the Boko Haram sect or resign as President of Nigeria.

The call came following the December 25 bomb attack in Suleja and other parts of the country in which  many people were killed.


Addressing reporters in Lagos, the CRIL’s  National President, Rev. Solomon Aderibigbe Adegbolagun, said the barbaric killing of Christians in their place of worship and abode on a Christmas day showed  that “the Boko Haram sect has declared jihad on fellow citizens He also lamented that  the Federal Government was not doing enough to guarantee the safety of life and property in the country.

The group called on President Jonathan to immediately “change all the security chiefs for  their failure to unravel and arrest the sponsors of Boko Haram, or resign as failure to sack the security chiefs and stop the activities of  Boko Haram sect  was an indication that he  could not   handle the situation”.

While calling on Muslims leaders in the countr to “unequivocally denounce the activities of this group and identify them for arrest and prosecution, the CRIL’s chief advised  that a state of emergency be declared  in the affected states.

They also urged the amendment of the constitution to allow for state police,stressing however that Christians should refrain from any retaliatory measures.


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