Islamists Attack Hotel In Gombe Injuring 15 People

Shortly after the Christmas day attacks in Northern Nigeria, Islamists have struck again this time attacking a hotel in Gombe and injuring more than 15 people.

Gunmen threw explosives at a hotel and open-air bar in northeastern Nigeria, wounding 15 people, an employee and police said Thursday, the latest in a spate of attacks blamed on Islamists.

The attack in the city of Gombe on Wednesday night follows a series of bombings on Christmas Day blamed on the Islamist group Boko Haram which killed at least 40 people and sparked fears of renewed sectarian violence.

“The gunmen came and an argument ensued between them and the security guards at the entrance,” said Ojeifo Nelson, manager of the Tumfure Resort in Gombe, who added that he was among those wounded with a leg injury.

“They made their way to the reception and threw explosives into the reception and fired shots into the garden. Fifteen people in all were injured but none of the injuries is life-threatening.”

A police spokesman confirmed the incident to reporters but did not provide details. The motive for the attack was not clear.

Nigeria’s northeast has been hit by scores of bomb blasts and shootings blamed on Boko Haram, which has targeted bars on numerous occasions.

The Islamist group also claimed responsibility for Christmas Day bombings that killed 40 people in several towns – the deadliest an explosion outside a Catholic church near the capital Abuja.

Amid fears of reprisal attacks by Christians, attackers on Tuesday threw a bomb into an Arabic school in Nigeria’s mainly Christian southern town of Sapele, wounding six children and an adult.

Violence had been raging even in the days before the Christmas Day bombings, especially in the northeastern cities of Damaturu, Potiskum and Maiduguri. Most of the incidents attributed to Boko Haram have occurred in the northeast.

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation with 160 million people, roughly divided between a mainly Muslim north and predominantly Christian south.

Source: AFP


  1. You not certain of who made the attack. Why should you then say ‘islamists’ instead of ‘gunmen’. Thats not fair to the muslims. Plz take note of what you report and be certain.

  2. wat er u saying ahmed? Er d islamist inquest not problem in dis?! Or er u tryin 2 tel me dat boko haram er christians. Dats is wat u pipo do, u won’t want 2 tel d truth so as 2 bring dis bad ones among u out. Ur religion should keep preaching voilence 2 u in ur varous mosque ‘n’ u wil come out as if all is wel. Not knowing almost al of u have black heart. Ahmed b/4 now have ever hear dat muslim er been kiled in d southern part of nigeria where d christian er dominant? No bcos dey have luv ‘n’ respect 4 ur religion not minding d culturer diff. But most ur religion members do not do dsame 2 d christians.. ‘n’ now ur religous leaders ‘n’ ur northern politicians don’t want 2 bring out d boko haram n u er in suport of dat…

  3. Now, any one can come and throw explosives on those he hates and the media without even confirming it will say “Islamist Gunmen”. Let me tell u people, BOKO HARAAM are not working for Muslims or Islaam….. Islaam didn’t teach any such inhuman actions ( u can check our Holy books & confirm since there’re translations). Those people that are dreaming of dividing the country by attacking Christians claiming to work in the name of Islam so that Christians retaliate in order to set the country on war will not succeed (INSHA_ALLAH)


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