Boko Haram Bombs Two Churches During Christmas Service

Boko Haram has struck again, this time bombing churches during their Christmas services. A Church in Abuja was hit during a service leaving over 25 people dead and another church in Jos was hit leaving many dead. Boko Haram also struck in three attacks in Yobe state.

The Islamist group Boko Haram said it carried out the attacks, including one on St Theresa’s Church in Madalla, near the capital Abuja, that killed 27.

A second explosion shortly after hit a church in the central city of Jos. A policeman died during gunfire.

Three attacks in northern Yobe state left four people dead.

Two hit the town of Damaturu, and a third struck Gadaka. Yobe state has been the epicentre of violence between security forces and Boko Haram militants.

The  blast in St Theresa’s Church in Madala blew out the windows of at least one house nearby and destroyed nearby cars.

“We were in the church with my family when we heard the explosion. I just ran out. Now I don’t even know where my children or my wife are,” said witness Timothy Onyekwere. “I don’t know how many were killed but there were many dead.”


  1. I believe our security forces are trying their best. But it seem to me that it geting beyond their power. My advice for everyone is that, “it is time for us to turn to God n pray for mercy. We hv forsaken our God. Because all these theories frm Mr GEJ cant solve d problem @ all. I get to know that no body is longer safe in this country. If we stil hold unto this so call theories of our Big Daddy, then everybody should quickly write his or her WILL bcos we dont know who wil b d next victim of boomb blast.” we need God intervention


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