Guest Post: Advantage Of Obodo Onyibo

HA HA … be honest tho, this is so so so true. I guess that’s one of the biggest benefits of we Naija (African) peeps coming to live/school in Obodo onyibo. Over the years, I’ve always wondered why the Western world really makes we Naija peeps look very fresh whenever we get a chance to go live/study over there. Is it their food? Or their weather? Or their lack of hardship? I’m thinking it’s all of the above shey ;)

Okay you think say I dey just wan talk? Alright then, think of all the crazy looking people that you knew back in secondary school…and this includes peeps who’s faces look rumpled, or peeps that look like they malnourished, or peeps that look like they be doing farm work on a 24/7 basis. When these peeps manage to travel to Obodo Onyibo (esp Yankee & Jand) and spend a couple of years there…..when they come back to Naija, I swear you can def tell the difference. Even sef it’s so obvious that if a person enter Naija now and walk on the street, people can def. tell that you just came from Obodo Onyibo. I remember when  me and two of my guyzes from Yankee came back to Naija in February, everywhere we went to, people go just dey look us…people go dey call us Yankee boys, while some guys go dey call us sweet looking boyz (u see if no be say I know say our Naija guys no mean am in a gay way, I for don seriously ask them who dem dey call “sweet looking”…cos that’s so gay….ha ha ). Although I no go lie, sometimes we spoke in Yankee accent (una know say me be truth talker nah) But trust me, it was very unintentional…and I dont mean speaking in slangs like calling water, “warer” ohh….abeg abeg abeg I’m not into such fake life jare. But that wasnt the case, cos even when we went to clubs, some bold peeps will come up to us and ask if we from Yankee. So I’m guessing its more of the looks and swag….he eh

So I decided to ask some of of my peeps for Naija how dem dey take identify person wey just come back from Obodo Onyibo. While a few were giving blah blah answers like “wearing earrings or having tattoos (which I felt was ridiculous, cos nowadays so many guys for Naija dey wear earrings, and a lot of females and males don dey get tattoo….and yet these people have never travelled outside Naija) majority of them said “na the freshness of the skin and facial looks too…. HA HA

As much as this is mad funny, it’s still true talk tho. But I just find it amazing how some peeps for Naija go fit identify person wey just dey come from Obodo Onyibo shaa. No be small talent be this ohh :) Well, a perfect example would be me (u know I love cracking jokes at myself sometimes) When I came to school here in 2003, I was looking all skinny and crazy looking, and by the time I went back to Naija for Christmas in 2004, I looked totally different. Even all the guys that looked big and buff back in secondary school days, now looked like little kids to me. Even me sef come dey fear myself eh, cos I really did change drastically (thanks to the food, gym and facial hair..ha ha) I believe its def. the hormones they put in their food that makes peeps get big and mature quick tho. Cos then in my 1st yr of college, almost all the American kids that were my age don already get bia-bia full for their face…and me still dey do night vigil just to even get at least one strand for my chin. Na so I just dey greet some of these guys, without knowing say I be either their mate, or I even senior them sef. But later shaa, I come dey believe myself jare..boys come dey mature well, dey big, dey fine wellu wellu. Im no mean say I no been fine when I been dey Naija ohh. I’ve always been a fine bomboy, but I just needed something in order to bring out the main beauty in me…..wink wink.

Isnt it so funny how when some peeps go back Naija, dem no go wan stay under sun for even 5 mins. And when you ask them why? Dem go tell you “cos it will make them dark, and thereby losing the freshness of their skin.” As much as I understand where they coming from, but at the end of the day, I still find such reasoning very pathetic.

Anyways I still believe that the Western world is one of the toughest place to live (esp Yankee and Jand) and I always try as much as possible to let my friends know this, but yet most of dem no wan believe, and dem wan come see am for themselves (and I no blame them at all shaa). And trust me, I’m planning on moving back to Naija by the middle of next yr. (cos believe it or not, the best place to make money faster is in Naija). But one thing I know that any Naija/African person will benefit from the western world is the availability of excellent social amenities, as well as their food, and their weather.

ATTENTION: These changes I dey talk about actually depends on the individual ohh….cos most times if you a really crazy looking individual…even if u like, make you live for Yankee for 100 yrs…..U AINT CHANGING SH**. You still gonna be the same crazy looking guy everyone knows. And even when you tell peeps say you just dey come from Obodo Onyibo, dem no go believe u ehh. Matter of fact, im get the way you go even tell people say you from Yankee, and dem go even beat you join sef….cos dem go feel say you dey play with their intelligence…ha ha

Once again, Thank you Obodo Onyibo for actually bringing out the hidden beauty in some of us. And If you one of those people, can I hear a YAY :)And If u one of those peeps living in Obodo Onyibo (esp for more than 2yrs) and you still havent had any drastic change in your looks in general…well, I’m sorry….cos its never gonna happen then :(

But wait I think you should still say YAY shaa….cos bad as im bad, at least you should be grateful that you are in obodo onyibo too. So lets say YAY to that ;)

By: Alex Achigbu of



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