State Programmes Manager at PAWA 774

PAWA 774 seeks to recruit 1,200 able bodies indegenes from each local government area for immediate training and subsequent employment in dominant clean energy systems, such as solar, wind, biomass, biofuels and hydrpower. All local workers will be trained in the design, production and installation, operations and maintenance of the power plants that will be resident within their community.

PAWA 774 is a private sector led initiative to deploy 10MW of clean, renewable energy power plants to each of the 774 local government areas in Nigeria. That’s 7,740 MW of clean bio friendly electricity built in clusters of 100KW units and connected to a local smart micro grid mesh providing adequate power to the nation, one community at a time.

The power plants being built under the PAWA 774 initiative will use renewable sources for their fuel. The plants will draw on the abundant supply of sunlight, wind, waste, plants and water bodies in local communities around Nigeria.

PAWA 777 Quantitative Goals

We plan to build and operate a 10-megawatt renewable power plant in each LGA. When our project is complete, we will have a minimum of 8 gigawatts, combined, in all 774 LGAs.

We aim to train able-bodied Nigerians and create 1,200 clean energy jobs in each LGA. This means, by the end of our project, we will have created jobs for nearly one million people throughout Nigeria.

In order to further our goal of building sustainable local economies, we are committed to creating community power companies under our franchise initiative in each LGA. Each franchised company will integrate the community ensuring the community has an equity stake in its respective company.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We have heard it said that no man is an island. PAWA 774 takes that adage a step further, declaring that no community can, nor should it, stand alone. We have provided an “adoption model” which allows corporate partners to provide direct CSR funding to build the renewable power plant for a community of their choosing.


Job Title: State Programmes Manager (37 Positions)

– University Graduate with BA/BSc/HND.
– Professional Project Management Practitioner Certification [PmP Certified or Prince2 Practitioner] with 3 years documented Project Management Experience

Method of Application
All applications to be submitted online Click the Apply below. Only online applications will be processed.
All applicants for community power LGA vacancies will be required to undertake a simple ‘smart’ test.
All applications must be received before 30 November, 2011
All applicants will be expected to submit a certificate of origin from their LGA and a letter of attestation of integrity by a civil servant of level 12 and above, public or political office holder before employment.

Proposed Permanent Site:
1 PAWA Avenue, Technology Village,
Laje Road Ondo, Ondo state.



  1. I request that you should make holders of National Diploma in Electrical/Electronics Engineering elegible to apply for this great program. Thanks

  2. I feel that this opportunity should not be given to only universty graduate. Because there are many out there who have not yet graduated, but have some idea of this programme. I have an idea and have attended a class on it. Please serious consideration should be given to it.


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