Scholarships: Chevron Nigeria Scholarship Application 2011/2012 Open

Application for Chevron Nigeria scholarship for the 2011/2012 session is now open

Chevron Nigeria Limited, in collaboration with its Joint Venture partner, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), is offering a number of University Scholarship Awards to suitably qualified Nigerian students.

E-applications are invited from full-time SECOND YEAR (200 LEVEL) degree students of the under-listed courses, in Nigerian Universities:
1. Accountancy
2. Agricultural Engineering/Agricultural Science
3. Architecture
4. Business Administration/Economics
5. Chemical Engineering
6. Civil Engineering
7. Computer Science
8. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
9. Environmental Studies/Surveying
10. Geology/Geophysics
11. Law
12. Mass Communication/Journalism
13. Mechanical/Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
14. Human Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmacy
15. Petroleum Engineering

How to Apply
Interested student should visitĀ

Closing date for receipt of e-applications is strictly October 31, 2011.

Please note that we will accept applications through this web site address only as we have implemented our e-scholarship administration system and we will no longer process hard copies of any document submitted. All interested students are advised to endeavour to complete the e-application form online and upload all the required documents as demanded at the web site.

In line with our adoption of the e-scholarship administration system, selected students will be invited for computer administered qualifying tests in selected computer examination centers nationwide. Short-listed candidates for the qualifying test will be invited by email and sms. All applicants are here advised to ensure that GSM telephone numbers and personal email addresses are properly entered into the e-forms at the web site.


  1. I am through with secondary school, Please i need scholarship to study in any university in nigeria,england or u.s.a. If i can be helped,just call me on 08162779024

  2. well its good if it will be on merit for the less priviledged who are strugling in our unversities. But the mode of addmission didnt include pre-degree which is a major mode of addmission for most nigerian students.pls wat can be done?

  3. It’s a good source of encouragement, but Polytechnic schools should not be left out. It is all this signs of discrimination that is making evry aspiring student still staying back @ home even when he/she has been given admision in Poly. I suggest if it is possible, which I know it is, should be reviewed to include Poly students. Tanx!

  4. Fred,I really agree with you.It’s discouraging to all those poly students.Last year,I was admitted into a Poly but I declined the offer,though this issue of scholarship discrimination wasn’t my reason.It was just that I didn’t want the course I was given.

  5. it unfair in d sense dat dose dat are nt yet admitted in2 universities shud also b given d chance.dey are also brilliant bt money is a big factor.pls av pity on us!

  6. Thank to chevron, but they should please include polytechnic and student who wrote the just concluded post- utme examinetion

  7. big tanx 2 chevron 4 accepting my application and for the special i.d sent 2 me dis morning. My question nw is, wat would be the next step or wil i informed abt d next step?

  8. big tanx 2 chevron 4 accepting my application and for the special i.d sent 2 me dis morning. My question nw is, wat would be the next step or wil i informed abt d next step?

  9. Tnx 2 chevron but what about we that finished secondary school 5years ago but still yet no admission…..and last year when I got one at oou the tution fee was #252,000. And I cudn’t afford that

  10. There is no doubt that there are discriminations between university and polytechnc students as Bsc. And HND.i dn’t think dr is any scholarship in nigeria,specific for poly stdts.however sm polytchnc graduates ar far better than Uni-graduate.therefore it is pertinent for FG to make it mandatory for all industries to include polytchnc and col.of eductn stdts in their scholarship scheme….

  11. am very grateful for this scholarship.please lets do more by helping polytechnic students with the scholarship too.not only to chevron but to any other firm in nigeria that will like to help poor nigerian students.thanks chevron.

  12. Kudos to chevron for the giant step taken in alleviating our educational standard.I would love if the management can look into other courses like English Language,mathematics whether that kind gesture can be extended to this area.


  14. 4 the person in yr 2 come next month,the scholarship is lawfully 4 ur application bt may not be u if u did do wel in the exam.I also wish to add that some company include ND,HND, AND NCE students in the scholarship scheme bt not all and a company preference of institution should not b condemned.It is there right as the awarding org. and should not be seen as discrimination on the basis of any thing whatsoever.Wonderful day,my fellow NIGERIA student.

  15. Let there be inclusion of polytechnic and colleges of education, there should be no discrimination in terms of scholarship, Let the poor brilliant one at home be given this opportunities to prove their brilliance and be enrolled into school. Thanks

  16. Am a graduate of sociology and anthropology, the idea of discriminating disciplines that can apply is antisocial. I want to appeal to chevron to make it open to all students is subsequent ones, becouse no discipline is inferior .

  17. for those in poly & col.of edu.,FG & TOTAL scholarships are there.Just kip ur nose on ground.Total just finished theirs for yr 1s.For JAMBITES,just get admission if possible in a University.There are many opportunities for yr 1 students eg total,mobil,addax,shell,agip etc.Note: they are not paying ur sch. fees but will be paying U every session (#75,000 for chevron.varies wit d other benefactors). i advise those in yr 1 to always search to know wen d opportunity comes. FG and Chevron is mostly for yr 2 though above 200L students can apply 4 FG schola.BUT beware of fraudsters

  18. For PG students,there are many scholarships for U guys both within and abroad eg TOTAL, FG, PTDF, etc.U must not wait for Chevron.All U need do is to keep in touch wit ur system to know wen it comes.but, U must ve made atleast second class upper in ur first degree expecially for those going for Masters degree program

  19. Don’t u think that this scholarship should be open to education student?Come on,we are role model and we are teachers.We teach these people from the above listed faculties. Do give us a chance for we need this scholarship for a better tomorrow.Thank you

  20. Thanks for dat u guys try aloat pls hw can I get it pls cos am looking for admission very seriously or pls called my number 07068803207 thanks

  21. how come after applying for d scholarship dey just do a random selection of people to write their examination. If this is so true, why?

  22. I dont like the scholarship classification. I’m an undergraduate of UI, 200L Zoology. Why is it that every undergraduate can’t be a beneficiary? Why do you ignore the whole faculty of Natural Science? If you encourage the grow of the youth, put a stop to this discrimination.

  23. I dont like the scholarship classification. I’m an undergraduate of UI, 200L Zoology. Why is it that every undergraduate can’t be a beneficiary? Why do you ignore the whole faculty of Natural Science? If you encourage the growth of the youth, put a stop to this discrimination.

  24. Good day my people pls i hav finish my secondary school and my result was good,now i hav d desire 2 go further in my education,but my parents did not hav d finance 2 back me up,pls i need help,GOD BLESS U.08132736057

  25. Great kudos to the organizers of chevron schorlaship award programme,NNPC I mean.This is wonderful, a poverty alleviating programme,Nigeria is changing.This is quiet encouraging,INSHALLAHU I will one of the beneficial.We are looking foward for more of this.

  26. Chevron should pls help us that are also in 100Lv. Pls if any other company is giving out scholarship to 100Lv student pls contact this numbers 08168865660 or 08180511661

  27. pls i want to know the neccessary steps to take when wanting to apply or do an INDUSTRIAL TRAINING with your establishment(CHEVRON),for 2012 starting from june to december


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